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Atlantis Natural
From organic baby clothing to organic natural toys and organic cloth diapers, Atlantis Natural is your source for products and information to help raise your baby naturally.

Organic Cotton Diapers and Diaper Skin Care

Natural Baby & Toddler Toys: Arts & Crafts, Bath Toys, Creative Play, Dress Up, Games, Learning Toys, Organic Soft Toys, Play Canopies, Teething Toys, Wooden Toys

Organic Baby & Toddler Clothing by age, style and collection

Organic Sheets, Towels and Blankets

Organic Baby Skin Care: Aromatherapy Oils, Hair & Body, Bath Bubbles, Diaper Care, SPF Sun Protection, Organic Bug Repellent

Natural Baby Health Care: Colic & Tummy Aches, Earaches, Kid Detox, Kids Cold & Flu, Kids Vitamins, Teething, Vaccine Protection

Green Holiday Gifts: Green Christmas, Green Easter, Green Halloween, Green Valentine's Day, Green Birthday Party

Pacifiers, Bottles & Feeding, Swaddle Blankets, Breastfeeding Supplies, Natural Baby Dental Care, Baby Sleep Aids

Customer Service

Miami, FL 33132
United States
Phone 1-877-852-8558
Fax 305-675-8125

Balance U
I use a holistic approach that integrates mind, body and spirit into our work together. Talk helps to clarify issues and insights and energy and body work gently lets go of blocked energy. Sessions include all of the above and are tailor made for each client. Can work in person or long distance.
James Colvin, M.Div.
111 Quimby St.
Westfield, NJ 07090
United States
Phone 908-233-8698

H3Environmental, Corp.
We offer environmental lifestyle products to help people create healthier, nurturing homes and environmentally friendly interior design services. We carry natural, metal free bed systems, water purification and non-toxic cleaning products.

Please visit our web site for more details.
Los Angeles
Mary Cordaro

Los Angeles, CA 91607
United States
Phone 818-766-1787
Fax 818-766-5882

HealthE Goods, Inc.
Natural health products selected by a naturopathic medical student. Offer spa products and other health products wholesale to health professionals and others that qualify. Fast shipping and personal service.
Benjamin Lynch, BS, ND Candidate 2007
10020 NE 201st St
Bothell, WA 98011
United States
Phone 425-354-4662
Fax 354-4663

Light Point 360

Voice BioAnalysis

Touch For Health Practitioner and Instructor

Swedish Massage/Hot Rock Massage/Tibetan Energy

Aromatherapy/Raindrop Technique

Reflexology / Ear Candling

Quantron Resonance System

Emotional Freedom Technique

Distributor of Xango Juice

Chair Massage Available at your site

Grand Valley
Ruth MacInnes
18 Station Street, Amaranth twp
Grand Valley, ONT L0N 1G0
Phone 519-928-3053
Fax 519-928-2683

Philip Brotman, PhD
Neurofeedback and biofeedback for stress, pain, attention deficit (ADD/ADHD), depression, phobias, habit control, headaches, high blood pressure. Neurofeedack training also available by remote, from your home.

Play Attention, Brainmaster, PET EEG and Procomp2 neurofeedback systems featured.
New York City
Dr. Philip Brotman
255 West 98th Street
New York City, NY 10025
United States
Phone 212-222-5665
Fax 212-222-5667
AA Best Choice LLC Heating and Cooling
AA Best Choice LLC Heating and Cooling is the most reliable heating and air conditioning contractor in all of Milwaukee County. The confident and informative staff can work quickly to repair furnaces, heaters, boilers or air conditioners.
Mark Miller
5514 W Center St
Milwaukee WI 53210
United States
Phone 414-571-0700
Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Flemington
The National Fire Data Center, which is part of the U.S. Fire Administration, reports that clothes dryers cause approximately 15,600 structure fires all over the country every year. Clogged dryer vents are responsible for starting eighty percent or so of the fires, resulting in an average of 400 injuries and 15 deaths every year. Thousands more house occupants get treated for poisonous gas fume symptoms that accumulate in houses due to dryer vents being blocked. Yes, it is a good idea to clean your dryer’s lint trap. However, by itself it won’t completely prevent fires from breaking out inside your dryer vent. In order for your dryer to stay safe and efficient, replace any of the plastic flexible or vinyl transition ducts that are in between the main vent (these are frequently inside a wall) and the dryer, using a metal semi-rigid transition duct instead. Vinyl and plastic ducts may catch on fire, whereas semi-rigid metal ducts won’t. Also be sure to keep the dryer vent pipe opening outside free of bushes, birds’ nests and any other debris that can accumulate over the long term. Whenever your dry vent system isn’t able to properly exhaust, it will over heat. This can threaten your safety, health and home. It is possible to clean the dryer vent system on your own. However, if you would like to have some expert advice or don’t know how to do it, you can contact a professional dryer vent cleaning company like ours to inspect and clean your system to ensure that it is safe. The professional can also answer any questions you might have.
Air Duct
Flemington NJ 08822
United States
Phone 908-842-5722
Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Glen Cove
It is more cost-efficient to hire a professional HVAC technician for the cleaning and maintenance of the air vents and shafts than to go for DIY care or have a non-professional do it. In fact, you will generate savings on a range of costs. As explained earlier, the specialist service will help you to save on both utilities, repair and replacement. These savings can be considerable for any household and especially for a business which uses a large and complex system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. A business will achieve higher cost efficiency with outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance work compared to having it done in-house. This is because in addition to the purchase of equipment and materials, the company will have to invest in the professional training of in-house staff. If additional workers are hired, the cost will climb further up. Given that the care for air vents and shafts is not a daily or even weekly task for the majority of businesses, it is simply not economical to go for the in-house option. The provision of cleaning and care to air vents and shafts typically involves climbing a ladder and working with both hands at a considerable distance above the ground. This poses considerable safety risks, especially to untrained people. The HVAC technician has been trained to do the job and has a great deal of experience in it. Besides, the knows how to use techniques for protection from accidents.
Glen Cove
Duct Cleaning
32 Buckeye Rd
Glen Cove NY 11542
United States
Phone 516-744-5474
Antique & Vintage Rugs by Doris Leslie Blau
Website URL: http://www.dorisleslieblau.com Antique rugs are not just a great floor covering, but a real piece of history too. Every antique rug we sell has a story behind it. Learning about where your particular rug came from, the approximate year it was crafted, and other details can be a lot of fun. This also turns the rug into a great conversation piece in your home. We have antique rugs that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and each one is going to have a beautifully unique design that you will absolutely love. Vintage rugs also come in a variety of styles that you can choose from. Vintage rugs were first made around 1920, and continued for many years. These rugs typically use very intricate weaving techniques, and offer truly breathtaking colors and patterns that help to set them apart from any other options you will see. If this is the type of design you are looking for, you won’t find a better selection anywhere in Napa, CA At Doris Leslie Blau, we have an enduring commitment to offering our clientele a diverse selection of the highest quality antique carpets and exclusive custom designed rugs. We have served as purveyors and trusted advisors to designers for over 45 years. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between art, design and architecture by making rugs a key element of interior design through our quest for superior quality, while providing the highest standards of service.

493 Franklin St
Napa CA 94559
United States
Phone 707-637-8059
Atlantic Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning
Website: www.atlanticventscleaning.com The ideal time to get your chimney cleaned is during the summer or early fall. It is recommended to get it inspected before you begin building a fire in the furnace due to a change in the weather. Maybe cleaning the chimney did not cross your mind when you started using the fireplace. You should not wait until the next year for chimney cleaning and inspection services all year long. Even if you’ve used your fireplace minimally, it is still advised to have the stove systems, furnace and all the heating vent systems inspected on an annual basis. The cleaning professionals will take care of any issues or defects they come across during the inspection. Best Cleaning 4 U LLC is a family owned and operated business. We are a professional Air Duct & Dryer Vent cleaning company. Air Duct cleaning is an absolutely necessary maintenance service in any home or business. It needs to be done the right way with the proper equipment. We use the most powerful vacuum cleaners, air compressors, the best tools and fully equipped trucks for this job. All our technicians are skillful, knowledgeable, highly trained and extensively experienced. We thoroughly clean every piece of duct-work and register connected to your furnace. After we finish the job you can stay assured that your system is absolutely impeccably clean. We take “before” and “after” pictures to prove our fine results. Our professional team has serviced thousands of projects – from residential to commercial. We have thousands of satisfied customers.
Service Cleaning
122 Sussex Rd
Elmont NY 11003
United States
Phone 929-205-0025
Atlantic Air Duct Cleaning of Nassau County
Website: http://atlanticventscleaning.com You can feel the bad odor comping from the air vents of your house or office. In some cases, the smell is persistent. In other cases, it comes and goes and its intensity changes overtime. Even though the symptoms may vary, they are a sign of a serious problem which must be identified and dealt with quickly. Find out more about the main causes of foul smell coming from the air ducts and how to resolve them. Less often, the bad odor can come from gasses which have been released into the air ducts. If the heat exchanger of the HVAC system has a leakage, it will release combustion gasses such ascarbon monoxide into the air ducts. These gasses can pose a serious health threat. Action for resolving the problem must be taken immediately. If the structural components and finishes of a building release chemicals in gas form, they can be carried bythe HVAC system and their bad smell can come from the air vents. In this case,the dangerous materials must be removed and all surfaces including the walls ofthe air ducts must be properly cleaned. When there is bad odor coming from the air vents, you must take the necessary steps to deal with the problem without delay.

219 Liberty Ave
Westbury NY 11590
United States
Phone 516-908-3366
Auto Body Shop
Website URL: http://roselleautoservices.com Roselle Auto Body Shop offers car repair services that you can count on. If you are located in Linden, Newark, Staten Island, Union County, Rahway, Elizabeth, Roselle, Union, Crawford, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Bloomfield, Clark, Hillside, Roselle Park, Kenilworth, Westfield, Metuchen, Carteret, Avenel, Mountainside, Iselin, Irvington, or Maplewood, New Jersey, then you will find our company to be incredibly convenient. We offer a variety of services that locals can take advantage of at affordable rates, including: paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair, dent removal, dent repair, auto painting, frame straightening, frame repair, collision repair and more. We provide everything that you need in terms of auto body work. If you are in Linden, NJ or any of its surrounding areas, make an appointment to come and see us today. Our team of auto body repair experts at Roselle Auto Services can essentially restore your vehicle. We specializes in repairing late model vehicles. Our collision shop will put your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, structurally and cosmetically. Using factory specification we straighten the frame or unibody to its pre-accident condition, parts are replaced with OEM, (Original Equipment Manufacturer), reconditioned, or with Aftermarket Parts, (Lifetime Guarantee), depending on the customer's request and budget. We then refinish the repaired or replaced parts with a factory package paint. This is the same paint that is used at the factory when the vehicle was originally built. This way we can assure the same color quality and texture as the factory finish.

4 Roselle St
Linden NJ 07036
United States
Phone 908-718-5446
AVC Corporation
Our incentive for improvement pushes AVC to continue to innovate and find new solutions that optimize our clients’ needs and maximize our capacity to grow as a business.
AVC Corporation
17707 South Santa Fe Ave.
Compton CA 90221
United States
Phone 424-213-7500
Back Pain Relief
If you’re one of the millions of Americans wondering how to relieve back pain, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with commercial offers promising back pain relief. Back pain treatment has become a $100 billion per year business, and much of it is either deceptive or ineffective. If back pain has become a problem in your life, you need the help of a trained pain management specialist with years of experience in the treatment of back pain. After a careful diagnosis using state-of-the-art techniques, your Redefine Healthcare doctor develops a back pain treatment program that may include remedies such as: Medications. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, steroid injections, narcotics, anti-depressants and topical creams Physical therapy. Posture improvement, electrical stimulation, strength exercises and flexibility stretches Surgery. Only for structural problems that don’t respond to other treatments, as a last resort. If you’re tired of suffering from back pain, get the treatment you need to get back in the game and back to your normal routines. Contact the best back pain treatment doctors and specialists of New Jersey at Redefine Healthcare. Visit one of our four locations.
Back Relief
2500 Morris Avenue, Suite 220JK
NJ NJ 07083
United States
Phone 908-772-8311
barcode generator
Company provides barcode utility provides continent way to design linear and 2D barcode labels, tags and stickers.
Barcode Generator
City IL 20100
United States
Phone 9811111111
Best Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning
http://bestcleaning4u.com/ 24 hours Cash, all cc The major problem with creosote is that it is highly inflammable. Its accumulation on the flue walls increases the risk of house fire considerably. In fact, thousands of house fires are caused by creosote build-ups in chimneys every year. Fire is one of the most serious perils which can affect a home. It poses extreme danger to people and property. Another problem with fire starting due to the combustion of creosote is that this substance is toxic and can cause serious irritation to the skin and eyes and possibly mental confusion.
BestAir Duct&Drye
Brooklyn NY 11217
United States
Phone (646) 980-6529
Best Brooklyn Child Care
GEARED TOWARD FUTURE SUCCESS. We are expert child care professionals introducing a new and innovative approach to child day care. Changing Tomorrow Academy is a brand new state of the art facility with capacity to care for 200 kids, with educators and medical providers onsite. We are expert child care professionals introducing a new and innovative approach to child day care, geared toward futures success. Situated in downtown Brooklyn with the latest design and most innovative classroom settings, your curious babe will find one adventure after the next exploring our day care center while always being under the best supervision. Offering child care services for infants, toddlers and children age 3-5. We are always open to new ideas. With every successful parent suggestion that is implemented by our center, a voucher credit will be applied towards the childs tuiton.
Best Care
Brooklyn NY 11201
United States
Phone 929-214-1256
Best Custom Plastic Business Cards
Easy to use printing templates to help you prepare your graphic design files in Photoshop and or Illustrator with the correct size, fold, bleed and safe zone specifications for commonly used color printing products. Business Cards Printing. Business cards at Printing New York can be ordered with two (opposite ends) or four rounded corners with 1/8? or 1/4? radius corners. You will be impressed with the lasting impression these color business cards generate. Typical business cards turnaround is 4 business days including delivery time. Next business day turn-around, available in quantities of 100-1000 and printed on high tech digital equipment. We now offer business cards made same day. With optional super fast courier you can have these cards in few hours from the time they were ordered. Typical same day business cards order at Printing New York is 50 to 100 cards.
New York
Custom Plastic
New York NY 10038
United States
Phone 646-630-9588
Bronx Snow Removal Plowing And Shoveling
Bronx sees plenty of snow and ice over the winter months. For the safety of your employees, guests and yourself, reach out to M&M Tree Cutting Inc. for comprehensive commercial snow plowing services and ice removal in Bronx. Don’t let a little snow or ice cause big problems for your business. Your business shouldn’t take a hit because a few inches of snow made your parking lots and sidewalks unsafe. Call M&M Tree Cutting Inc. and we’ll make sure your facility stays safe and accessible before and after a big snow storm. Trust our top-of-the-line equipment and detail-oriented staff for exceptional snow and ice removal. Let us clear your sidewalks of ice and snow! From salting to shoveling to plowing, we’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of the snow plaguing your parking lots and other areas of your property.
Bronx Snow Removal Plowing And Shoveling
3924 E Tremont Ave
Bronx NY 10465
United States
Phone 718-313-1340
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