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Canadian Biologics School of Medical Sciences
Certified General Holistic Health Practitioner is a basic entry level program which appeals to students who wish to persue a career as a massage therapist and/or holistic health practitioner. This basic program requires 2300 hours to complete in order to become registered and licensed in most jurisdictions. Licensing and registration opens more opportunities for becoming listed as a provider by insurance companies. The basic program is required prior to taking any Certification or Doctoral program. Each certificate program requires 1000 hours of study, after the basic program is completed. The Doctoral programs will require 3000 hours of study, after the basic program is completed.

Graduates of CBISMS programs are allowed to use their designation in most states and provinces or countries.

Graduates will have opportunities to obtain continuing medical education credits through national and international holistic medical conferences.

See this page for a complete list of programs offered

Paul Conyette
233 Kennedy St suite 1413
Winnipeg, MNT r3c3j5
United States

Natural Health Practitioner & Educator
We offer herbal supplements, Canadian Forest Tree Essences, Blessed Herbs Whole Body Internal Cleansing Kits, and Sageant Cellular Food supplements wholesale and retail. Certification classes are offered to become a Natural Health Practitioner in Iridology, (Iridology C.E.U.'s given for nurses), Essence Therapy, Herb Specialist, and Soul Evolution Counselors. Our Practice consists of a complete health evaluation using Iridology and Bio-Chemical Blood Analysis and a program designed for you to reach your ultimate goal mind/body/spirit.
Alicia Rocco
732 McDaniel Ave.
Minerva, OH 44657
United States
Phone 330-868-5353
Fax 330-868-4988

New York Center for Iridology
Appointments at NYCI offer you an Iridology readout plus personal regimen, based on a live scan of Biomarkers observable in your right and left iris. Simple magnification exposes all the body's organs and systems at a glance. Weakened, stressed, hyper/hypo or trauma conditions tell what's going on in your body; Targeted Specifics restore homeostasis.

Training at NYCI includes Iridology Certification classes, Internship & Professional Seminars. Herbal training workshops are held four times a year. All training is by a practitioner, active in the field taught.
New York
Judy Vedder
25 Broad St, 4S
New York, NY 10004
United States
Phone 212 968 0230

Windsong School of Healing & Windsong College of Healing Arts
Windsong College of Healing Arts offers Intensive and full-time training in a variety of different therapies for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Restoring Health and Vitality. Study online and onsite combined one therapy at a time to complete Modules recognized for certification by Professional Associations or Study our Full Diploma Intensive in 11 months or regular Full Time in 2 years. Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, and Reflex studies in Iridology, Auriculotherapy, and Reflexology create a platform for a wide variety of therapies offered to clients. Classes are small with the intention of personal learning. Follow your heart's path to Windsong.
Port Alberni
Lori-Ann MacLeod
6199 Smith Road
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8M1
Phone 250-723-3307
Fax 250-723-3307
Trusts and Estates Lawyer
http://trustsandestate.com/ All cc, cash If you need an experienced group to manage a trust, we have the experience needed to take care of everything. In addition, we can help you with your trustee responsibilities should you not know how to do mandatory aspects of the job. To learn more about what we can do for you, please give us a call at 347-803-2469 today. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about trust administration. We look forward to speaking with you soon. We have years of experience planning for entrepreneurs, medical professionals, scientists, business and real estate owners, artists and multi-generation families.
Esta teslanyny
160 Havemeyer St suite 1082
Brooklyn NY 11211
United States
Phone 347-803-2469