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About Bill Austin - Healing Holograms!
Bill Austin is a spiritual healer and teacher who has worked with alternative energy healing techniques for over twelve years. He is a Reiki Master who specializes in distant energy healing. Over the last five years, Bill has helped hundreds of people around the world to release negative energy patterns so that they can realize more of their full potential and embody their inner divinity. Bill Austin a certified instructor for Serenity Vibration Healing™.
St Petersburg
Bill Austin
Post Office Box 1547
St Petersburg, FL 33731
United States
Phone (727) 823-4931
Fax (800) 304-5179

Achieve Life Mastery with Avatar
The Avatar course is a path to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. A set of tools to modify those things you wish to change. A series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you desire. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. When you ready choose PAAR Enterprises. Now online: Experiential exercises, interviews, books, tapes, free articles and download of the book, Living Deliberately.
Brenda Jones-Rafferty
PO Box 8282
Asheville, NC 28814
United States
Phone 828-645-8909
Fax 828-645-8909

aline marie visionary artist
healing goddess portraits of the divine feminine spirit, bringing forth love, light and peace to viewers of all eyestyles.
aline marie
po box 32
brookfield, CT 06804
United States

Alyce Payne - Theta Teacher
Alyce Payne, Theta Teacher

Theta healing sessions with Alyce Payne are given over the phone or in person. Also available, Advanced & Basic Thetahealing™ 3 day Seminars. Be certified as a Thetahealing™ Practitioner in a 3 day workshop that is fun and a touchstone for amazing changes. See www.thetateacher.com for more info.
North Richland Hills
Alyce Payne

North Richland Hills, TX 76180
United States
Phone 817-514-3008

Ananda Miami is an innovative company that has erupted into the stress management arena with a fresh approach that emphasizes personal involvement as the most effective path to achieve permanent solutions. Ananda is a calming respite to the hectic pace of modern life.

We use a combination of awareness seminars, meditations, breathing classes, relaxation, yoga and other ancient practices and modern techniques to design unique programs for de-stressing, balancing and toning your body and mind.

We believe in permanent results, not in temporary solutions. We enhance awareness, not memorizing tips. We work with your inner values, not with fancy scripts. Ananda also specializes in onsite stress management programs for corporations and wellness and recreational programs for condominiums.
Ananda Miami
P.O. Box 722
Hallandale, FL 33008
United States
Phone 954-699-7199
Fax 466-5658

Andrea Addler
Andrea Adler, author of CREATING AN ABUNDANT PRACTICE - A Spiritual and Practical Guide

for Holistic Practitioners & Healing Centers - presents workshops around the world based on her book.

Santa Fe
Andrea Adler
PO Box 31637
Santa Fe, NM 87594
United States
Phone 505-983-7777

Andrea Carter, Certified MindScape & BodyTalk Instructor

Do you want a UNIQUE, EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to complex pathologies?


Our bodies act as a vehicle for us to move through life. Don't you think it's important to know a little about how your body works, and what you can do to maintain and service it?

Your Body is naturally designed to heal itself. When all parts of the body are in proper communication and synchronization, healing happens naturally. Due to the stressors of daily life, these lines of communication can become compromised resulting in disease, injury and pain.

The BodyTalk System is designed to teach people how to effectively restore, promote communication and synchronization in the body and mind. Together they initiate the natural healing and repair of all aspects of the body.

BodyTalk can be learned and used by anyone as a tool to promote healing for themselves or others.

Knowledge is empowerment, and in stressful situations, (be it illness or economic times), wouldn't you like to have the tools and knowledge to help yourself?

BodyTalk can be learned by heath practitioners and integrated seamlessly into any other health modalities.

MindScape, a course that enabled The BodyTalk System techniques to come to life, teaches one how to rewire the brain. Neurons are brain cells, and we have approximately 100 billion in our brain. Each one of those cells is capable of over 100,000 connections for communication, which means that our brain has the ability to make over 60 billion connections!

Astonishingly, we only use a fraction of what we are capable of using. The average person uses only 5% of their brain because they haven't been trained to do otherwise.

Wouldn't you like to expand how much of your brain you use?

Wouldn't you like to expand your memory bank?

Wouldn't you like your decisions to be made more easily?

Thousands of people just like you have taken this training & changed their lives...

Wouldn't you like to be next?

Classes are taught by Andrea Carter across Canada, should the one you'd like to attend be full please look at http://ww.understandhealing.com/?page_id=40 for other options, or contact her directly to set up a private course, andreacarter@me.com
Andrea Carter

Calgary, ALB
Phone 403-542-6743
Fax 403-452-1480

Angel Delivery, Inc. Holistic Health Seminars & Expos
Angel Delivery, Inc. Complimentary & Integrative Medicine, Holistic Health, Natural Products & Services Seminars & Expos.

3 new shows in Ohio!

Dayton, Ohio, Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday, October 2, 2005

Columbus, Ohio, Sunday, November 6, 2005

15 seminars and over 60 exhibitors at each location. Come, have fun, learn, shop and relax!

For details, and discount coupons, see www.mbsharmony.com

For exhibitor info, call ( 937) 294-1922

Thanks to our co-sponsors: Dreamweaver, Infinity,Natural Living/Healthy living , Promise and Whole Living Journal magazines. Also thanks to the Alliance of Holistic Healthcare, www.ahhcommunity.org

Jackie Barton
PO Box 751836
Dayton, OH 45475-1836
United States
Phone 937-294-1922
Fax 937-294-1948

Bobbi Warren
Since they first learned about Reflexology in the early 60's, mother-daughter team, Muff and Bobbi Warren, have studied, practiced and taught Reflexology worldwide. They began their formal studies in the 70's with the International Institute of Reflexology and became certified in 1983. In 1984, Bobbi began a two-year teacher-training program under the private tutelage of Dwight C. Byers, nephew of the late Eunice Ingham, and President of the International Institute of Reflexology, located in St. Petersburg, FL.

She then became a Regional Director for the Institute, teaching seminars throughout the United States, Canada and England. Muff assists Bobbi in the Western region of the U.S. Besides spending a portion of each year traveling and teaching the seminars, they both have had private practices for almost 30 years.

In 1992, they became one of the first to receive their National Reflexology Board Certifications (ARCB). Their professional affiliations include:

Reflexology Association of America - Bobbi spent two terms (four years) as President and served as Co-Chair of the Y2000 national conference. Muff was the 1998 National Conference Chairman held in Orlando, FL. Bobbi co-chaired the 2000 Conference in San Diego, CA.

Reflexology Association of California - Carter members and former Board members. Bobbi headed the committee that developed the Code of Ethics and Business Standards for California Reflexologists.

Foot Reflexology Awareness Association - FRAA- Charter members and former Board members.

Nevada Reflexology Organization, The Reflexology Research Project and the International Council of Reflexologists.

Bobbi is listed in the Who's Who in Medicine and Health Care and in the Who's Who Among Young American Professionals. Muff and Bobbi were listed jointly in the Who's Who of Professionals.

They have both appeared in numerous newspapers and TV shows, including the San Diego Union-Tribune, The LA Times, Sun Up San Diego & The Learning Channel. They also teach self-help classes to seniors and students. In their spare time…they have separate lives!

San Diego
Bobbi Warren

San Diego, CA 91942
United States
Phone 619-462-3073

CARE -Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education


CARE Intensives are three and a half-day workshop in Raindrop, Vitaflex, Chemistry, Emotional Release and Healing Oils of the Bible - 25 hours in practical applications of essential oils as well as 25 hours continuing education for massage therapists and body workers.

Participants completing the training will:

~ Understand the Fundamentals of Aromatherapy

~ Understand the Science and Chemistry of Essential Oils

~ Learn to Apply Useful Skills in Vitaflex

~ Learn to do Raindrop Technique

~ Learn how Essential Oils Can be Used for Emotional Releasing


The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLINE REGISTRATION is available for the full CARE Program through the CARE website: www.RaindropTraining.com For full or individual courses, you may also register directly through Gail Hunter.


Registrations for Raindrop and Vitaflex are limited to the first 10 people to keep class sizes small for better hands-on attention and training. So register early to assure a place. As for the Bible Oils, Chem I, Chem II, and Emotional Release classes, these are demonstration/lecture classes and there are no limitations on class size for these beyond the seating capacity of the room. They are all open to the public at ala carte prices with registrations taken at the door. However, pre-registration is also recommended for these portions of the CARE Intensive.

Cash, Check, and Credit Cards Acceptable

(VISA, MC, Discover, Amer. Express all okay)

See contact information above for registration info.


CARE Vitaflex is required before taking Raindrop I.

CARE Raindrop I is required before taking Raindrop II.

There are no pre-requisites for the Bible Oils, Chem I, Chem II, or Emotional Release classes.


Full refund less $50 for processing for cancellations no later than two weeks before the seminar date.


Class Notes, Necessary Oils, Handouts, and a Certificate acknowledging your participation in the course or courses taken are all included in seminar fees.


Bring two (2) sheets, two (2) bath towels, and one (1) hand towel. If you would be willing to bring a massage table, please mention this when you register. You are encouraged also to bring your Bible for the Bible Oils class. While there are no texts required to take the CARE classes, if you own a copy of THE CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS MADE SIMPLE, FEELINGS BURIED ALIVE NEVER DIE, by Karol Truman, RELEASING EMOTIONAL PATTERNS by Carolyn Mein, and HEAL YOUR BODY, by Louise Hay, please bring them as they will be referred to often in the Chemistry and Emotional Release classes. Copies will be available at the seminar if you don't have a copy.


Texts and DVDs required for CCIs, as well as other publications, will be available for sale at the seminar.

What Some People Say About This CARE Training

"I found the CARE program to be of the highest quality - in all aspects; seminar proceedings, CCI expectations for training and application. Most exciting was the healing I experienced during my night's sleep! A muscle/nerve in my leg left me unable to jog for the past 14 months; also my index and third finger on my right hand were unable to flex each morning! After seeking attention from several massage therapists, this past year, I continued each day with no new results - UNTIL - the morning after my Vitaflex and Raindrop Technique session! Fingers have been restored to full movement and the pain in my leg is completely gone. Very exciting for me - now many of my family/friends know about CARE - they all have heard my story. I believe CARE has brought the means for a new chapter of health and well-being in my mind and body."

~Colleen Michaelis, Escondido, CA

“I really appreciated the simple way Gail demonstrated the Emotional Release class. This is the third time I’ve taken the class.”

~Deborah Sherman, Crescent City, CA

“Gail is a pure joy. The classroom was extremely well set-up, well diffused, materials beautifully displayed and the room very comfortable. Gail has a passion for the oils and shares here knowledge eloquently.”

~Jesse Hodgdon, LMT, Talent, OR

"I am a massage therapist and take a lot of continuing education courses as a requirement for my license. The CARE Program is the best I have taken. I learned so much about how and why the oils work and now I understand the science behind it. I am glad to have a standard protocol for raindrop. I have been doing raindrop for over a year, but never felt sure of my work. What a difference a weekend makes! With this protocol I felt nurtured and cared for. Even though when I received it was the first raindrop my classmates had performed, it was the most powerful I had ever experienced. I felt so calm, relaxed and whole. And when we measured at the end I had grown 1-1/4 inches! I can't wait to get back to my office and start work on my clients.

~Leslie Knee, LMT, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Gail Hunter

Boring, OR 97009
United States
Phone 425-359-9358

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW, C.Ht., CBP
Spirituality, energy work, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are integrated into a powerful brief therapy. Included are spiritual counseling, meeting spiritual helpers, accessing inner wisdom, energy work (BodyTalk,Melchizedek Method, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing and Reiki), hypnotherapy, and spirit release. An integration of the above modalities in conjunction with intuitive counseling and channeling facilitate the release of fears, phobias, anxieties, depression, grief, addictions and counter-productive behaviors and beliefs originating in this or another lifetime.

Cathy Chapman
7800 Amelia, Suite 10
Houston, TX 77055
United States
Phone 713-681-2400
Fax 832-615-3050

Center For Massage and Natural Health
RETREAT & CONFERENCE CENTER, MASSAGE THERAPY TRAINING SCHOOL Located in heart of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains just 8 miles north of Asheville, our Resort is on a picturesque 24-acre estate exquisite with natural beauty. This peaceful oasis has a large central Lodge that provides meeting facilities, beautiful accommodations, gourmet cuisine, spa services, healing retreats and many leisure activities. The NC Board approved and internationally recognized School of Massage offers six concurrent six-month Massage Therapy Certification Programs (600 HR) annually, and a wellspring of Continuing Education and CEU classes. Our school provides every training facet needed to become a nationally certified bodywork professional with a fulfilling career.
Center for Massage & Natural Health Retreat Center
530 Upper Flat Creek Road
Weaverville, NC 28787

Phone (828) 658-0814

Childbirth Alternative Network
Serving Northern Colorado Families Since 1983.

Training for homebirth midwifery includes her formal nursing degree and six years hospital experiences of approximately 900 births, and now an additional 500 births in homes. She continues applying for CEUs, and maintains certificates in oxygen therapy, CPR, and Neonatal Resuscitation. Lynda has trained several apprentices/interns and offers limited space for midwifery assistants for clinic days and at births.

Fort Collins
Lynda Sizemore, CM, RM
3413 Pembroke St.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
United States
Phone 970-226-1371
Fax 970-282-8803

Corporate Creatives
Corporate Creatives is dedicated to creating healthier, safer and more productive environments for work and living. We help you develop specific strategies for the optimal layout of your environment, down to the smallest details such as ideal employee location, furniture layout, plant and accessory placement. Statistics prove that proper planning or the action of revising the layout your office or residential space can lead to overall productivity improvements, lower absenteeism and higher profits. We want to help you succeed!
Carol Cannon
3140B W. Tilghman St., #321
Allentown, PA 18104
United States
Phone 1-866-336-7484

Courses for LIFE
As an advanced EFT practitioner and trainer, my favorite passion is to help people dissolve their problems including phobia, trauma, abuse, love-pain, excess weight, asthma, allergies, anxiety, depression and compulsion. Results are guaranteed.
Valerie Lis
33 Fourth St. N.W.
Osseo, MN 55369
United States
Phone 763-315-0086
Fax 763-754-1787

Creating A Peaceful World
Creating a Peaceful World is an organization committed to a peaceful approach to relating. In recognizing and healing the issues that divide us, we can produce results that were previously impossible.
Michaela Torcaso
6225 University Avenue, Suite 202
Madison, 53705
United States

Dawn Oakley, Transformational Guide & Energy Therapist
BodyTalk & Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator

BodyTalk is an amazingly effective holistic therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be resynchronized so they can operate as nature intended.

Life coaching is for people that are ready to create a successful life for themselves! As your coach, I will provide insight, encouragement and support to help you make the desired improvements in your life!

In person and distance sessions available for all services.
Dawn Oakley

Greensboro, NC 27406
United States
Phone 336-558-3720

Diana Olander Reiki Master
About Diana Olander

Reiki Master Diana Olander is a Native of Argentina, who at the age of 16 met a Japanese Zen Monk (Master Ryotan Tokuda, born in 1938 in Hokkaido North of Japan). Master Tokuda taught her Shiatsu and other eastern healing techniques. She followed him to Sensei's Tokuda Monastery in the hilltops of Brazil. After her second level Reiki initiation she wanted to get more insight into the origins of Dr. Mikao Usui 's healing power, which is closely related to the Buddhist 'Lotus Sutra' teachings. With this idea in mind, she joined the Buddhist Teachings. And furthermore, she made up her mind to study Mahayana Buddhism deeply and vigorously under the direct supervision and spiritual guidance of the Rinpoches of the Himalayan region of Tibet and Nepal. Thereafter, at age 18 she renounced her aristocratic family life in Argentina, keeping in mind to devote her lifelong time along the noble cause of 'Service to man is Service to God'. For the past 20 years, she has traveled around the world, to teachers who have formed her to be able to work in a broad spectrum of modalities. She now lives in Arizona with her family and pets . She is a Tibetan Buddhist Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher and an ordained Healing Minister among other things. Diana travels to India, South America and Europe to continue her studies in healing and compassionate living. She does non- profit work in Africa, India and offers free and sliding scale treatments for terminally ill patients and poor families in South America. Diana works with HIV homeless children in Argentina and at present she is working on reinserting homeless children into society. Diana combines many healing techniques teaching you to come home to one's self and honor the divine self within. Diana has been committed to assisting and guiding humanity to a higher level of understanding and wellness since 1984. Her extensive list of credentials has provided her with the tools and techniques to reach her students and clients. Diana is the founder of Jangchub Gepel Ling, a non-profit organization for Buddhist Studies where she organizes US Tours for High Lamas from Tibet to come and teach meditation and Buddhist teachings. She is a Tibetan Buddhist Teacher teaching to prisoners through Liberation Prison Project, a Tibetan Buddhist organization offering free Buddhist books, prayers and practice booklets, practice items, video and audio tapes of teachings to over 3,500 incarcerated individuals and Buddhist study groups in over 500 prisons in the United States and the world.

Diana started Arizona Center for Healing Arts based on Reiki Healings, Tibetan Medicine, Healing Mantras, Japanese and Argentine Healings. To this day, the Center has already produced several Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters. Of them, more than one hundred healers are from foreign countries all abroad. Diana was the first person in USA to establish a Free Reiki clinic for terminally ill, now her students offer this service all over the world. Her wish is to establish Free Reiki clinics for terminally ill in every city of every country for people who need the Reiki healing. She is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Naturopathy program with Clayton College of Natural Health. Diana speaks five languages and offers healings classes and treatments both in Spanish and English.She travels to the Navajo Nation and Pima and Apache reservetions where she is invited by the elders to the sweatlodges. In the Navajo reservation she is known as healing Hands. Many newspaper and magazine articles have written about Diana and her healing techniques and Clinics.

Diana Olander
Mesa, AZ 85207
United States
Phone 480 212 6747

Diane Gold - Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Tai Chi Mind. Coaching for every lifestyle. Corporate Tai Chi for business teams. Specializing in HABIT REPLACEMENT. Whatever the habit, we can show you how to enhance it or replace it. Meditation, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Trance Tai Chi, Music & Dance to delete stress. Read techniques at: http://warriorsofweight.com/issues. Get The Airplane Workout to workout inflight at: http://amzn.to/1Hpxkcc.

Contact us for training or to say hi at:

Boca Raton
Diane Gold
170 Northeast 2nd Street #1412
Boca Raton, FL 33432
United States
Phone 561-302-5577
Fax 561-367-8761

Divine Healing
Services include Angel Therapy, Angel Readings, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Counseling, facilitates Angel Healing Circles, House Clearings and Blessings, Private Reiki and IET sessions and conducts Angel, Fairy and Psychic Development classes throughout New England.
Elizabeth J Foley
P.O. Box 7124
Nashua, NH 03060
United States
Phone 603-888-0658
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