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Neuro Linguistic Programming has a wide variety of applications and is increasingly seen in education and business as well as health management, although this is where its seeds were well and truly sown. Neuro: The brain collects and makes sense of data through our five senses and with it, makes up a view of the world which we then act upon. Linguistic: We all use language to order our thoughts and behaviour as well as communicate to others. Programming: How we organise and choose our ideas and actions to produce results. It is a practical skill that creates the results we want, while leaving behind it a trail of effective techniques for education, counselling, business, and therapy. The purpose of NLP is to be useful, to increase choice and to enhance the quality of life.

NLP evolved as the result of a study undertaken by John Grinder, then an assistant professor of linguistics, and Richard Bandler, a psychology student, at The University of California in the early seventies. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on the theory that life experiences dictate our view of the world. Using a combination of behavioural techniques, humanistic psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, a practitioner will help patients alter their patterns of speech and body language to generate positive change.

What to Expect
A practitioner will teach a client to relate to the world in a series of six levels: the environment; behaviour; capability; belief; identity and spirituality. Clients are guided by the practitioner in a series of brief sessions designed to discover how you have learnt to think and feel; with 'reprogramming' clients are taught to take control of their actions.

Training & Colleges
Those practising NLP are usually psychotherapists or counsellors.

Professional Bodies
Association for NLP
48 Corser Street
Old Swinford
West Midlands

British Confederation of Psychotherapists
37 Mapesbury Road
London NW2 4HJ

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
167-169 Great Portland Street
London W1N 5FB

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