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Numerology is the study of the ancient mystic science of Numbers and their deep esoteric meanings in relation to the universe in general, and to our lives, in particular. Before there was the alphabet, there was Number, which explains in a cosmic sense all the principles of the Divine. Everything comes from our first form of communication and Numerologists can chart out our Divine purpose in life, as well as the challenges and tests we will undergo to achieve it. The ancient philosopher Pythagoras was the first mystic teacher to put the study of Divine Vibrations into a form that could be utilized by those questing for spiritual fulfillment in the Mystic schools (which was kept hidden from the masses). Using the full name at birth and the complete birthdate, a Numerologist can tune a seeker to his or her higher spiritual mission.

Pythagoras, one of the philosophers of antiquity, is generally accepted at the founder of Numerology although the practice of Numerology predated him. Pythagoras was the first to label Numerology and put it into a practical working form. He was born about 590 B.C. He established a school of learning where he taught students for nearly 40 years. His teachings were given in secret and no student was allowed to write down anything taught in the school. This rule was kept until after his death. Fortunately, at that time, the study of Numerology was recorded for posterity. Pythagoras taught his students mathematics and the relationship of numbers to experience is the Divine Law. "The principles governing the numbers were understood to be principles of real existence; the elements of numbers were the elements of realities."

What to Expect
The Numerologist will ask you to give (send) your complete name at birth, including middle name, and your complete birthdate (mm/dd/yy) in order to prepare your chart in advance--much like an Astrologer. He will also ask you for name changes, whether intentional (personal choice, marriage, etc) or unintentional (nicknames). He will ask you for the name you use in ordinary conversation when introducing yourself formally as well as the name you use to write your checks or other formalities. Additionally, he may ask you to write down several questions regarding areas of concern in your life you would like to have some light shed on.

Intuitives who study Numerology are usually drawn to this mystic science from a deep well inside themselves that yearns for filling and are generally self-taught individuals. They made attend classes given locally on their own but there really is no strict school or standard set. Numerology remains today the "well kept secret" from the masses much as Pythagoras willed it to be. However, study with a professional Numerologist willing to pass the information on is the best and most personal training.

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