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Spirit Journeys Panama
Spirit Journeys, Adventures for your Soul.

Panama is your Wellness destination.

Spirit Journey’s intention and passion is to assist you to...

• Rediscover your true self on a mystical journey in Panama.

• Attune to your spirit through connecting with the natural energy

found here.

• Get in touch with your Soul.

• Learn skills to access your divine self, creating balance in your everyday life.

• Awaken, remember and embody who you truly are.

• Identifying your Life's passion or purpose.

• Organic, healthy & delicious meals.

• Enjoy an adventure in the tropical splendor of Panama on your Spirit Journey.

Spiritual Tourism at it's best!

Body, Mind & Spirit Retreats

Renew, Reconnect, Refresh yourself in Panama through:

• Natural & Holistic therapies

• Yoga

• Reconnecting with Nature

• Ecotourism

• Meditation

• Energy Healings

• Dolphin & Whale swim retreats

Anne Gordon
Panama City, Panama
Miami, FL 33172
United States
Phone 011 507 6758-7600

VividExistence and VividlyWoman

Leela Francis is the founder of VividExistence and VividlyWoman. She has facilitated the re- union of body, self and soul for thousands of people internationally.

VividExistence offers Retreats and Products based on the "5 stages of VividExistence", a system of sensual awakening, energy expanding, and dynamically liberating expressiveness.

VividlyWoman is a global community of women's circles weaving together sensuality, spirituality and creativity to re-awaken the essence of the divine feminine from within.

Windows To The Soul
Hannelore offers transformational and empowering workshops, seminars, talks worldwide designed to uplift, inspire and motivate. Also Magical Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii. Visit Hannelore's websites at www.windowstothesoul.com and www.communingwithdolphins.com

Hannelore msc.msh, is the founder of the Windows to the Soul classes, seminars and retreats. A spiritual life coach, gifted intuitive, international speaker, author, teacher, counselor and healer. Hannelore is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Minister of Spiritual Counseling/Healing, Reiki Master and vessel for many disciplines. Her courses and retreats demonstrate wisdom, experience, compassion, loving light and humour.
West Vancouver
Hannelore Thiel

West Vancouver, BC V7S 1L2
Phone 604-999-0307