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BodySense Aromatherapy Hot and Cold Products
BodySense products combine the benefits of moist heat and aromatherapy. All BodySense products contain herbs, spices, and rice. Warm the product up in the microwave and the rice will expand and release its moisture. When the product touches the skin there is a dermal absorption of these herbs and spices. Because of this we have 8 different formulas or combinations of herbs and spices. We offer 25 different product items ranging from NeckEase, Eye Pillow, Sinus Pillow, FootEase, etc.
Las Vegas
Pam Stuckey

Las Vegas, NV 89107
United States
Phone 877-816-3615
A1 Carpet Flooring Center
A1 Carpet offers over 35 years of experience with flooring installation. Check out our latest selection and our competitive prices for quality products and convenient service.
Huntington Beach
A1 Carpet Flooring Center
7923 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach CA 92647
United States
Phone 714-847-1035
AAA New York PhD's Acupuncture Clinic
Dr. Yang and Dr. Liu are licensed master practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and are PhDs, MDs from China. Both trained 11 years in a full-time MD and PhD Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine program.
New York City
hongw liu
141 E 55th ST, #9D
New York City NY 10022
United States
Phone 212-9204528
Abigail Evelyn
canada 40540
United States
Phone 800.643.4460
Acupuncture at Somerset, LLC
Qin Li, M.D., Ph.D. Board Certified – Internal Medicine Certified Medical Acupuncturist – New York Medical College On Staff at Somerset Medical Center and University Medical Center at Princeton. Internal Medicine and Medical Acupuncture Practice Quality Personal Medical Care New Patients Welcomed Convenient Day, Evening and Saturday Hours Dr. Li combines both conventional western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine using acupuncture. This form of treatment can compliment the patient’s medical care and improve the patient’s quality of life.
Qin Li
103 Omni Drive
Hillsborough NJ 08844
United States
Phone 9085009013
Affordable Funerals
Harmony Funeral Home understands the need for compassion, empathy and understanding at a family’s time of loss. The funeral directors are available to discuss and provide guidance on what kind of funeral or memorial services could be most appropriate to suit a family’s needs and to help them celebrate the life of the person who passed away with meaning and sincerity. Finding a respectful, professional and affordable funeral home in Brooklyn, NY has become much simpler. Harmony Funeral Home recently announced their opening with a strong focus on all of these important factors, offering funeral and memorial services to all cultures and religious denominations. Selecting a funeral home can often be quite difficult, especially considering the circumstances. While many options often exist finding one that delivers a combination of top level services with affordable prices is often a challenge. Fortunately, in Brooklyn, a new solution to this problem has presented itself. Harmony Funeral Home recently announced their opening and are premium level funeral and memorial services set at very affordable price points.
Affordable Funerals
2200 Clarendon Road, Ste. 1070
Brooklyn NY 11226
United States
Phone (347) 4646481
Aluminum Curtain Wall Panels
Windows and Doors Manufacturer of the best quality aluminum windows, doors, storefronts and curtain walls. Serving New York and New Jersey for over 20 years. We are among the top NY manufacturers of the aluminium products. We are proud of the products we deliver. We offer quality windows and doors. Every component, from hardware to window glass went through quality assurance and attention to strict guidelines and specifications. The EURO Windows and Doors, manufacturers of high quality storefronts crew pays attention to the smallest detail. Custom storefront manufacturing specialists design and install your storefront without complications. Using the best storefront materials and perfect installation, you don’t have to worry about fading — what you liked about the initial storefront design is what you’ll like about the finished project. We manufacture and build your storefront that reflect the personality of your business; it doesn’t have to look like every other business along your street. EURO Windows and Doors among the best storefront manufacturer companies in NYC can translate your ideas and dreams into a storefront design you’ll be proud of. Trust our storefront fabrication experts when it comes to your storefront design – the most important asset of your business.
New York
Aluminum Curtain Wall Panels
546 W 188th St, suite 322
New York NY 10040
United States
Phone 917-809-4123
Barcode generator
Generate barcode software supports companies to create all common linear and 2D barcode images with having high resolution graphics.
Barcode Generator
city 20100
United States
Phone 9953585186
Basement Flood Clean Up Co
24h Cash, check, all cc. One of the disaster that we all surely hate is flooding. While most common floods follows after heavy rain or rapid and widespread melting of deep snow, there are also other factors that could cause flood. However, no matter where and how it has been made, flood can still bring great damage to us. Either at home or office, the damage it can cause would really cost us huge sum of money. So what are we going to do to alleviate the situation? Well, before we can jump into conclusion, we must first all have the knowledge about water and flood damages and how it can damage your property. And we should always put in mind that flood damages could depend of the affected area of the house. Basements: Most household have converted their basements as stockroom where important things were kept, a washroom where laundry and clothes were hung, or a comfortable living space where one can rest or sleep. As such, flooding is the last thing that we would want to happen in our basement. Early prevention is advised, however, when you get caught in an unavoidable situation, we are always here to help you.
Fort Lauderdale
Mold Removal
1542 NW 23rd Ave #8
Fort Lauderdale FL 33311
United States
Phone (754) 206-8527
Best Truck & Suv Lease Deals NJ
When you shop with Best Car Lease Deals, you can save even more money thanks to the many benefits we provide to each of our customers. For those who have never leased a car with us, read on to learn more about what we can do for you. If you still have any questions, or you are ready to take advantage of our auto leasing services, please contact us right away. On top of saving you money when leasing a car, we also help you to save money on your financing. You can finance your new car directly through us, or we can match you up with another financing company, based on which one will get you the best financing terms. Circumstances can very easily change during the life of your lease. Whether you and your spouse are expecting a child and need something bigger or you need something a more fuel-efficient for that new longer commute, you may find yourself in need of a different type of vehicle at a moments notice. Unfortunately, it can be more expensive than you may realize to exit your lease early. Best Car Lease Deals does everything possible to make your lease termination process as convenient and affordable as possible. Contact us today to start the process.
Deals3 Best
77 Dwight Pl
Englewood NJ 07631
United States
Phone 201-844-6622
Black Mold Removal Co
24h Cash, check, all cc. There are some molds that are merely cosmetic in nature, but if you want the value of your home to remain in good condition, it is a good idea to have any kind of mold removed as soon as it is discovered within the house. It may not cause structural damage or cause you health problems, but it can be quite unsightly and is definitely not something that someone who would buy your home wants to see. We can help you get rid of that mold today. Only Mold Remediation Experts Can Correctly Identify Mold Types. You should never attempt to identify a mold species by yourself without consulting a professional first. One type of mold may look almost exactly like another and sometimes there is no way to tell one from another except by looking at it under a microscope. This type of professional comparison must be made before deciding whether you can continue living in a home with any type of mold growing in it. Many types of mold are harmless, but you can never know without a professional which ones are which. Molds are found everywhere inside and outside, and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. Molds reproduce by spores, which can be carried by air currents. When these spores land on a moist surface that is suitable for life, they begin to grow. Mold is normally found indoors at levels that do not affect most healthy individuals. Because common building materials are capable of sustaining mold growth, and mold spores are ubiquitous, mold growth in an indoor environment is typically related to water leak or moisture indoors.
Fire Damage
1480 NW 20th St #28
Miami FL Miami
United States
Phone (786) 233-7462
Car Accident Lawyer Jersey City
In 2018 Jersey City, New Jersey was named the most ethnically diverse city in the United States. Jersey City embraces its ethnic and cultural diversity as a symbol of a blended nation, sitting only a short distance from Ellis Island and Lady Liberty herself. If you or your loved one were in an accident, call Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers of New Jersey today to schedule a FREE consultation. Times like these can be overwhelming and all consuming. You need a professional who is experienced in personal injury law in New Jersey to handle your case and get you the best possible outcome. Day-in and day-out our lawyers aggressively seek justice for our clients dealing directly with insurance claims and fighting for lost wages, disability, and rehabilitation. Our lawyers and legal staff are fluent in several languages to ensure that communication is never a barrier in your representation. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. Our team makes home and hospital calls when necessary and handles emergencies 24/7. When you need someone, we will be there. Whether you were in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident and suffered anything from bruising to a life-altering injury we will seek the truth and make sure justice is served. Financial compensation can’t change the course of history, but it can help ease the suffering and the burden on you and your family. It is our goal, as experienced and dedicated personal injury attorneys, to get you the best possible outcome from this devastating and unforeseen accident. After your initial consultation, our lawyers will provide a case strategy and estimate on what we believe you are entitled to based on your injuries, the circumstances surrounding the accident, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.
Jersey City
Car City

Jersey City NJ 07302
United States
Phone 201-234-4876
Car Accident Lawyer Toms River
Toms River is a beautiful township set alongside the Jersey Shore, in Ocean County, with a vibrant downtown business district, blossoming farmers markets, and home to many festivals and celebrations throughout the year. With easy access to Atlantic City and beautiful coastal towns, this township welcomes visitors year round. When tragedy strikes you need an experienced and dedicated lawyer to represent your case to a favorable ruling. In Toms River, New Jersey, that representation is Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers. Founded on three principals - experience, dedication, and determination – our attorneys are skilled experts in personal injury case law, successfully arguing cases through both district and appellate courts. If someone else’s carelessness or intentional harm has caused you to be injured, we can help. We offer a FREE consultation with an attorney to evaluate your case and determine the best course of action. From insurance claims through a court ruling, our team will be there every step of the way. Our lawyers and legal staff are fluent in several languages. Communication will never be a barrier in getting your case heard. We offer home and hospital visits to victims and a 24-hour emergency line for access to our experts. We take pride in the dedication and care we provide to each and every one of our clients. Our team of lawyers and legal staff comb through all aspects of your case, interviewing passengers, witnesses, and experts. We evaluate road conditions, traffic patterns, and more. We discuss your treatment and rehabilitation with court experts to help strengthen our case against those at fault. Building your case takes time, experience, dedication, and knowledge of personal injury law.
Toms River
Car Accident Lawyer Toms River

Toms River NJ 08755
United States
Phone 732-504-6918
Car Lease Bronx
Car Lease Bronx is a local auto leasing company that offers economical auto leasing deals serving the Bronx community. See our current vehicles that are just waiting to be leased by you. You can find a multitude of the latest models that have been manufactured from multiple brands from around the world. If you prefer getting behind the wheel of the latest model vehicles, like changing things up a bit every couple of years, then perhaps you would like to lease an auto instead of purchasing one. Additionally, when you choose to lease a car, you are not responsible for the maintenance fees. If you buy a car, then after the warranty expires, you have to cover those fees on your own dime. If you lease a car, you will not have to cover a significantly high deposit or interest on top of the loan you acquire to pay for the vehicle. You may not even have to pay a deposit at all! Of course, there is a portion of individuals who have no problem covering the deposit and additional fees. Additionally, once you have purchased a vehicle, it is yours until you resell it. As the years pass, it is becoming apparent that more customers prefer leasing as opposed to buying. To obtain additional info on auto leasing with our car leasing service, feel free to call us at (718)-393-5552. Gone are the days when you have to purchase a vehicle outright to drive one! What is there not to like about shopping for an auto lease online? We have given our customers—and potential customers—a convenient method for searching through our website for the vehicle of their choice. If you have to visit your local dealerships to look at vehicle after vehicle, you will spend a lot of time at each dealership. If you have children, then it makes the trip even longer. This is one of the best reasons choosing to lease a car with Car Lease Bronx. You do not have to worry about dragging the family from place to place. Our streamlined process developed by our auto leasing service helps our clients save money and time. We made it easy for our customers to submit a car lease application through the online system. Feel free to take your time when browsing our through our line of automobiles. We never pressure any of our clients into choosing a car. If you would like assistance, feel free to give us a call at (718)-393-5552. Car Lease Bronx provides exceptional customer support to all of their clients. Our auto leasing professionals handle our clients’ concerns attentively. If our customers have any issues, our experts carefully address them and work methodically to improve the situation. We strive to work hard and uphold our principles with transparency with outstanding customer service. Car Lease Bronx is run by the country’s outstanding online auto leasing company, eAutoLease.com and is solely dedicated to offering our customers the finest car leasing specials. For more details on our automotive leasing company or if you would like to get started on your application, then you are welcome to give us a call and talk with one of our experts today. Give us a call at (718)-393-5552.
Car Lease
275 E 161st St #155
Bronx NY 10451
United States
Phone 718-393-5552
CCS Presentation Systems
Founded by John Godbout in 1991, CCS Presentation Systems has served customers in the corporate, government and education sectors. CCS provides full-service integration, installation, training and maintenance of audio and video equipment, including large format LCD displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, audio systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and more.
John Godbout
17350 N Hartford Dr
Scottsdale AZ 85255
United States
Phone (480) 348-0100
Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance
For over three decades, we have provided the residents of New York and Brooklyn with an extensive range of insurance packages - from commercial to personal - customized to provide security and reduce liability whatever the case. Contact us for an exhaustive range of insurance options; including but not restricted to commercial trunk insurance, homeowners liability insurance, personal insurance, and flood insurance. Despite best laid plans, accidents happen, and negligence, as a matter of fact, is usually unpredictable and unplanned. The smart thing to do is secure yourself and your business by reaching out to RPK Insurance LLC and getting carefully curated insurance quotes for your needs.

1044 Front Ave, suite 320
Columbus GA 31901
United States
Phone 762-208-5084
Commercial Storefront Doors & Windows
We manufacture and build your storefront that reflect the personality of your business; it doesn’t have to look like every other business along your street. EURO Windows and Doors among the best storefront manufacturer companies in NYC can translate your ideas and dreams into a storefront design you’ll be proud of. Trust our storefront fabrication experts when it comes to your storefront design – the most important asset of your business. We manufacture aluminium windows and doors in house. This means we have complete control over the quality of our products and the price you pay, unlike some of our competitors who have to buy their aluminium windows and doors from a third party. In accordance with client requests, we create and develop unique product line. All of the products we manufacture are built per clients drawing and specifications. Great experience lets us do our work with the best quality and provide 100% warranty for every our product.
Commercial Storefron Doors & Windows
30-74 31st St, suite 222A
Astoria NY 11102
United States
Phone 917-809-4134
Divorce Lawyer
Decisions about your family and your family’s future are personal and can affect everyone in the household, especially your children. It is important that you work with an experienced attorney who is able to help you through the process and provide you with the attention and compassion you need in this complex process. Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to making sure you feel confident and satisfied with your decision to hire Divorce Lawyer. As you make a decision about the attorney you want to work with, you should keep in mind that you must be on the same page with your divorce attorney. You and your attorney should be partners, work together as a team, and your attorney should have YOUR best interests in mind during the entire process, from start to finish. When you come into Divorce Lawyer, you will feel confident and gain a piece of mind. Our inviting office and staff create a welcoming atmosphere that allows you to feel safe and secure while you talk to our attorney about your most personal divorce and family matters. We encourage all of our clients to become our partners. We know how difficult family law matters are and you may have concerned discussing your most personal issues. Please know that this concern is normal. We understand how sensitive these issues are for your and your loved ones. Our divorce attorneys want to establish a relationship with you that is built on trust and understanding. We never judge our clients. We are here to help you solve your problems and we offer all of the help and information that we can. We will bear the burden and take on all of the details of your divorce, so that you can relax and stress less each day. We want to help you walk through some of the most difficult changes in your life. Whether you are going through a divorce, splitting up property, or you are simply trying to establish child support payments, our lawyers are ready to work with you and guide you step by step. We provide personalized attention to each one of our clients because you deserve our undivided attention. We know at Divorce Lawyer NY how complex a divorce case can be and we are not afraid to tackle it head on. No problem is too big or too small for our attorneys and it deserves our undivided attention. Our New York divorce attorney is here for you and prepared to help you throughout your entire case. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our divorce attorney, call our office today. We offer FREE consultations and the compassion you need when it comes to your personal matters. Call us now (718) 521-5247.
Staten Island
Divorce Lawyer

Staten Island NY 10305
United States
Phone 718-521-5247
javed iqbal
Phone 92-42-5419011
Emergency Dentist Kew Gardens
Welcome to Emergency Dentist Kew Gardens, a top rated dentistry center in Queens, NY. Our family, cosmetic and implant dentists are friendly, compassionate, and are dedicated to provide you with outstanding dental care and the best possible dental experience. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics or pediatric dentistry, the board certified dental experts will make you comfortable and confident providing truly exceptional dental care you can't find anywhere in Queens except in our cosmetic dentistry center. What About Dental Insurance? In many situations your dental insurance will cover your treatment. It all depends on what type of coverage you have. If you do not have dental insurance then payment by cash or credit is acceptable.
Kew Gardens
tooth implants
12034-12036 Queens Blvd, suite 33q
Kew Gardens NY 11415
United States
Phone (718) 306-6640
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