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The term coaching comes from the analogy with sports where the athlete has someone unconditionally 'on their side' supporting and bringing out the best in them. Clarifying and achieving meaningful goals, business and personal, is usually the central part of coaching and there is much more, including increased self-care, clearing up your life, building a strong personal foundation and balancing different areas such as work, family, health and creativity. Coaching is different to consultancy in that it sees the solution lying with the client and the work of the coach, using effective questioning and listening, is to help the individual realise and express their own potential by taking appropriate action. Coaches may advise, make requests and use different assessments and programmes that stretch the client but these can be declined and the intention is always for the client to be self-motivated and claim Ownership of what they do.

Life Coaching has been developed since the late 80s from a number of different complementary sources, the contributions of all of them being adapted and synthesised by professional coaches. These sources include Coach University and the work of Thomas Leonard, NLP and the work of Anthony Robbins and others, and the "Inner Game" approach to sports developed by Timothy Galway and applied to organistions by Sir John Whitmore and others.

What to Expect
You will be asked for a brief history and to outline both short and long terms goals to work on. The emphasis is on taking action while growing in awareness and choice. You will be asked to prepare for the sessions and to agree to fieldwork in between. You have someone on your side, interested yet detached, to bounce ideas off, formulate strategies, and to share successes and failures with. Clients find that they achieve their goals more effectively, easily and happily when working with a coach. As well as face to face work, a growing number of coaches work by phone with email support. You save on travel time and can work with a particular coach from anywhere in the world (new phone companies have resulted in minimal call charges).

Training & Colleges
Coaches are often consultants or therapists with varied background and training. CoachU training involves 180 plus class hours with extensive study material and practical appliction and takes 1-3 years.

Professional Bodies and Resources
International Coach Federation
1444 "1" Street NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Website: http://www.coachfederation.org


Hudson InstituteHudson Institute

Coaching From Spirit

Life on Purpose Insitute

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