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A Woman's Point of View Midwifery and Woman's Health
Welcome to A Woman's Point of View!

We are a clinic specializing in well woman care, midwifery services, fertility counseling, breastfeeding support, and all aspects of Women’s Health Care.

Our commitment is to help with the transition phases in women's lives.

Have a look at our services and see how we can help support you, in your life.
Madrona Bourdeau
3526 NE 57th Ave.
Portland, OR 97213
United States
Phone 503-963-9368

Abundant Life Midwifery Care
I am a Registered Midwife by the State of Colorado. I have a homebirth midwifery practice based in Northwest Denver, and I attend births in Denver and the surrounding communities within a 60 mile radius.
My desire is to help women achieve a healthy, natural, and satisfying pregnancy and birth. I believe that a woman's home is the safest and most rewarding place to give birth--a place where she can feel secure and comfortable, surrounded by the ones she loves.
My midwifery care includes all prenatal examinations and routine lab work, childbirth classes, care throughout labor and birth, and postpartum visits in your home. I can help women with VBACs and waterbirth.
If you are interested in home birth, please call or email to set up an interview with me (this is a free visit).

Christie Boyer
Northwest Denver
Denver, CO 80212
United States

Act Now! Hypnosis


Helping Clients with: Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Exercise Adherence, Habits and Addictions, Improved Mood, Anxiety, Self Esteem, Anger Issues, Golf and Sports mprovement, Pain Management, Fibromyalgia Relief, HypnoBirthing, Self Hypnosis, Stress Relief, Childrens Issues, HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, No Tox Facial Restoration System

Sonja St. John, CH
Minnetonka and Edina Minnesota
Minnetonka, MN 55345
United States
Phone 952-546-1192

I offer doula services in the San Gabriel Valley along with Los Angeles county. My services include emotional and physical support. I am also a lactation specialist and provide home visits. I love working with babies and feel lucky to be able to experience this special time with families.
Juanita Rivas-Raymer

Azusa, CA 91702
United States
Phone 626-969-3836

ancient art midwifery
.....pioneered distance learning for midwives in 1981

.....set the standard of excellence in academic midwifery education with the original midwifery home study course

.....offers the most unique program, the most comprehensive and applicable curriculum, and the best value in midwifery education

.....honors the midwife of yesterday, supports the midwife of today, and holds the door open for the midwife of tomorrow.

los angeles
Carla Hartley
los angeles, CA 90277
United States

Birth Blessings
Professional labor assistant (also known as "doula"), and International Board Certified Lacation Consultant. Experienced in gentle, spiritual births both in and out of a hospital setting.
Aimee La Buy Crane

Springfield, VA
United States
Phone (703)440-5888

Birth Choice Association
Homebirth midwife practice since 1987. Birth in the comfort and security of your home. Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care with a registered midwife. First-time mothers and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)welcome. Water birth choices with two birth tubs for clients, herbal support, homeopathy consults,craniosacral therapy, belly casts and birth preparation classes.

Beginning midwifery classes start each year and apprenticeships are available for prepared student midwives. COLORADO NEEDS MORE MIDWIVES!

Please call to set up appointment for free initial consultation.
Sena Johnson, RM
9053 West Center Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80226
United States
Phone 303-988-0959

Birth Partners
Birth Partners is a complete pre and post natal education center. Located in Santa Monica,Ca. We offer classes in Childbirth (Bradley and Lamaze), Breastfeeding,Prenatal Yoga, Baby Care and Infant CPR. Our Instructors are all experienced and certified in their fields.

We also have Labor and Postpartum Doulas that will help you prepare for your birth and beyond.

We are a full service Medela Breastpump Rental Station.

Santa Monica
Cheryl Baker, AAHCC, CD
1750 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 206
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States
Phone 310-837-5686

Birthing Together Bradley Method Classes, Labor Support
Birthing Together offers Bradley Method Natural Childbirth Education Classes and Professional Labor Support to families throughout the Los Angeles Metro area. Contact Stacey Bergin AAHCC, CD (DONA) for more information 310-279-6500
Los Angeles
Stacey Bergin AAHCC, CD(DONA)
P.O. Box 480222
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States

Birthwise Midwifery School
Birthwise Midwifery School teaches Direct Entry Midwifery. It cultivates the Art and Science of Tradional Midwifery by combining academic & clinical components which prepares students to become licensed direct entry midwives. Our graduates become CPM Certified Practical Midwives offering in-home birthing as well as well-woman care. Founded in 1994, Birthwise is accredited by MEAC (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council)and licensed by the state of Maine, approved by the Dept of Education for Title IV loans and grants. The Birthwise program is 2-1/2 to 3 years and is divided into 2 components, 3 semesters of Academic followed by 3 semester Preceptorship.
Heidi Fillmore-Patrick
24 South High Street
Bridgton, ME 04009
United States
Phone (207) 647-5968
Fax 207-647-5919

Coastal Birth Services
Coastal Birth Services offers homebirth, doula & birth photography services, waterbirth equipment and childbirth education in Coastal SC.
Johns Island
Nicole Lavallee
1968 High Meadow Street
Johns Island, SC 29455
United States
Phone 843-559-5559

Community Doulas of New Orleans
Community Doulas in New Orleans is a support, networking and referral group of doulas and aspiring doulas committed to serving mothers in the greater New Orleans area. If you are interested in becoming a doula or finding and hiring a doula please contact Crys Aprill 504-314-1528, Heidi Rau 504-453-2634 or Carol Lynch 504-833-5327.
New Orleans
Crystal April, CD

New Orleans, LA 70125
United States

Dragonheart Family Healthcare
Dragonheart family healthcare offers low force chiropractic care, massage and health education services to families and individuals. Located in Gresham, Oregon on the Hillsboro-Gresham Max line. We focus on wholistic care of the individual. Our office is child friendly and chemically sensitive safe. Evidence-based-medicine, manual medicine and Myofascial pain and dysfunction assessment and treatment are practiced. We are a pet friendly office and offer pet therapy in addition to our other services. First visit typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours; visits after that typically are 0.5 to 1 hour.
Seth Goldstein, DC
17030 East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97233-4230
United States
Phone 503-262-8895
Fax 503-256-2962

Eastside Doula Care & Private Childbirth Education
I provide physical, emotional and informational support to women and their partners before, during and for a short time after labor and birth. I am also a childbirth,lactation and Happiest Baby on the Block educator.
Debra Shelden, CD
PO Box 302
Kirkland, WA 98083
United States

Eden's Garden Childbirth Education
Cultivating a Better Birth Experience

Eden's Garden Embraces a holistic approach to childbirth. We increase parents' confidence in the normal birth process by giving them tools to work with birth-related pain and discomfort and to prevent unnecessary interventions.
Amy Blake Rollogas

Richmond, VA
United States
Phone 804-869-1225

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center
Heart 2 Heart Birth Center provides prenatal care, natural birth, and comprehensive postpartum care to Central Florida families seeking a more holistic approach to childbirth.

Visits are long, relaxed, and comfortable. Toward the end of your pregnancy, schedule your Pampered Mama Spa Day with a massage and a soak in one of the big soaking tubs. Labors are in our victorian rooms, and even in our big jacuzzi tubs. After your birth, relax and nurse your baby as your family gathers for a well earned meal! Come to Heart 2 Heart Birth Center and find out that there is more to expect out of your birth experience here than just standard care!
Michelle Gawne
1301 South Park Avenue
Sanford, FL 32771
United States
Phone 407-322-9944
Fax 407-322-9947

HypnoBirthing of Colorado
Classes in HypnoBirthing

Easier, more comfortable birthing in the way that most Mirrors Nature.

What You Will Learn:

Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with CONFIDENCE, CALM, and COMFORT.

Techniques to produce a shorter more comfortable labor.

The creation and control of the body's own natural anesthesia.

The source of the myth that pain must accompany normal birthing.

Why women in other cultures have birthings almost entirely free of discomfort.

How the mother's body is designed to work in neuro-muscular harmony with nature throughout labor.

Practice in deep relaxation during and between uterine surges.
Boulder, Longmont, and...
Sonja St. John

Boulder, Longmont, and...,

Phone 720-684-6306

Hypnotherapy For You
“If you can imagine the birth you want, You can achieve it.”

“If you dream the birth you want, You can have it.”

Victoria uses her hypnotherapy skills with clients seeking stress management, pre/post surgical anxiety relief, speedy recovery from injuries or surgery, restful sleep, and easy and comfortable childbirth.

As a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, Victoria teaches a 5 week "complete childbirth education course" which includes techniques from Master Hypnotist Gerald Kein's famous Painless Childbirth program for expectant mothers and their partners.

Please see http://www.hypnotherapy4u.us and www.faerytalebirthing.com

Victoria Allen, C.Ht, HCHI
PO Box 10697
Burbank, CA 91510
United States
Phone 866-706-2229

Integrative Childbirth Services
A certified labor and delivery Doula with 5 years experience in helping pregnant women and their partners give birth THEIR way!
Rena Ward, CD, CBE and Reiki Practi

Lakewood, CA 90713
United States
Phone 562-925-6948

Jaclyn Sieben RN
HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method; teaching techniques for safe and more comfortable birthing through guided imagry, visualization, and special breathing. Learn: Relaxation and self hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm, and comfort producing a shorter more comfortable labor. There is no magic to achieving success with HypnoBirthing. almost anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation and redirected focus!
Bonita Springs
Jaclyn Sieben
11661 Red hibiscus Drive
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
United States
Phone 239-280-6276
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