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Healing (Spiritual)

HEALING does not imply cure – it comes from a Greek word meaning Whole - HOLISTIC. It is about treating each unique individual in an integrated fashion and working with Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Spiritual Healing is very much a holistic modality with the implicit belief that health is not just being free of symptoms of disease, but of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical harmony of the whole person. The understanding is that the Healer acts as a channel for Healing Energies – helping the person to kick-start their own self-Healing powers thus enabling their own higher self to deal in the best possible manner with illness or injury. This may be effected by CONTACT Healing, (sometimes called the laying-on of hands) where the Healer works with hands either on or near the person; or by DISTANT (ABSENT) Healing where the Healer tunes in to the Universe and asks that Healing be sent to a person who is not present. Think of it like electricity or radio waves where time and distance are no problem! Spiritual Healing can work for anyone. It is independent of any religious or other belief system - infants and animals who healing benefits cannot be said to be healed because of their beliefs or their positive thinking. Healers do not guarantee a ‘cure’ but it is unusual for Healing not to be helpful in some way. Spiritual Healing has also been found to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy and radium treatment and research studies have shown that the recovery rate after surgical intervention is significantly greater when a Healer is used. Spiritual Healing is a non-invasive therapy with no harmful side effects.

The practice of Healing has been traced back more than 15,000 years where evidence of it has been discovered in Neolithic cave paintings in the Pyrenees. Healing by direct contact or the laying on of hands appears to have been a universal practice – never confined to any one religious sect and practiced throughout the world from ancient times, through the Middle Ages (when it was called the ‘king’s touch’ in medieval France and England) to the present day. The belief was prevalent that Healing was divine, came from the gods or through their chosen vessel – king, temple priest, medicine man, shaman, etc. Hippocrates, often referred to as the Father of Medicine, is quoted as saying “it is believed by many experienced doctors that the heat which oozes out of the hand, on being applied to the sick, is highly salutary and assuaging.”

What to Expect
Spiritual Healers come in all shapes and sizes each with their own individual ways of working and it is important that you feel comfortable with whomever you consult. A typical Healing Session may take about an hour relaxing in a chair – or lying down (as appropriate). Some people are more comfortable taking off their shoes and outdoor clothing, but that is a matter of choice. Time is usually taken before and afterwards to allow the person to ask questions and discuss their experience, should they so wish. The experience is generally relaxing and energising - one may feel heat, or cold, or be aware of vibrations; pain diminishes and may well be dispersed – some people fall asleep during the treatment.

Training & Colleges
College of Healing
Croft house
Fromes Hill
tel:01531 640 067

College of Psychic Studies
16, Queensbury Place
tel: 020 7589 3292

Professional Bodies
There are 12 organisations representing healers practising in the UK. 5 are represented by the umbrella body:
The Confederation of Healing Organisations
Suite J 2nd floor,
The Red and White House
113, High Street,

NFSH is a registered charity with a strict Code of Conduct. It has more than 6,500 members working as individuals or within centres throughout the country and a growing overseas membership.

National Federation of Spiritual Healers
The Old Manor Farm House
Church Street
Sunbury-On Thames
TW16 6RG
tel:01932 783 164

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