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Chrysalis Healing Arts
Chrysalis Healing Arts is pleased to announce classes workshops and dream groups using Active Dreaming pioneered by Robert Moss. Coming up this year in 2011 we will be offering a fun and creative class series on Family Dream Sharing teaching families the value of sharing dreams between parents and children. Another depth workshop in dream exploration being offered is called Life lines where we will explore the pathways and crossroads of your life. Check the website for more information.
Valley Reed
11231 McCree
Dallas, TX 75238
United States
Phone 214-288-8935

Dr. Kay Schanzer
There are many reasons why we seek individual psychotherapy. Understanding ourselves better seems to be reason enough. But for some this decision comes when we are at a particularly difficult moment in life--a death, divorce, loss of a relationship, sadness, depression, loss of passion for life, retirement, sexual concerns and any situation which may constellate strong feelings. If we are to live into our potential and experience lives that are meaningful to us, we must gain insight into where we feel blocked and what needs to happen to move us closer to our authetic self. A psychotherapist can often help you on this journey towards wholeness.
San Antonio
Kay Schanzer
4067 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209
United States
Phone 210 832 8121
Fax 210 495 7273

Dreamagik, P.C. - Kathy Martone Ed.D./ President
Kathy Martone Ed.D. is a published author and Jungian psychologist with 30 years experience. Her specialties include:

  • dream work
  • women's spirituality / dream retreats
  • inner child work
  • retreats, workshops
  • incest and sexual abuse
  • Jungian shadow work
  • couples, gay and lesbian
  • groups and individual sessions
  • shamanic journeys

  • Denver
    Kathy Martone
    1271 Lafayette Street
    Denver, CO 80218
    United States
    Phone 303 394-3928

    Holistic Health Practitioner, High Priestess
    Sisters In Freya's Moon ~ Womyns Path Of Healing ~ Is An Online School For Women Offering Training In Various Alternative Healing Arts
    And Priestess Training In The Traditions Of The Order Of The White Moon
    As Well As In The Traditions Of Sisters In Freya's Moon.
    Campbell River

    Campbell River, BC V9W6E4

    Integral Dreams
    I am a professional dreamworker with 17 years' experience interpreting my dreams and others' dreams in a safe and confidential environment. The style is fun, informative, creative, and helpful in opening to the process and exploration of the psyche. Most clients find the work to be very deep and healing, and many workshop participants often experience profound releases of woundedness. Based on a pragmatic approach, I consistently include sundry ways to apply insights to one's life in a very practical way. The disciplines I use stem from depth psychology, intuition, psychism, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, globalism, and Money Power Consciousness.

    Nora Archambeau, M.A.

    Oakland, CA 94612
    United States
    Phone 510-593-3497

    Irene Martina
    Irene Martina is a powerful spiritual counselor, speaker and teacher who shares her intuitive gifts and wisdom with a myriad of clients including professionals and non-professionals around the globe.

    Contact Irene for private and business consultations, personal, corporate, customized workshops and speaking engagements.
    Irene Martina

    Edmonton, AB

    Mindscape - The Art Of Transformation Through Hypnosis
    Tools For Transformation.


    We run at a subconscious level. We dont have to tell our bodies to function in order for them to do so. Hypnosis gets to the core of the old worn out program that no longer suits you to assist you foward toward the life of your dreams.

    Dream Interpreation

    Dreams are all about the dreamer and are messages from your subconscious, higher self and beyond. Find out the meaning of your dreams, learn to interpret your own dreams and those of your friends and family.
    Rev. Karen Sullivan, CHT

    Elgin, IL 60123
    United States
    Phone 847-717-3290
    Fax 847-717-3290

    Rev. Michele Lessirard, C.Ht.
    Michele offers shamanic counseling. . .sharing journeys through creative play fostering community, healing and empowerment.

    She is a wayshower and a transformer. An Artist and a Dreamer. Shared journeys is a heart centered process using shamanic journeywork and breathwork, extraction healing, soul retrieval and divination. Michele trained with Sandra Ingerman in Soul Retrieval and is a Medicine for the Earth Teacher.
    Fort Lauderdale
    Michele Bailey-Lessirard

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317-3209
    United States
    Phone (954)791-9541
    Fax (954)791-9541

    School of Metaphysics
    Classes and workshops in healing, intuitive health analysis, meditation, dream interpretation, energy work, increasing intuition, kundalini, chakras, developing the mind. Dr. Paul Blosser, school Director, is a PSI-Counselor and available for counseling in a variety of areas.
    Dr. Paul Blosser
    222 W Wilson
    Palatine, IL 60067
    United States
    Phone 847-991-0140

    The Inner Workshop
    The Inner Workshop® is a metaphorical workplace dedicated to offering creative solutions for personal success that engage both the conscious and the subconscious mind – both your will power and imagination – to assist you in reaching your heart’s desires.
    Janice Matturro
    68 Waterside Close
    Eastchester, NY 10709
    United States
    Phone 914-329-3496

    Toni Gilbert, RN, MA, HNC
    With many years of experience in mental health nursing, I offer clients an array of healing arts techniques.
    These techniques enhance wellness and prevent illness. Taken together, they complement traditional medicine treatment of disease and injury by adding a holistic psychological and spiritual component.

    Since the mind can affect the systems of the body (such as immune system), the use of psychology to facilitate a change in the systems is reasonable.

    Author of: "Messages from the Archetypes: Using Tarot for healing and spiritual growth" White Cloud Press, 2003

    Toni Gilbert, RN, MA, HNC
    po box 1010
    Jefferson, OR 97352
    United States
    Phone (541) 327-7749
    iNVENTOR of intuitive-based dream interpretation method called "Dream Decipher Process." Author: DECIPHER YOUR DREAMS; and MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES.
    Pueblo West
    Tianna Galgano
    496 S. Clarion Dr.
    Pueblo West CO 81007
    United States
    Phone 719-547-2659