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Offering combined sessions in all the above. Sessions last from 30 min to 2 hrs. Classes for Chair-shiatsu Therapist 2 or more people required, deposit reqired (50%), $450 for a 25 hr certification course.
Allan Plett

Phone 604-312-4635

Heal Your Heart
Shanti is a Healer, Energy Therapist, and Spiritual Counselor. She uses an advanced form of Acupressure for emotional and physical healing. Shiatsu can be combined with Massage & Acupressure. Shanti is a Reiki Master of several different forms. Inquire for more information. Shanti will intuit what is needed at the time of the session. Highly advanced initiations and attunements are available. Counseling may be integrated in all sessions.
Jennifer Rose

Philadelphia, PA 19130
United States
Phone 215-473-3184

Lotus Blossom Wellness - Moksha Sharon Kolman
PRIVATE PRACTICE: Moksha tailors each session to individual needs in the moment. She includes Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Integrative Massage, Acupressure, Triggerpoint Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Psychic & Spiritual Healing, Herbal & Flower Essence Therapy, Color & Sound.

TEACHING: Moksha offers classes in Reiki I, II & Master level apprenticeships. She teaches introductory & advanced Polarity Therapy, chakra work, energy healing and other continuing education classes. She runs a yearlong Associate Polarity Practitioner Training Approved by the American Polarity Therapy Association. Advanced Level(RPP)Polarity Therapy Training (Two Year program meeting monthly- begins January 29 2005).Contact Moksha for her current teaching schedule and for information about sponsoring a class in your area.
Moksha Sharon Kolman
3500 Westgate Dr. Suite 504
Durham, NC 27707
United States
Phone 919-490-4656

Lynda Yraceburu
Traditional Healing - a blending of Romani Chovani (gypsy) and Quero Apache Tlish Diyan, 2-3 hour session includes body and stonework, energy running, counseling, personal ritual, herb and dietary needs, and how to recreate a lifestyle of harmony.
San Diego
Lynda Yraceburu
San Diego Circle
San Diego, CA 92104
United States
Phone 760-445-6266

Mr.Trainer Massage therapist
Massage bodywork acupressure swedish-massage deep tissue relaxing oil or lotion massage lymph drainage Customize your Massage Session.


Essential therapeutic relief

Includes time for combination full body massage or focused relief of tension areas

Ideal for mild stress and relaxation

Favorite Massage Types:

Swedish, Deep Tissue


Complete therapeutic relief

Allows time for full body massage plus dedicated relief of key areas that cause tension, stress and pain

Ideal for neglected stress, tight muscles or persistent pain

Favorite Massage Types:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage


Maximum therapeutic relief

Ample time for full body massage, various modalities and dedicated relief of chronic stress or pain

Ideal for chronic stress, tension and/or pain

Favorite Massage Types:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage

Choose Your Therapeutic Massage Type

Trigger Point Therapy

Relieves a tight area within muscle tissue causing pain in other areas of body

Uses cycles of isolated pressure and release

Helps naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure

Promotes circulation and lymph movement

Good for stress-related conditions and chronic pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Releases muscle tension

Provides deep pain relief

Loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles

Good for chronic and overuse injuries

Sports Massage

Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury

Improves endurance

Reduces post-workout recovery time

Offers balance to training regimen


Restorative relaxation

Decreases stress and anxiety

Relieves toe and ankle pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Gentle technique for releasing muscle/joint tension and tissue restriction

Promotes balance while decreasing stress

Effective relief for headaches, TMJD, back and neck pain

James Konakowitz
1035 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
United States
Phone 626-534-2319

Nicole, owner of Petrissage is a very talented Equine and Canine body worker. She specializes in Equine & Canine Therapeutic & Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Jin Shin, Aromatherapy, & Flower Essences & Animal Communication. Nicole has been a guest speaker at MSU Veterinary Medicine School and several local clubs. She is also a Reiki Master and is available for clinics covering treating people and animals with Reiki. More classes including animal massage, aromatherapy and flower essences will be available soon!
Nicole Dingwell
2795 S. Bradley Road
Charlotte, MI 48813
United States
Phone 517-202-5663

Susan Custer
I am a master astrologer and healer and I am bringing evolutionary and activation astrology to the planet. I read the natal chart from a spiritual, and evolutionary standpoint. I use the natal chart, zodiac signs and planets to help you find your path in life, help you make it easier, and uncover your blocks and challenges. Natal readings, and yearly updates are important to help you stay focused, attract opportunities and turn those challenges into successes. Astrology therapy is available for singles or you can use astrology for couples. My products the Mystical Sprays and Sacred Blends help you bring prosperity and abundance into your life. Phone consultations are available. For more information and current astrological events go to www.suecuster.com
Susan Custer
66 Summer Street
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944
United States
Phone 978-526-4400
Center For Natural Healing
In practice since 1977. I practice a gentle energy balancing Jin Shin Do acupressure. This type of acupressure working gently with the energy field of the body to heal and balance. Clients report a relief of symptoms along with a deep relazation which is so pleasant and health promoting.
A Bruce Boraas
3728 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis MN 55409
United States
Phone 612 825 3070
Gail Kellstrom, LMT,Dipl.ABT (NCCAOM)
Gentle but deep acupressure, which promotes sense of well being by replenishing and rebalance Qi throughout entire bodymind.
Gail Kellstrom
Katonah NY 105360000
United States
Phone 914-232-5754
Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure & Energy Balancin
Jin Shin Do®:Bodymind Acupressure & Energy Balancing session & classes. Incorporates East/West, body/mind, ancient/modern for balance.
Cheri Haines
2025 Dikson Place
Madison WI 53713
United States
Phone 608-335-4379