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Before beginning, a reiki practitioner will ask the patient to 'formulate their intent', effectively articulating what it is they wish to improve. While working to channel and rebalance a patient's qi (life energy), it is said that the practitioner also benefits in terms of developing inner strength and self-growth. If unable to see a reiki practitioner in person, reiki can be given as absent healing for which the healer would require a photograph of the patient for best results. Reiki is said to be beneficial for any disorder - physical, mental or emotional.

With its roots in ancient Tibetan Buddhism, reiki went on to become a form of spiritual healing developed by a Japanese theologian in the early 20th century. Reiki was introduced to the west in the 70's. It is believed that reiki works at an atomic level, causing the body's molecules to vibrate at a higher intensity to dissolve energy blockages which manifest as disease. Reiki is said to 'work for the highest good".

What to Expect
Quiet and relaxing, this mystical form of healing requires the patient to lie on a couch, fully clothed, as the practitioner holds his or her hands on or over the patient's body chakras for several minutes at a time. Often, the practitioner's hands will become quite hot during treatment.

Training & Colleges
Practitioners must have attained the three degrees of 'attunement'; they then become a Reiki Master which involves further training. Each attunement normally takes place over a weekend; occasionally three can be done over the same weekend.

For more information, see Reiki.org

Professional Bodies
International Association of Reiki Professionals
The IARP is a professional association that recognizes all schools of Reiki across all 7 continents. They provide educational and networking abilities to practitioners and a registry of practitioners for clients to find a local practitioner.
PO Box 481
Winchester, MA 01890
Phone 781-729-3530
Fax 781-721-7306
Website: http://www.iarp.org
Email info@iarp.org
The Reiki Association
Cornbrook Bridge House
Clee Hill
Shropshire SY8 3QQ

The Reiki School
Shay Lane
Cheshire WA15 8UE

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Education & Training

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