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Shamballa Multidimensional Healing

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing: This modality is brought to us from Ascended Master Germain, via Haridas Melchizedek (John Armitage). Shamballa is about initiating people into the ressonance of the Diamond Light of Shamballa, the other-dimensional residence of the Ascended Masters. Germain says he is the originator of an Atlantean 22 symbol system originally created to raise people's vibrations (especially those of lower vibration who were being used as slaves by the Atlanteans). When Atlantis fell, Germain and his group travelled through Tibet and India in their wanderings, leaving off a few of the symbols in those countries, to see how people would use them. They decided that people weren't ready for the whole system at that time. These few symbols were later found in the Sanskrit scriptures by Dr. Usui, who added a few Buddhist symbols and created the Reiki healing system. Now Germain is back through Haridas, teaching the expanded full system through a series of 4 attunements. Since this is a living, dynamic system, the teaching methods change as we develop. Germain is not happy about "levels" and soon hopes we will be ready to move beyond them. He has recently grounded a "12-Dimensional Shamballa" which consists of 12 initiations into Shamballa on all of the 12 dimensional levels. Stay tuned!

Training and Resources
Many teachers have been initiated since 1995, when Master Germain first approached Haridas about bringing Shamballa Multidimensional Healing to the world. There is likely one in your area.

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