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Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness
The Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness was created to provide long distance clairvoyant training and psychic development classes. Our classes are fun, inspiring and empowering. We help reclaim your natural spiritual abilities and integrate them into your life. Our training is personalized and one to one with the staff. Lively group classes are also included in the training programs. You can tailor your program and classes to your own pace and interact with students from all over the world.

Check our website www.clairvoyanceacademy.com

Training is available online via skype, a free internet calling system, by regular phone, and WebEx our free online VOIP system, where all the phone charges are included in the class fees so no matter where you live in the world, you can access the training and classes. It's easy!

Get a free reading from an awesome clairvoyant reader in training for FREE. This allows you to get some insight into the training style too.

To learn more about Francine Marie-Sheppard the Director and founder, check www.clairvoyanceacademy.com

Get in touch. We are always happy to hear from kindred spirits and we love questions. Email:francine@clairvoyanceacademy.com or

Francine Marie-Sheppard

Seaside, CA
United States
Phone 831-324-0728

Aileen Nobles - EFT Practitioner, Intuitive Meridian Psychotherapist
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that in private sessions you will: Lose Your Fear of flying, elevators, animals, insects, commitment, childbirth, auditions, exams, & public speaking. Meridian Psychotherapy can also:

  • Improve your life as you overcome stress and anxiety

  • Release grief, pain, and depression

  • Release lack of self-esteem and motivation

  • Facilitate weight loss

  • Heal aches and pains

  • Improve your golf or tennis game

  • Give you confidence as a speaker or actor

  • Inspire you to write, paint or play music from a deeper clearer place

  • Increase your intuition

    You can change ... and you will if you work with these cutting edge techniques. Your excitement and anticipation will increase as you realize EFT/Meridian Psychotherapy really works! And, you can do it yourself! EFT works quickly and painlessly and can be used on virtually any issue. You will see results even if you have never tried these techniques before.

  • Malibu
    aileen nobles
    PO Box 333
    Malibu, CA 90265
    United States

    aimon kopera
    Discover the worlds of Asian Healing Arts and Western science of the mind and body to feel well, achieve balance and experience internal harmony. Eliminate daily stress, relax and use your mind and body movements to heal yourself naturally.

    The Asian Healing Arts continue to play a major role in self-healing and well-being. They can bring so many benefits, such as:

    Live in balance and harmony

    Reverse the negative effects of aging

    Experience more energy and strength

    Relief from tension and stress

    Promote a peaceful and positive outlook

    Relieve chronic health conditions and strengthen your body against diseases.

    Qi Mountain wants to share with you the healing promises that lie within you and can bring you an extraordinary wellness through your own natural self healing ability.

    Qi Mountain offers:

    Instruction of Qigong and Healing Tao Practice based on Universal Tao System created by Master Mantak Chia.

    Medical Qigong Group Practice: Chinese Taiji Five Element Qigong created by Master Binhui He of World Institue of Self Healing.

    One on One Coaching: Stress Reduction, Work/Life Balance and Mental Clarity and Performance Productivity by HeartMath ™ Tools.

    Meditation Classes: Teaching how to transform negative stressful events into positive flowing energies working in your life.

    Weight Loss Qigong Workshop: The practice allows you to Stay Young, Beautiful and trim your waistline.

    Thai Yoga Therapy: A unique blend of yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Thai medicine, and acupressure. The purpose is to create a harmonious balance of the body, mind and spirit.

    Sundo Breathing Meditation: A Korean physical and spiritual discipline, using specific postures and breathing techniques to develop inner focus. Sundo brings tranquility, harmony and wisdom.

    Tai Chi: Traditional Chinese exercise combined with mental concentration and sequence of movements. Tai Chi practice offers improved health, flexibility, strength and self awareness.

    Introducing in September 2007: Qi Motion, a unique gym for the renewal of the mind, body and brain.
    This structured mind-body-brain training system is uniquely designed to provide a combination of very easy, relaxed mind and physical exercises. Your journey begins as you lie down in the Qi Capsule Far Infrared Therapy with light and sound of Creative Visualization Relaxation, followed by the body, mind and movement exercises of Qi Lounge and end with whole body vibration technology of Qi Vibe. The Radiant Heat Accelerated Cardio Exercise (RHACE) Room will be available for any type of Asian Healing Arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Sundo, Zen Yoga, Breathing Meditation, or even basic stretching. Two smaller, but more intense Far Infrared Therapy rooms will be available for healing and detoxification.
    aimon kopera
    640 South Main St,
    Greenville, SC 29601
    United States
    Phone 864 271-7900

    Akashic Focus
    STOP! This website is NOT up to date. I invite you to visit my NEW WEBSITE that launched January 2016: AKASHICFOCUS.COM.

    Akashic Focus brings you a fresh new look, all new content including interesting information about the Akashic Records, FAQ's, and a brand new Akashic process called MAGI - Monthly Akashic Group Infusions you won't want to miss. (You can find MAGI under the Akashic Services Tab.) SEE YOU OVER ON THE NEW SITE. Let me know what you think. I'll look forward to hearing from you! AkashicFocus.com

    What follows now is my old website and I will not update this site.

    As an Akashic Facilitator and Teacher, I make it easy for you to accomplish your inner work within a safe and sacred space. Guided by your Akashic Records, sometimes called the Akashic Field or the Book of Life (in the Bible), you will experience gentle yet dynamic Divine Direct Action to assist you to find your own Heart Truth so you can create the personal transformation and happiness longed for by your soul.

    Exploring your Records may include, but is not limited to:

    • discovering and clearing ancestral beliefs, vows, or any issues that are no longer serving your highest good. Your Records will take us back to the ancestor where this issue began. Divine Direct Action will clear from that ancestor down through all subsequent ancestors and into you. This process has the potential to also clear the inherited issue in any of your children who also have it.

    • connecting to past life regressions and experiences most significant to you now,

    • finding and releasing detrimental emotions and then Divinely installing new, beneficial resources as given by the Divine,

    • if more depth is needed, then the Records will take us through the Inception Point Therapy® process to discover the very beginning of an issue,

    • and/or symbols from the Records that give you powerful access to your subconscious mind.

    Your greatest healing always comes from within yourself, not from an outside source or product.

    Several times a year, Akashic trainings are scheduled for interested participants, including holistic practitioners. During the Akashic Records Integration Process: Module A, you can learn to access and explore your own Akashic Records either ONLINE or during a LIVE Teleseminar Series.

    During Module B, you can learn to access and explore the Records of other people, places and things. This LIVE, in person training also gives you the knowledge to be a professional Akashic Facilitator if that is your path. Students from the US and overseas have enjoyed learning about the Akashic Records.

    If you are interested in classes in Healing Arts, Intuitive Arts Training, or Alternative Workshops incorporating the Akashic Records – either in person or through Distance Learning, please contact me for more information.

    Sandra Gelinas

    Hendersonville, NC 28792
    United States
    Phone (828) 272-6660

    Angel Aware
    Spirit Medium offering crossing over and psychic readings. Also available is Reiki or Shamballa training and attunements, as well as workshops on spiritual development. Pam Fong is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister.
    Pam Fong

    Dublin, CA 94568
    United States
    Phone 925-361-0849

    Annemarie Schoone-Eberle
    The integration of the medical intuitive modality with Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) in distance or one-on-one sessions can be one of the most revealing and healing experiences.

    Reiki and IET sessions done in person differ from each other in that a Reiki session done by Annemarie is interactive in the beginning and in the end, with a relaxing balancing of energies during the session. An IET session however, lasts two hours or more and is interactive from beginning to end. A distance session however, differs from the above in that a resport is provided in lieu of the person-to-person session. The experience for each person varies greatly and cannot be said to be the same for anyone.
    Annemarie Schoone-Eberle

    Redmond, OR 97756
    United States
    Phone 541-788-9876 541-54
    Fax 541-548-3028

    Body, Mind & SoulHealer
    Are you feeling tired, fatigued or just out of sorts?

    Do you suffer from a chronic or persistent medical condition that defies diagnosis or does not respond to treatment?

    A Medical Intuition Evaluation with Medical Intuitive Dr. Rita Louise can shed light on these and other questions.

    Medical Intuition refers to the ability to provide in-depth insights into your current state of health and wellness.

    A Medical Intuition Evaluation pinpoints specific illnesses, imbalances and pre-clinical conditions in the human body. A session can appraise your current state of health and well-being by identify the strengths and weaknesses of your body. In fact, a Medical Intuition Evaluation can often expose health issues that even the most sophisticated medical diagnostic tests do not!

    A Medical Intuition Evaluation can reveal not only your current state of health, but can also validate unresolved thoughts and emotions that may be impacting you and your current state of health. This information can be gathered remotely, meaning regardless of physical proximity of client to practitioner.

    As a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise is able to provide you with specific holistic guidance to help restore strength and vitality to all areas of your life. Her recommendations may include dietary and lifestyle changes, exercise and stress reduction techniques, vitamin and mineral supplementation or herbal therapies.

    During an evaluation, with Medical Intuitive Dr. Louise, you will not experience any of the poking and prodding of traditional physical examinations nor will you experience any of the discomforts associated with conventional medical tests. A Medical Intuition Evaluation with Dr. Louise can:

    Provide specific information regarding the function of the organs and glands as well as the many different body systems.

    Offer exclusive information regarding the function of the energetic body, thus revealing mental, emotional and spiritual issues that may surround your health concern.

    Reveal health issues that may go undetected when utilizing standard medical tests.

    Offer you with a second opinion of your current health concerns.

    Getting a Medical Intuition Evaluation, with Medical Intuitive Dr. Louise, is easy. They are performed in a safe and friendly environment. In fact, a Medical Intuitive Evaluation can be done over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

    All Medical Intuition Evaluations leave you with a feeling of hope, a sense of empowerment or a direction to follow. This is true whether you are seeking guidance for yourself or are in need of help, encouragement and support for a friend or loved one.

    Dr. Rita Louise

    Dallas, TX
    United States
    Phone 972-475-3393

    Carla Mary
    'Connecting the tools to heal the mind/body/spirit'

    Carla Mary has been a professional medium channeler and spiritual teacher for the past decade. She is a messenger for those on the other side to those here on earth. Being born with the gifts of healing and intuitive, she has used these abilities to assist and teach those who come to her needing assistance on their path.

    She specializes in providing personalized treatment to her clients using her gifts and abilities of healing and the intuitive. This assists the individual in the personal healing of the mind/body/spirit connection. She is blessed with a number of intuitive gifts and abilities. Her intuitive/spiritual readings are channelled communications and insights from those that have crossed over, including Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self and Spirit.

    Carla Mary is also a trained Reiki Master and has taught all levels of Reiki for over the past decade. Reiki is the philosophy of channeling healing energy with the purpose to heal and enhance life on all levels. Reiki is used to

    heal all levels of the energy field that deal with the mind/body/spirit. To find out more about Reiki, please go to the Reiki page her website.

    Carla Mary is also a trained Licensed Massage Therapist and has been licensed in the State of Florida #ma35225 and also nationally certified since 2001. If you are interested in CranioSacral therapy, Carla Mary has trained to level two with the Upledger Institute. She provides many different ways of healing and therapies, including spiritual and intuitive, to assist you in your journey to healing and awakening. Carla Mary teaches a number of classes in various locations throughout Florida and is available for private and group appointments.

    Carla's personal philosophy is that spirituality is the most important ingredient to achieving inner peace, harmony, balance and enlightenment. She strongly believes the importance of meditation for healing and spiritual growth.

    Carla Mary also does not pressure the client to schedule appointments. She believes that the person who is receiving the treatment is the one that should be in control of their treatment and healing process. We all have the ability to heal at some level. If its on a mind, body or spirit level or a complete level. That is totally up to the individual and when they need to completely let go and heal. Also, she believes if a person is told that it will take

    more than one, two or more treatments to heal then a seed is planted telling that persons inner self it will take that time. Some times things can happen with one session or more. But that is totally up to the individual. If you would like to schedule more appointments, that is up to the client, never will Carla Mary pressure a client to book or schedule consecutive sessions. If you are looking for her to do maintenance or to have a number of sessions please let her know to schedule accordingly.

    Carla Mary's compassion to teach others but also to assist in the awakening of all.

    Carla Mary offers many wonderful classes. Check her class schedule to find out what classes are for this month.
    Palmetto Point
    Carla Mary Russell

    Palmetto Point, FL 34221
    United States
    Phone 941-729-5142

    ClearLight Nature Spiritual Healing, Guidance & Counseling
    Clear Light is your true nature. A Channeled Spiritual Healing & Guidance session with island healer and author Indigo Ocean will connect you with your higher self and your angel/spirit guides. The guides will heal, clear, balance and rejuvenate your energy system so that you are able to more fully embody your soul/higher-self. This will also elevate your energetic vibration so that you naturally attract more good things into your life. Channeled Guidance will bring you wisdom you need to move forward in life.

    This work is energized by love - Universal love that heals, your self-love that causes you to reach out for help, and my love for you which has motivated many years of dedication as an open channel for healing light. This light will reach you no matter what obstructions may be blocking your natural radiance. You will shine forth as another healing beacon in this world.

    Working together, we will make sure that emotional pain will not stop your light. Imbalances in your chakra system will not stop it either. Neither will your programming for lack, or any other self-limiting beliefs. We will use all the tools at our disposal to clear these obscurations or any others that need clearing so that your natural bliss shines through.

    Distance Healing is just as effective as face to face, so don't think you have to wait for your next trip to paradise before you can feel like you're there. Reach out now. See the full ClearLight profile for more detailed information.
    http://www.clearlightnature.com Spiritual Healing, Growth & Guidance - Maui Hawaii

    Indigo Ocean
    Maui island, Hawaii state
    Paia, HI 96779
    United States
    Phone 800-979-6650

    Divine Directions
    Christine Gagnon

    Paris, ONT N3L 3M8
    Phone 519-442-5314

    Donna Murray & Body and Soul Healing
    FIND HEALING, ANSWERS AND SOLUTIONS with Body and Soul Healing and Intuitive Counseling. Local and Distant healing available. Free consultation. Helping people heal body, mind, heart and soul since 1989.

    FEEL CENTERED, GET CONNECTED AND BECOME GROUNDED with Down to Earth, an audio meditation healing CD. Perhaps one of the most loving and valuable tools that you can give yourself, this CD provides a step by step, powerful and effective process for gradually, yet consistently creating wholeness through inner harmony, balance and connection. Designed to help people heal and transform their lives, this CD will help you strengthen your overall energy levels, increase physical energy and vitality, create an inner foundation that stimulates healing and health, release stress, balance your emotions, increase inner peace and love, and expand your inner ability to connect more deeply with your soul's beauty and light. A nationwide Body and Soul Healer and Intuitive Counselor since 1989, I have helped thousands of people heal and transform their lives in private sessions and in workshop settings. Most people express feelings of being disconnected, stuck, sick or ungrounded. It is with this in mind that I developed and produced this guided meditation so that you can work at home and at your own pace to recover and reconnect to the greater parts of yourself as you heal and transform your life. With regular practice, this CD will provide everything you need to re-establish an abundant flow of energy into and through your body which naturally will produce healthy integration of all the aspects of you in perfect balance. This CD includes a 32 minute guided meditation followed by 6 minutes of supporting affirmations.

    Donna Murray
    P.O. Box 1288
    Durango, CO 81302
    United States
    Phone (970) 247-9076

    Elizabeth Rose Campbell
    As your guide, I have only one wish - that you recognize you are part of a larger plan. Your best instincts are always based in truth. Nature embodies that truth, and the solar system is nature in motion, carrying that truth. Knowing your birthchart is a catalyst to creativity, encouraging you to become who you always intended to be.
    Elizabeth Campbell
    PO Box 449
    Rhinebeck, NY 12572
    United States
    Phone 845-876-3344

    Feng Shui Studies
    Hello, my name is Deborah Redfern. Do you believe, as I do, that Home is sacred space, an extention of divine human expression and individuality? If so, I invite you to explore Feng Shui Studies' Practitioner Certification course in Feng Shui. It is a heart-centered approach to helping people at a profound level.

    For course details please visit www.fengshuistudies.com
    Deborah Redfern
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Victoria, BC V8X 1G4
    Phone 250-383-8378

    Florida Intuitive Center
    Those who wish to pursue their psychic abilities, read auras, learn psychic tools to unblock your intuition so you can find your own answers within, improve relationships, talk to deceased friends, and gain spiritual freedom can enter the Clairvoyant Training Program kindergarten. Here you learn techniques for reading an aura by running the soul essence or energy through the body and increasing the communication and wellness between the spirit and the body. Beginners are welcome!
    Ft Lauderdale
    Ginny Lloyd

    Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
    United States
    Phone 954 478-7200
    Fax 509 561-7586

    Giselle Denisse Santome
    Giselle specializes in teaching awareness of body, mind and spirit as a whole, in order to find balance in health, relationships, careers, and personal growth.

    Bring healing to yourself by learning how to understand the core of your health problems. Activate your body's natural healing process through simple to follow methods that will make a positive impact in all aspects of your health and your life.

    West Palm Beach
    Giselle Denisse Santome
    224 Datura Street
    West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    United States
    Phone 561-324-6030

    Havana Wellness Studio
    Online Coaching & Training

    While I continue to offer online coaching and training, I now have a delightful brick & mortar where I see people in-person as well!

    I share space with my best friend of 35 years – Mary Jane Brower heads up the Aromatherapy Workspace & Boutique and I join her in my Studio.

    I host a lovely place full of vintage florals and aromatherapy accessories, plus essential oils, natural perfumes and attars. We have facial creams and scrubs, lotions and potions, all ready for use or ready to be enhanced with pure essential oils of your choice.

    We have green cleaning products and personal care products all in an effort to promote nontoxic living. And there is “us”- a team of two, always happy to engage with you about any questions you might have.

    Wellness Consultations, Intuition & Chakra Healing

    In the studio I meet with people individually for wellness consultations. My consultations are practical, drawing from years of experience as a psychotherapist. Now turned wellness coach, aromatherapist and energy healer I also offer chakra balancing and intuitive readings. I love to tap into the powerful vibration of essential oils and for those who are willing, adding a bit of experiential writing to the consultation can be extremely curative. Healing can often be found in the written word. The initial 45 minute in-person consultation is always offered at no charge. I offer online intuitive readings as well.

    Workshops about Essential Oils, Green Living, Intuition, Coaching & More

    We also facilitate workshops at the Studio- free workshops, advanced workshops and professional workshops too! Our workshops represent the practical and the mystical.


    The studio is more than the items we sell and the services we provide. Being “in” our space brings sol ace for many, even if briefly as they dip inside on a hot summer’s day. We aren’t fancy or trendy. We ARE mindful and intentional. There is a purposeful energy that flows through and most who enter are drawn in and return.
    DeeAnna Nagel
    100 8th Avenue West
    Havana, FL 32333
    United States
    Phone 706 506 9151

    Heidi Wright - Critter Connections
    Heidi Wright is a caring animal communicator (pet psychic) and Reiki master specializing in Reiki for Pets. Heidi is the author of the best seller 'Animal Communicator Heidi' (Japan) and co-author of the best seller 'Empowered', is featured in the book, "The Language of Miracles" and other books, and is a regular guest on a hit TV show in Japan. Web site at: www.CritterConnections.net

    Private readings, workshops, lectures and consultations.

    Heidi Wright
    PO Box 482
    Malin, OR 97632
    United States
    Phone 530 640 0686

    Irene Martina
    Irene Martina is a powerful spiritual counselor, speaker and teacher who shares her intuitive gifts and wisdom with a myriad of clients including professionals and non-professionals around the globe.

    Contact Irene for private and business consultations, personal, corporate, customized workshops and speaking engagements.
    Irene Martina

    Edmonton, AB

    Jill Christopher
    Masters Touch utilizes channeled energy of Spirit Physicians to restore balance to the physical and emotional body.

    Distance healing takes place over 1-3 sessions. By email or phone, we'll discuss your goals for therapy. After that I’ll connect with your higher self directly for all healing work.

    Personal sessions in the Dallas, TX area include 30-45 minutes of interactive counseling, followed by the actual “hands on” healing.

    Past Life Regression and hypnotherapy is also available.

    Jill Christopher
    PO Box 495366
    Garland, TX 75049-5366
    United States
    Phone 972-504-2650
    Fax 214-722-0098

    Jules Kennedy
    Enlightened readings for the evolving soul. Design your destiny today. Jules Kennedy, world renown psychic advisor is back in private practice. Let Jules help you decide your destiny today with an in-depth soul reading. Relationship issues, twin soul, soul mates, sexuality, help with career and business decisions, ascension and clarity of mind, peace of heart can all be addressed in a soul reading with Jules. Let the healing begin.
    Jules Kennedy

    , IN 47201
    United States
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