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A Safe Pest Eliminators Inc.
Natural, non-hazardous, people, pet and environment friendly pest control products and services. (services for South Eastern Florida only, products; worldwide) We offer natural, highly effective, professionally proven products for virtually all insect pests, including permanent, protection of wood from termites and other wood destroying organisms. We have 25+ years of experience in natural pest control and have never encountered an insect pest problem that cannot be effectively controlled and/or eliminated with products and methods that pose no health or environmental dangers. We also manufacture our own product, Uncle Albert's SUPER SMART Ant Bait.
Jerry Goodman
11338 S.W. 158th Place
Miami, FL 33196
United States
Phone 1866 545-5268
Fax 305 388-1128

amazon herb company - sharon parker
Making a difference in someone's life while saving the rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest contains the highest concentration of life energy on the planet. Thousands of acres of rainforet are being destroyed daily. Species are being decimated, ancient thriving trees fall at a lightening pace. Indigenous people are being driven from their land. The Amazon Herb Company's philosophy and mission statements are the same..."Make the Amazon Rainforest more valuable alive than dead". Provide the indigeous people with an alternative income that will stop the deforestation of their sacred land. 10% of the company's net profit is returned to the rainforest through their rainforest rescue fund. Stimulate interest and support worldwide by supplying life-enhancing, ecologically harvested botanicals from the most nutrient-rich ecosystem on the planet.
sharon parker

bellevue, ID
United States
Phone 208-788-4739

Arbonne Int'l Ind Rep
Hello, I am a consultant with Arbonne International and we provide the best skin care, nutrition, weight loss, color and spa products available.

If you want to change the world around you, you have to start with yourself. Such a simple statement but if you care for the environment; you care for animals; you want to look your best; or you love getting the best bargain around. Then this company has something to offer you.

Clifton Park
Dorothy Grace Chabot

Clifton Park, NY 12065
United States
Phone 5183718717

Artistic&Spiritual Endeavors
Artist to do custom painted designs in your N.J. home or business;Murals,stencils,decorative... 30+ years experience as artist. Degree in Art. Also Reiki Master/Teacher,for people and pets. Located in Hillsborough. This healing energy helps with all types of health issues.Also mediumistic phone readings avail. Connect to departed loved ones. Check out website for earth-friendly products and to view artwork.
North Plainfield/Hillsbor
Suzanne O'Brien

North Plainfield/Hillsbor, NJ 07060
United States
Phone (609)933-4119


"Where Seeing Your Pets Good Bloom Is What We're All About!
Kim Bloomer - Natural Pet Care Consultant

Young Living Essential Oils Available. To order use ID#767865 and CLICK HERE

Kim Bloomer

Albuquerque, NM 87109
United States
Phone 505-440-2691

Atlantis Natural
From organic baby clothing to organic natural toys and organic cloth diapers, Atlantis Natural is your source for products and information to help raise your baby naturally.

Organic Cotton Diapers and Diaper Skin Care

Natural Baby & Toddler Toys: Arts & Crafts, Bath Toys, Creative Play, Dress Up, Games, Learning Toys, Organic Soft Toys, Play Canopies, Teething Toys, Wooden Toys

Organic Baby & Toddler Clothing by age, style and collection

Organic Sheets, Towels and Blankets

Organic Baby Skin Care: Aromatherapy Oils, Hair & Body, Bath Bubbles, Diaper Care, SPF Sun Protection, Organic Bug Repellent

Natural Baby Health Care: Colic & Tummy Aches, Earaches, Kid Detox, Kids Cold & Flu, Kids Vitamins, Teething, Vaccine Protection

Green Holiday Gifts: Green Christmas, Green Easter, Green Halloween, Green Valentine's Day, Green Birthday Party

Pacifiers, Bottles & Feeding, Swaddle Blankets, Breastfeeding Supplies, Natural Baby Dental Care, Baby Sleep Aids

Customer Service

Miami, FL 33132
United States
Phone 1-877-852-8558
Fax 305-675-8125

Aura Care
Aura Care is a company based on the principal that all good health is achieved through intentional and perpetual self care. A balance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual focused living allows for such health. Aura Care strives to provide education, services and hand made products to aid in the achievement of this balance.
Laura Gauthier
71 Dickson Street, Cambridge Ontario
Cambridge, ONT
Phone 519.620.0262

Bee~Hemp Ear Candles
A valuable home remedy. Great for relaxation or relief of ear related ailments. Most ear candles contain Paraffin-a chemically based product and 100% Cotton. If you concerned with wanting to promote a non-toxic lifestyle Bee~Hemp offers you a choice: Hand-crafted with 100% HEMP Cloth, Beeswax, Soywax. NO COTTON-NO PARAFFIN. We also supply !00% Organic Cotton @$1.50 each and the standard type 100% Cotton/Paraffin Wax @ .99 each
Kathy Dover

Rockmart, GA
United States
Phone 800.581.1128 Code:00

At Blue Moon Candles we feature Oragnic and Exotic wax handcrafted intensely Fragrant Candles & Bathworks. Aromatherapy & Colortherapy assistance FREE.
San Jacinto
Lisa Kasper
Reinhart St.
San Jacinto, CA 92583
United States
Phone 951-675-8386

Carole Keene
Ecopsychology. Healing through deepening our connections to Nature. Guided activities and Reiki in natural environments for enhanced physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. I have recently added the Wild Animal Essences (TM) to my practice.

In addition, my husband, Paul Myers and I are certified facilitators for the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Creating a Culture of Peace Workshop. http://www.forusa.org/programs/nvtraining/default.html

Paul is well-versed in the non-violent communication work of Marshall Rosenberg. http://www.cnvc.org/

Carole Keene

Houston, TX 77007
United States
Phone 713-398-6785

Cathie Garnier, One Group Independent Representative
I am an Independent Representative for the Miessence line of Internationally Certified Organic personal care products, including skin, hair, oral, body, cosmetic and nutritional products. This extensive range of products is completely free of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Las Vegas
Cathie Garnier

Las Vegas, NV 89108
United States
Phone 702-324-3402

Centered Wellness by ESutras
Centered Wellness by ESutras(www.esutras.com) is a holistic wellness center located in Schaumburg, IL. Service offerings include Herbal Massages, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, Native American Shaman Healing, Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Ayurveda Skin and Hair care.

Centered Wellness also offers structured training for both professionals and curious seekers of wellness!
Liz Kenny
1207 Remington Road
United States
Phone 847 885 6579

Massage Therapy - Techniques used are traditional Chinese massage and Swedish massage. Emphasis is on clinical pain work and massage for relaxation with 16 years of experience. Personal training, exercise consultation and body fat analysis.
Charlie Franklin
25511 Southfield Rd. Suite 119
Southfield, MI 48075
United States
Phone 248-569-6578 / 1-877
Fax 248-569-1734

Massage Therapy - Techniques used are traditional Chinese massage and Swedish massage. Emphasis is on clinical pain work and massage for relaxation with 16 years of experience. Personal training, exercise consultation and body fat analysis.
Charlie Franklin
25511 Southfield Rd. Suite 119
Southfield, MI 48075
United States
Phone 248-569-6578 / 1-877
Fax 248-569-1734

Did you know there is a huge difference between 'conventional' printing and environmentally responsible printing? With our system and technology, you can get the printing you need with minimal impact on the environment. There are no ozone emissions, no solvents, no toxic chemicals, no chemical smell and no water is used. Furthermore, we use minimal power and there are minimal CO2 emissions. We use water-based organic inks and recycle all our waste, such as paper and plastic ink cartridges. That's why we say our printing is "Printing for a Healthy Planet."
McDonald's Corners
Sandra & Don Rennick
McDonald's Corners, Ontario K0G 1M0
Phone 1-877-463-2639
Fax 1-613-278-0177

deborah Fischer
Offering you "The Best Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils and Essential Oil products in the world today".
Genoa City
Deborah Fischer
Genoa City, WI 53128
United States
Phone 262-248- 3100

DiamondHeart Co-creative Garden
DiamondHeart is a co-creative garden in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska. We are open for guided tours of the site and visitation of the medicine wheel on Thursdays throughout the summer months.

We offer tools for healing and transformation, including consciously harvested herbal remedies, flower essences, and essential oils.

We offer classes and workshops on dowsing and connecting with the Nature spirits, Earth healing and transformational processes.
Kathryn Sharp
942 Tyonek Drive, Anchorage, AK
Anchorage, AK 99501
United States
Phone (907)274-2359

Dr. Dan Schultz
Greater Lansing Chiropractic Clinic’s award winning chiropractic team, delivering gentle, specific adjustments from chiropractor Dan Schultz. Fifteen years of experience in caring for the Greater Lansing public. Find out for yourself how truly amazing your body is; we facilitate healing by relieving the obstacles that hinder it from self-healing and self-cleansing. This is the single-most powerful paradigm in which to restore health and vitality.
Dan Schultz
15694 S US 27
Lansing, MI 48904
United States
Phone 517 267-9888

Dr. Singha's Natural Therapeutics

Seven Master Ayurvedic herbal formulas clinically used by Dr. Singha. Mustard, essential oils, tonifying simple solutions for immune strength, effective detoxification, assimilation, balance and energy.

DETOX NOW! Open your Channels of Elimination. Increase Circulation and Oxygenation. Strengthen your Immune System.

Mustard Bath in 3 sizes

Mustard Rub in 2 sizes

Feng Shui Room Spray - Air Detox

Tummy Tonic, Health Tonic

Travel Tonic, Morning Comfort
Mangala Searles

Austin, TX
United States
Phone 512-444-2862
Fax 512 444-8981

Earth Light Center, Inc.
Earth Light Center is an alternative, holistic healing center serving the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area. Our network of healers offer a number of healing therapies to reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote insight, healing and peace, including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, Amma therapy, Maya abdominal and uterine massage, reiki, spiritual psychotherapy, shamanism, soul retrieval and more. The Center also offers ongoing workshops and classes.
Dobbs Ferry
Vivian Menjivar
12 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
United States
Phone 914-693-0120
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