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Amy Todisco
Do You Ever Wonder If The Products Labeled As "Natural" and "Organic" Really Are?
Wish you had a green living expert who's done all of the research and tested out the products for you?

Now you do.

I'm Amy Todisco , Your Green Living Expert.

I've read all the labels, researched all of the ingredients and the companies that make these products, used the products and compared the brands, so you don't have to. I use everything I sell on both my family and myself, and I only sell those products that pass my test. Not just anything labeled as "natural", "organic" and "nontoxic".

Label claims can be misleading and inadequate. For example, cleaning products aren't required to disclose all of their ingredients on the label. And, there are no standard definitions or independent organizations verifying label claims, such as "nontoxic", and "environmentally friendly".The good news is I've done the research for you.

Children, teenagers, pregnant women, those with illness, especially asthma, allergy, cancer and other auto immune diseases, are more vulnerable to the ill effects of toxic chemicals. And yet, all of us are affected, so doesn't it make sense to switch to safer products now?

Check out my new column: How To Choose Safer Products

What's different about Greenlivingnow.com?

My 12 year passion for finding the safest products means that everything you buy here is the real thing. Helping you become a more informed, greener shopper is my goal. If you don't see a product category on the site yet that you need (such as natural paint, dog food, or sunscreen), email: amy@greenlivingnow.com and I'll tell you what I use.

New! Free shipping on orders over $60
(except water filtration products which are shipped separately).

Some of the products I offer aren't available on other stores, and I'm constantly testing out new products and adding them to my site.

Being "green" is so EASY at Green Living Now. My products are conveniently grouped together so you will have everything you need to get started. Check out the kitchen cleaning kit, bathroom cleaning kit, and natural body care kits. Plus, you get 5% off for the kits.

Green Living Now donates 10% of our profits to worthy causes that you help choose. No other natural store does this, as far as I know.

Be sure to check out my FREE newsletter, columns and resources.


Amy Todisco
120 Maple Drive
Huntington, VT 05462
United States
Phone 802-434-3813
Fax 802-434-8634

Asheville Structural Integration
Increase energy, flexibility, and stamina. Reduce pain, stiffness, and stress.

Discover two silent secrets to the wealth of great health. Enjoy blissful bodywork and compassionate structural integration, the original Rolf therapeutic method.

It’s how this practitioner applies this method that makes all of the difference!

Check out the phenomenal value in our current specials by visiting AshevilleStructuralIntegration.com/ or

call 828-230-9218.

Amazing results! Long-lasting. Time & Cost-Effective.

Also experience free structured water to leverage your healthcare through acid-alkaline balancing to achieve homeostasis.
Jack Boyd
348 Merrimon Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-230-9218

Crystal Ki
Crystal Ki water opens the energy meridians in your body making essences more powerful because their efficacy is often stopped by blocked meridians. The filters have a layer of quartz crystal with natural piezoelectric properties which we enhance and homogenize to a higher vibration.This vibration breaks the hydrogen bond of the water cluster to produce a smaller cluster with lower surface tension. Scientific proof of this is on our website www.crystal-ki.com
Nancy Huber
290 Ferrier St
Markham, ONT L3R 3S5
Phone 877-738-2935
Fax 5131153

Dr. John Stewart
We explore the use of Electromagnetic and Subtle Energy technologies to effect local and long distance radionic healing. Courses and classes are available in radionics, metaphysics and electromagnetic medicine.

John Stewart
1500 Tansley Drive Unit D-101
Oakville, ONT L6L 5K4
Phone 905-827-9448

H3Environmental, Corp.
We offer environmental lifestyle products to help people create healthier, nurturing homes and environmentally friendly interior design services. We carry natural, metal free bed systems, water purification and non-toxic cleaning products.

Please visit our web site for more details.
Los Angeles
Mary Cordaro

Los Angeles, CA 91607
United States
Phone 818-766-1787
Fax 818-766-5882

Harmonic Health
We are dealers in complementary health supplements,also sole UK distributors for The Kombucha House (Australia) Papaya (Pawpaw) products.

We stock good quality herbal and nutritional enzyme supplements and distribute most countries of the world.(three exceptions are Nigeria, Baltic countries and Canada.)

Products,to name but a few, include Papaya tinctures, Ojibwa 8 herb Tincture (Essiac), Wild Yam lotion and tincture,Olive Leaf Extract and a selection of body cleansing products.Yamoa and CM Plus (Cetyl Myristoleate) are recent additions proving to be , respectively, very helpful in cases of Asthma and Arthritis.
Trevor Vaughan

London, UK N22 7BY
Phone +4402088819106
Fax +442088891426

HealthE Goods, Inc.
Natural health products selected by a naturopathic medical student. Offer spa products and other health products wholesale to health professionals and others that qualify. Fast shipping and personal service.
Benjamin Lynch, BS, ND Candidate 2007
10020 NE 201st St
Bothell, WA 98011
United States
Phone 425-354-4662
Fax 354-4663

The Institute for Bau-biologie offers education about healthy homes and workplaces. Programs include: Courses, Online Study, Certification. Seminars on: indoor air, water, materials, electromagnetic radiation, construction & design. Services: consulting, literature and measuring instruments.
United States
Phone 727-461-4371
Fax 727 441-4373

The Green Store
The Green Store is a general store for the 21st century, offering a full range of products and information for an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, including organic cotton, wool, and hemp clothing and bedding, natural health and beauty aids, non-toxic paints and cleaning supplies, recycled and tree-free paper goods, chem-free garden and pet products, garden composters, composting toilets, energy-efficient and full-spectrum lighting, and air, water, and building products for healthy homes.
Ellie Daniels
71 Main St.
Belfast, ME 04915
United States
Phone (207)338-4045
Fax (207)338-5988
Black Mold Removal Inc
24h Cash, check, all cc. If you are in need of a mold extermination service, we are the company to call. Mold growth starts when your home recently suffered from a flood, a bad drainage, leak and/or a plumbing failure. When these problems are not taken care of immediately, mold growth will start to expand affecting ones health and living environment of the family dwelling in a home. Anyone who are exposed to mold and mildew will begin to show symptoms such as headaches, rashes, hoarseness, runny, sneezy and blocked nose. Among those who are likely to suffer these are the youngsters, elders and pets. Before any of these health problems start to get worse, you need to get the best solution right away - and that is to hire an expert that can totally clean and remove all mold and fungus housing within the different areas in your property especially in your home. Our mold remediation experts are completely trained and equipped with the latest tools and methods. We can also work with your insurance company when it comes to bringing the back the pre-loss state of your home or office at the soonest time possible. We believe that your deserve serenity and order right after a disaster. Call us and we’ll send you our polite and professional team.
Fort Lauderdale
Black Mold Removal Inc
1201 NE 7th Ave #9
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
United States
Phone (754) 206-8524
Flooded Basement NYC
A flooded basement in NYC can be a huge hassle to clean up, and for most people, it is not something that they can do properly on their own. Whether your basement was flooded because of a storm, a broken pipe, an issue with an appliance, or any number of other reasons, it is important to get the water removed right away, and have the damaged taken care of. Putting it off will not only make your basement unusable for a time, it will actually cause the damage to get worse. If left too long, the water could damage the foundation of the home, putting it at risk. If you are in NYC or Manhattan, we can quickly come out to your house, assess the situation, and begin the water removal process right away. We have more than thirty years of experience helping people with their flooded basements, and we’re ready to help you too. Read on to learn more about Flooded Basement NYC, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with us right away. We don’t just remove the water from your home and leave you to deal with the rest. We’ll actually cleanup the whole mess, make sure your furniture and carpet are back to normal, and much more. Anything that is damaged to the point where it can’t be fixed we can remove from your home and dispose of, and we can also take steps to replace anything that is removed. Once you give us a call and hire us for your water damage cleanup, you won’t have to worry about another thing. If the water in your basement has caused mold or other problems, we can also get that professionally removed so you don’t have to be concerned about the many health issues that mold can cause. If your basement has been flooded you want to make sure you are working with the best water damage company in NYC to get everything cleaned up and restored. With more than thirty years of experience and a dedication to quality, there is no doubt that Flooded Basement NYC is that company. If you have any questions or you would like to have a team dispatched to your home, please give us a call today.
New York
Basement ny

New York NY 10036
United States
Phone 212-389-1921
Kiana Energy Water
Energized Water with gingseng and taurine.
Miami Beach
Diana Ramirez
5101 Collins Ave
Miami Beach FL 33140
United States
Phone 305-519-2106
Long Island Flooded Basement Clean Up
Get Started With Your Flooded Basement Recovery Now. Sitting around waiting for your basement to dry will only result in long term damage and likely lead to mold issues that can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. Don’t wait any longer to take action. Call us today for your free estimate on your flooded basement cleanup. We’ll give you one low, honest price and work quickly to get you back up and running fast. Humidity and dampness can lead to major long-term risks to both your home and your health. The longer you wait, the greater the damage to your basement will become. Things like mildew and even the deadly black mold can grow in a matter of weeks if not properly addressed. Stop mold and mildew before it blooms. Take advantage of our 24 Hour Emergency Water Cleanup Available to all residents in Long Island. If you have water damage or water cleanup needs in Long Island, now is the time to act. Get in touch with our experienced team to see the difference it makes having true, caring professionals on your side.

Merrick NY 11566
United States
Phone 516-629-0761
Mold Removal & Remediation Inc
24h Cash, check, all cc Anyone who are exposed to mold and mildew will begin to show symptoms such as headaches, rashes, hoarseness, runny, sneezy and blocked nose. Among those who are likely to suffer these are the youngsters, elders and pets. Before any of these health problems start to get worse, you need to get the best solution right away - and that is to hire an expert that can totally clean and remove all mold and fungus housing within the different areas in your property especially in your home. Mold are not visible to the eyes, before you even know that mold and fungus are beginning to expand in the four corners of your house, you and your family’s health is already being affected. More often than not, these harmful elements can be found in the basement, attics, inside walls and air units which can spread the infection in other areas of the home without even knowing. Problems never happen at a convenient time. Whether you need a restoration service for water, flood or fire damaged areas or a total extermination of mold growing within the different corners of your home or business establishment, we are the company to call.
Mold Removal10
2435 Hollywood Blvd #98
Hollywood FL 33020
United States
Phone (954) 248-1678
Queens Water Damage Clean Up
24-7 Emergency Water Damage Cleanup in Queens. When a flood happens in your home, you only have seconds to handle it. In fact, most people cannot even think that quickly to know what to do and it can lead to a scary situation for you. Our team is ready to respond to your home the moment you call, and we will dispatch our crew members to your home within minutes. We do work around the clock and no matter the time of the day, holiday or night, we will be there to assist you. We have the best equipment and tools to ensure your home is cleaned up quickly and that it is dried out to prevent any additional issues or mold. Water damage is not something that you want to be left to deal with on your own and when you need to hire a company to help, you want to make sure you choose the best company in the area. Water Damage Cleanup Queens has been ranked number one for water damage restoration and cleanup services for years. We care about our customers and we offer around the clock services to help you when you experience a flood. Our team will never just let you handle water damage on your own and we will inspect your entire home and make the necessary repairs to ensure all water is eliminated and dried up. Water left in your home can lead to serious issues such as mold and deterioration of your home’s structure.
Queens WaterDam1
42-40 Bell Blvd
Bayside NY 11361
United States
Phone 718-749-9688
Tamara Pannell
Ericssons Alka-Mine Forte Caches
Fort Worth
Tamara Pannell
4608 Parkmount Drive
Fort Worth TX 76137
United States
Phone 817-577-9933
Tidewater Property Pressure Washing
Service that always gets it right the first time – that’s what Tidewater Property Preservation brings to our customers. Our team serves the greater Hampton area with a range of services that make your home or business thrive. We take pride in offering a one-stop-shop for gutter cleaning, soft washing, roof washing, concrete cleaning, and more. Our services are unique, but the level of service that we deliver for each is reliable – Always. We take pride in having long-term relationships with our customers. Those relationships are built on a solid foundation of great service. You’re always getting A+ results when you choose our team – and our customers can count on it! We make it easy to get a beautiful, quality home or business. From our free quote system to our flexible scheduling options, customers get service that fits into their needs – not the other way around. Your home exterior seems durable – and, to a certain extent, it is. But even the most resilient housing materials shouldn’t be subjected to extreme force. While typical power washing uses just that, Tidewater Property Preservation takes the opposite route. We use low water pressure to gently remove mold, dirt, mildew, bird droppings, and other buildup from your home. The method is safe… And the outcome is flawless. Our technology is safe for vinyl siding, brick, wood, stone, stucco, and aluminum. Its low pressure allows us to address every corner of your home, so you can get a result that is truly spotless.
Tidewater Property Pressure Washing

Hampton VA 23661
United States
Phone (757) 810-5115
Water Damage Cleanup And Repair
24 Hours All cc, cash When a home has experienced water damage it is important to get everything cleaned up and repaired as quickly as possible. Anyone in Manhattan or NYC can contact Water Damage Cleanup and Repair to get the most experienced team of professionals out to your home or business right away. We've been helping people through these difficult times for more than 30 years now, and no matter what caused the water damage, we'll get it taken care of for you. When it comes to water damage, one of the most important things you can do is get it cleaned up fast. This is because when water is left in an area, it will continue to cause more and more damage over time. Water also tends to move around, which will expand the area where the damage exists. If the water can be cleaned up and removed from the area fast, the amount of damage can be minimized. With all this in mind, we offer cleanup services any time of the day or night. When you give us a call, we have a 30-minute response time. Even if you call us on the weekend or holiday, we'll be there to help you through this water crisis. Having this rapid response time available in NYC and Manhattan will make sure that your home or business is cleaned up and restored quickly and effectively no matter what caused the water damage. In most cases people will discover the water damage right as it is happening because of a flood, water main break, or other issue. When this is the case, we will have someone come out to your home to get all the water removed from the area so the repair process can begin. We use powerful vacuum equipment to suck all the water out of any area including carpets, furniture, and more. Once that water has been removed we will be able to cleanup anything that has been broken or damaged, and get things replaced or restored back to the way they should be.
New York
Water Damage
New York NY 10018
United States
Phone 212-389-1931