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Stone Therapy School
Stone Therapy is an ancient healing art recently rediscovered. Its modern form came in 1994 when massage therapist form Tucson, AZ brought it back to life. Stone Therapy is a type of thermotherapy, using deep penetrating heat from smooth basalt rocks and alternating cold from marble stones.

Two types of stones are applied in Stone Therapy. Basalt is igneous rock (lava), which holds and transfers heat to aching muscles. Cool marble stones, a sedimentary rock, penetrate the body, driving healing energy to the affected areas.

Physiological benefits of alternating temperatures to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. Stone Therapy heals the body in many ways:

. Relaxes the body’s respiratory, digestive, immune, lymphatic and circulatory functions

. Brings balance and alleviates chronic and acute problem

. Assists the body in self-healing and stimulates production of neuro-chemicals

. Balances and revives Chakra systems, and so much more.

Port Moody
Nina Gart
1601-290 Newport Dr.
Port Moody, BC V3H 5N2
Sell Gold Jersey City
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Jersey City
Sell Gold
681-663 Montgomery St
Jersey City NJ 07306
United States
Phone (551) 225-8410
Tax Preparation And Filing
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4121 18th Ave, suite 106
Brooklyn NY 11218
United States
Phone 347-343-2789