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Animal Communicator & Reiki • Tarot • Mediumship - Lisa Larson
LISA LARSON (aka Spiritcaat)

Compassionate and ethical, Lisa has the ability to heal and communicate with your pets, both living and in spirit. Specializing in animals in spirit, and behavioral/emotional problems of animals in the household.

Use animal communication to help prepare your animal for a new pet or baby in the household, help them understand the passing of a household companion, or ease anxiety.

Lisa is also a psychic medium, huna practitioner, reiki master, animal healer and seasoned tarot reader/psychic counselor, offering spiritual coaching services in conjunction with tarot readings.

Worldwide phone/online consultations, distant healing, reiki, classes/tutoring. Reasonable rates.

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Lisa Larson

Carlsbad, CA 92009
United States
Phone 760.444.0811

Animal Communicator, Judie Herman
All animals communicate with pictures, feelings, or words. I provide you with insights and recommendations to help resolve any issues, behavioral problems, nutritional questions or questions you might have about alternative therapies.
I will help you enhance your loving relationship and learn more about your animal companion’s point of view.
Judie Herman
POBOX 381052
United States
Phone 941-456-9331

Animal Communicator, Kristin Thompson
Telepathic communication with animals facilitating connection, balance, compassion and understanding among all species. Consultations conducted to explore your animal companion's feelings, thoughts, life purpose, desires, viewpoints. a simple and beautiful way to better know your beloved animal companion. Workshops in Basic Animal Communication. Lectures for individual groups, animal shelters, training facilities, animal organizations.
Kristin Thompson

Newfane, NY 14108-0172
United States
Phone 716-778-6233

Animal Oracle
As an animal oracle, I listen to the hearts and minds of our furred and feathered friends, speaking for them, telling their stories, and sharing their experiences with their loving companions and caretakers. Often their human companions have questions and concerns about behaviors or about their friend's histories, that can only be answered by the creatures themselves. Without voices of their own, those questions often remain unanswered... and behaviors that distress their human companions go unchanged. Assistance is now available, for both of you...

I have also been very successful in teaching people to hear and share their own hearts with their companion animals.
Jnanama (Jay) Ishaya
217 Paragon Pkwy, #211,
Clyde, NC 28721
United States
Phone 828-926-9834

Animal Teachers Enterprises
“Connecting People and Animals!” (c)

  • Animal Teachers offers a wide array of possibilities for you.

  • Do you want to know what the animals have to say to you? I offer readings and books.

  • Do you want to hold their energy? Receive animal empowerments, Reiki, or wear my jewelry infused with animal energies.

  • For those who want to know more, take the self-paced courses that I offer. (Receive credit for home schooling or adult education.)

  • Are you worried about your dear pet? Pet readings will help you discover how to help them. Animal friends Reiki will lessen their fears.

  • Animal Teachers provides these services and more. Receive the gifts from the animals and thrive!

  • http://www.animalteacherenterprises.com/index.html
    Virginia Carper
    5902G Queenston St
    Springfield, VA 22152
    United States
    Phone 703-569-3270

    Carla Meeske - Shamanic Soul Gardening
    Carla Meeske offers shamanic healing for you and your animals, and innovative workshops in modern shamanism. Ask and you will receive blessings and healing from your compassionate Spirit helpers. Shamanism with Carla - let your soul bloom!

    I have been teaching shamanism for over 20 years, and SpiritHealer School has over 50 graduates worldwide from our year long certification program. My classes have always taught the core concepts, but from my own perspective, guided my my Spirit Teachers.

    Beginning in 2016 my focus will be on Shamanic Soul Gardening, and working with Dragons and Fairies. My Spirit teachers have been very clear that sharing Shamanic Soul Gardening is my life mission - and when they tell you something like that, it's a very good idea to listen. I will be teaching all the core healing techniques in the certification program, but everything will flow from our work in the Garden. ( I haven't decided if I will actually have a certification program again - but if you stick around you will learn everything I can share. Then it is up to you.)

    I offer several ways to learn basic shamanic journeying (many of you already know how). Once you are comfortable traveling to the upper and lower worlds with your Spirit Guides, you are ready to embark on our programs.

    Carla Meeske
    1115 W Briles Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85085
    United States

    Carla Whitaker-Positive Paws
    Carla has had 30 years experience working with pets such as dogs, cats, birds and horses. She has always loved working with people and animals.  Beyond clicker training, she has looked for ways to provide positive methods that help to improve the quality of life for humane and canine family members.  She provides TTouch and Reiki balancing and is an animal communicator.  It is the combination of applying the techniques listed above and being open to learning new things that make her a unique and well-rounded trainer.

    She believes that a well-rounded program begins with the relationship between the owner and their dog. Her methods are designed to help you and your family establish goals that work for your family to strengthen the bond for everyone. She has certification from Purdue University for Principle and Techniques of Behavior Modification. She was fortunate to have been mentored by Ted Turner, a trainer from Sea World, receiving the education of a lifetime. She uses these tools to customize training for individual needs. . .even in a group class setting.

    She is also a Traditional-Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher (spiritually based) working for Universal Balancing and The Highest Good. She practices and teaches this ancient Asian form with humans and animals and strives to live her life by the five Reiki principles.

    West Chester
    Carla Whitaker
    8651B Cincinnati Columbus Rd (St Rt 42)
    West Chester , OH 45069
    United States
    Phone 513-312-6596
    Fax 513-777-0807

    Cindy Westen
    Cindy has an incredible ability to heal animals. Her special gift in both communication and energy work, help release pain and emotional issues from the animal leaving them with peace and understanding. Cindy splits her time between her radio program called Cindy’s Pet Talk, taking private appointment sessions, teaching others and writing a book about all the interesting and wonderful things animals have had to share with her.
    Cindy Westen

    Escondido, CA 92025-7917
    United States
    Phone 760-533-4603

    Companion Animal Services
    Massage - Homeostatic Touch - Energy Work - Communication - for Companion Animals and the People who love them. Insured. Please call or write for an appointment for your beloved companion.

    Massage: We offer Hands-On Workshops for animal professionals, massage therapists and pet owners in Swedish Massage, Positional Release, NMR & Homeostatic Touch. Certifications available as well as specialized classes and individual instruction.

    Energy Work: Classes and private instruction in Canine & Feline Reiki

    Communication: You can communicate with your animal companion. Let us show you how in private session.
    Marguerite Chipp-Matthews, RMT

    Spring, TX 77388
    United States
    Phone 281-355-1213

    Dancing Spirit Healing Center
    I am a natural medical intuitive with a gift for seeing to the core of physical and emotional pain. As a result, I approach "pain" with Love, compassion, and a deep understanding of its cause.

    I offer my intuitive gifts to help one discover, understand, and release the "root cause" of illness, dis-ease, and life crises (pain). Through one's own efforts and willingness to heal, one begins a powerful journey to self-Love.

    Kim English
    3228 Riverside Blvd.
    Sacramento, CA 95818
    United States
    Phone (916) 204-3506

    Kathleen A. Berard
    Animal Communicator, Flower Essence Practitioner, Holistic Care Consultant (worldwide services). Understand your pet better (alive or in spirit), and receive assistance with health, behavioral and other issues. Transcripts from my communication sessions have helped my clientele better understand their pet’s needs and deepen the bond between them. Medical Intuitive; flower essence consultations; holistic care education; worldwide workshops. Host of “Animal Corner” internet radio show on www.healthylife.net.
    San Antonio
    Kathleen A. Berard
    16931 Redhorse Pass
    San Antonio, TX 78247
    United States
    Phone 210-402-1220

    Mary J. Getten
    Mary can facilitate a direct conversation between you and your animal to create more harmony and understanding in your relationship. Are you dealing with behavior problems, health issues, death and dying, changes in your lives? Mary will get the answers you need and help you solve problems, often with flower essences.

    Mary also teaches How to Communicate with Animals and Reconnecting with Nature workshops.
    Mary J. Getten
    PO box 1392
    Eastsound, WA 98245
    United States
    Phone 360 376 7606

    Sharon Baldwin

    Sharon has been a quest on radio talk shows, numerous articles have been written about her work as an animal communicator and her work as a telepath. Sharon is a healer, reads the Akashic Records, is a medium and intuitive. She also has a CD available teaching animal communication.

    Sharon Baldwin
    PO Box 322
    Mancos, Colorado 81328
    United States
    Phone 828-713-1197

    Sharon Baldwin

    Sharon has been a quest on radio talk shows, numerous articles have been written about her work as an animal communicator and her work as a telepath. Sharon is a healer, reads the Akashic Records, is a medium and intuitive. She also has a CD available teaching animal communication.

    Sharon Baldwin
    PO Box 322
    Mancos, Colorado 81328
    United States
    Phone 828-713-1197

    Zodia Pet
    I am a certified animal massage therapist. I also do animal communication and Reiki and crystal healings on animals. I have been communicating (giving and receiving messages) with all species of animals for over 30 years. I have been very successful in locating lost pets. I have traveled throughout the United States as a animal massage therapist, animal communicator and healer.

    I also have gems and crystals for sale. Also, can give astrology and numerology readings for animals.
    Donna Velardi
    P.O. Box 5326, Hamden, CT 06518
    Hamden, CT 06518
    United States
    Phone 203-387-9738 (ZPET)
    Fax 203-387-8029
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    City WA 20010
    United States
    Phone 001- 9811111111
    Martine D.
    HORSE WHISPERERS Aim: Recreate our divine and sacred connexion with the animal world A 4 day retreat to create a harmonious relation with the horse and with oneself in Tenerife - Canary Islands - Spain Intuitive and peaceful communication with the Horse - Animal of Power Overcome your fears, develop self confidence, be assertive, develop your instinct. Price 290 Euros Martine D : +34 922 81 40 39
    Icod de los Vinos - Tener
    Martine D'Haeseleer
    carratera La Guancha BuenPaso, 29
    Icod de los Vinos - Tener 38343
    Phone +34922814039
    Martine D.
    Balance and Armonization with the Universal Energies. Earth and Heaven. Peaceful and Intuive Communication - Education and Reeducation. Dogs and Horses.
    Santa Catalina- La Guanch
    Martine D'Haeseleer
    c/Cañada Baja, 2
    Santa Catalina- La Guanch 38440
    Phone + 34 922360887
    Queens Home Care & HHA Employment
    Whether you prefer care at home, in a nursing facility or the hospital, our home health care services can provide nurses and certified home health aides. House Calls Home Care’s continuous care services ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one, and peace of mind for you-24 hours a day. If you are unsure of how many hours or days make sense for your specific situation, or you have a loved one who is resistant to accepting help in his or her home, we offer a low-cost, in-home Assessment Session with a nurse, who will recommend the type of services and amount of care that are best for you. For all clients receiving personal care, the nurse will create a customized Plan of Care- a description of all the client’s issues and needs for the home health aide to follow. The nurse will visit the client every 60 days to review the Plan of Care, make any necessary changes, coordinate all services provided by House Calls Home Care staff, and oversee the care and the team to ensure that your needs are always fully met. Primary caregivers are often forgotten in the home care equation. You may be reluctant to run errands, meet a friend for lunch, or take a weekend to attend a wedding or to recharge because you don’t have a trustworthy, knowledgeable caregiver to fill your shoes. House Calls Home Care ‘s respite care for NYC aides can give you the time you need for yourself-and the secure feeling that comes from knowing your loved one is in capable hands.
    Jackson Heights
    Queens Home Care & HHA Employment
    72-16 Roosevelt Avenue, suite 204
    Jackson Heights NY 11372
    United States
    Phone (917) 993-7206
    Vibrate Joy
    We offer Wild Animal Communication and Healing Safaris in a 5-star Private Game Reserve and Sanctuary, South Africa.
    Bathurst, Eastern Cape
    Eril Wiehahn
    PO Box 186
    Bathurst, Eastern Cape 6166
    Phone +27 72 123 5395