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Addie Kania, Certified Hypnotherapist
Hypnosis gives you the Power to Change your Mind, Shape your Body, Boost your Confidence and Supercharge your Motivation! According to a University of Connecticut study, Hypnosis can double your success for Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change, recognized by the American Medical Association as credible therapy since 1958.

Hypnosis can help you to transform yourself, Mind, Body and Spirit.It can also can help you Release, Relax and Let Go of Stress.
Adeline Kania
6 Farmington Ave., Haverhill, MA 01832
Haverhill, MA 01832
United States
Phone 978-374-9572

Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
Alchemical Hypnotherapy utilizes profoundly transformative hypnosis protocols to help people access inner archetypal resources to heal emotional traumas and to access their own inner healing resources for the resolution of physical and emotional issues. Founder and Director: David Quigley BA CHT.
Santa Rosa
David Quigley
567 Summerfield Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
United States
Phone 707-537-0495
Fax 707-537-0496

Aldebaran Hypnotherapy and Training Center
Certified Hypnotherapist and owner of "Aldebaran Hypnotherapy and Training Center" serving the public to overcome issues such as , Smoking, Weight Managment, Stress Management, Cumpulsive disorders, Phobias and Fears, Self Esteem, Pain Management, working with children and much more, using Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy and Guided Imagery to help my clients achieve true self empowerment. I am also a Hypnosis and Hypnothrapy Instructor, teaching with the World Reknown Author, Lecturer and Instructor of Hypnotherapy, Mr. C. Roy Hunter.
Joni D. Wiley CHt,CI
2748 Milton Way - Suite 240
Milton, WA 98354
United States
Phone 253-279-9944

Anne H. Spencer, PhD
Become certified in just 3-months as a Hypnotherapist. Infinity Institute is a state licensed school of hypnosis training founded and operated by Anne H. Spencer, PhD since 1980. The school offers courses in Hypnotherapy, Forensic Hypnosis and Therapeutic Touch as well as other Specialty Workshops. Affiliate schools worldwide.

License #19820003

Nurses and other professionals earn Continuing Education Hours.

Royal Oak
Anne Spencer, PhD
4110 Edgeland, Suite 800
Royal Oak, MI 48073-2285
United States
Phone 248-549-5594

Counselling Hypnotherapy Centre, Ontario Hypnosis School, Clinic, and Self Discovery Place™
At our Counselling Hypnotherapy Centre Clinic you can quit smoking (guaranteed!), lose weight, master The Universal Law of Attraction: the ultimate life coaching system for success, boost confidence, let your love life be fulfilling, heal emotional pain, break free from fear, learn to relax deeply, gain clarity about what do you want to experience in your life, and discover a powerful source of motivation to achieve your goals.

Also, if you are medically cleared but still have a symptom, give hypnotherapy a chance: The Mind – Body connection holds many secrets!

Counselling Hypnotherapy Centre School is Authorized by Human Resources Development Canada as an Educational Institution for issuing income tax receipts for tuition fees.
Ivona Zager, M.A., C.I., M.C.H.
10 George Street N
Brampton, ON L6X 1R2
Phone 905.451.9805
Fax 905.451.9805

Create Change Hypnosis
Our services include:

Hypnosis sessions to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, for Exercise Motivation, Bariatric Hypnosis (Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis), Stress, Fears, Past Life Regression, Athletic and Academic Improvement, Golf, Test Fears, Public Speaking, Anxiousness, Worry, Habitual Sadness, Confidence, Self-esteem, Worthiness, Getting over Loss, Relationships, Emotional Blocks, Pain Management, and more. We work with health issues with appropriate referrals from your medical or psychological professional. If you don't see your concern listed here ask. Hypnosis is available in person or via Skype.

HypnoCoaching Sharon Gage is a Certified HypnoCoach™ which is a Certified Hypnotist that combines Traditional Life Coaching with Hypnosis, NLP, Guided Imagery, and other hypnotic tools for the client's maximum benefit. This utilizes both the conscious mind (coaching) and subconscious mind (hypnosis)for maximum results. This can be done in person, by email, phone or Skype.

We also offer traditional Life/Success Coaching. Available in person, e-mail, phone or via Skype.

Hypnotist Training and Certification We provide National Guild of Hypnotist's (NGH) training and certification. The course consists of 100 hours of in person instruction, training, hypnosis practice, research, and self-work. We use the NGH curriculum and course materials, additional handouts and information from the instructor is given.

Reiki We offer Reiki sessions for stress, healing, and general wellness. In addition we train and certify for Reiki I, II, Advanced Reiki (III) and Reiki Master/Teacher.

We also offer hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness for groups, workshops, for parties and more.

We have a line of hypnosis, meditation, and Guided Meditation Cd's and Mp3 downloads at www.createchangehypnosis.com on the Products page.

We have two locations for your convenience:

240 S. White Horse Pike, Audubon, NJ 08106

Maurice River Pkwy., Vineland, NJ 08360
Sharon Gage
240 S White Horse Pike
Audubon, NJ 08106
United States
Phone 609-247-5418

David Lillard, CHt
Tranceformational Hypnosis serves the Austin/San Marcos community in Texas and is dedicated to helping clients live consciously, confidently, and compassionately towards themselves and others.

Learn how to harness the power of your mind. Hypnosis has assisted thousands of people in reaching their goals. Create a better tomorrow by contacting me today.

David Lillard

Austin, TX
United States
Phone 512.757.5888

David Quigley CHT, Hypnotherapy Trainer Director of Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
Since 1984, David Quigley has provided approved professional hypnotherapist training in Santa Rosa, CA and around the world. Products include books by David and "Alchemical Journey" guided hypnosis tapes and CD's, and on the website an extensive library of articles on self-healing with hypnosis. Alchemical Hypnotherapy synthesizes techniques from many modern schools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychology. We prepare students to use hypnosis in their work as hypnotherapists, Somatic Healing Practitioners, hypnotherapeutic body workers, and group therapy facilitators. We also offer Personal Growth programs, workshops and seminars.
Santa Rosa
David Quigley
567-A Summerfield Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
United States
Phone 800-950-4984
Fax 707-537-0496

Dennis Atkinson, Hypnotherapy
Dennis Atkinson
2801 Waterman Blvd., suite 190
Fairfield, CA 94534
United States
Phone 707 428-3444
Fax 707 428-4679

Empowering Change, LLC
I use EFT, Hypnosis and Quantum Biofeedback to release limiting beliefs. Eliminate fears, stress, grief and more. Find your inner connection!
Katherine Nuyens, MA, CH, CBT
901 Old Marlton Pike
Marlton, NJ 08053
United States
Phone 856 780 5302

Eric Heydemann
Eric Heydemann
50 West Montgomery Ave Suite 115
Rockville, MD 20850
United States
Phone 410-382-5437
Fax 666-2729

Heather Fralick, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Are you tired of knowing what you should do to change your life but you can't seem to do it? Your conscious mind knows the changes you should make but your subconscious keeps you doing the same things over and over again. Hypnotherapy can change that! Call me now for an appointment!

Heather Fralick
1805 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 530
Denver, CO 80222
United States
Phone 720-208-6695

Helen Ingram
Helen Ingram can help you with weight loss, stress management, to stop smoking, improve self esteem, increase confidence, improve memory, manage anger, and reach your self improvement goals.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, and we will help you learn how to take control of your own unconscious mind, to learn how to free yourself from unwanted habits. EFT is also offered to help release emotional blockages. The Dream Well is located in north central Austin, Texas.

Helen Ingram
1400 Beckett St.
Austin, TX 78757
United States
Phone 512-457-9054

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
FEEL BETTER, DO BETTER. CHANGE YOUR LIFE NOW! Use the amazing Power of Hypnotherapy. IMPROVE Self Confidence. Self Esteem. Concentration, Mind, Mood & memory. Public speaking. Creativity, Motivation, Productivity, Relationships, Love & sex. RELAXATION for reducing Anxiety and Stress, Improved Health, Sound Sleep. LIBERATION FROM Smoking, Weight, Alcohol & Drugs, Habits, Headaches, Traumas, Grief, Pain, Fears & Loss. 12 Step, CODA, ACA, ALANON. Powerful Self-Hypnosis products by mail. Free 15 min. phone Consult.
Los Angeles
Brian Green
P.O. box 93533
Los Angeles, CA 90093
United States

HypnoBirthing of Colorado
Classes in HypnoBirthing

Easier, more comfortable birthing in the way that most Mirrors Nature.

What You Will Learn:

Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with CONFIDENCE, CALM, and COMFORT.

Techniques to produce a shorter more comfortable labor.

The creation and control of the body's own natural anesthesia.

The source of the myth that pain must accompany normal birthing.

Why women in other cultures have birthings almost entirely free of discomfort.

How the mother's body is designed to work in neuro-muscular harmony with nature throughout labor.

Practice in deep relaxation during and between uterine surges.
Boulder, Longmont, and...
Sonja St. John

Boulder, Longmont, and...,

Phone 720-684-6306

hypnotherapy for weight control, stop smoking, stress,food addiction, phobias, fears, nailbiting, alcoholism motivation, low mood, addictions, test anxiety, procrastination, pain, irritable bowel syndrome, nutrition, bad habits, exercise motivation, pre surgical, post surgical, cancer recovery, mind control,self hypnosis, self esteem, hypnotism, hypnosis, Imagery, healing, Reiki,EFT, some NLP
Diane Carlin
2607 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40217
United States
Phone 502-636-3648
Fax 502-634-1912

Inner Peaceworks
Inner Peaceworks specializes in the mind/body management of chronic pain, fear and stress. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, migraines, or pain secondary to other conditions, I can help you reduce your pain and reduce your stress.

If you suffer from stage fright, presentation freeze, test anxiety, or just get nervous in front of clients, your boss, or your golfing buddies, you can get control of your fear, anchor a calm relaxed and alert mind and perform your best.

Managing stress appropriately is critical to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. More and more studies are finding the side effects of stress can be devastating to your long term health. With help from Inner Peaceworks, you can learn to manage your stress and handle the crises that life brings your way.
Paula Popper
20 Office Park Way
Pittsford, NY 14534
United States
Phone 585-286-1842

Joyful Changes - June Milligan, M.Ed. CHt
June Milligan, M.Ed. CHt

Hypnotist ~ Energy Psychologist

Personal Empowerment Coach

Learn How To Change Habits
Do it now.
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Procrastination
  • Age Regression
  • Children's Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Abundance Attitudes
  • Past Life Regression
  • Personal Performance Issues
  • Unique Stress Relieving Techniques

    What is blocking you from achieving your dreams? You don’t even have to know. Two techniques can remove all unconscious blocks without spending years of therapy discussing them: ACUPRESSURE and HYPNOSIS. I teach every client simple acupressure techniques as well as some Law of Attraction processes. I’ve been practicing and teaching both for years. The movie THE SECRET showed you the first step. But what’s next? CLEARING UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS. These hidden beliefs can destroy self confidence, cause procrastination and stop you in your tracks! Call me at 775-786-9111 to find out how you can move ahead NOW.

  • Reno
    June Milligan
    100 California Avenue
    Reno, NV 89509
    United States

    Living in Balance
    You can have the life you really want! Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that effectively and rapidly creates profound changes in attitude and behavior and helps you gain control over your life. Hypnosis can help you manage stress, eliminate anxiety and phobias,quit smoking, lose weight, manage pain, enjoy childbirth, increase self-confidence, sleep better, improve sports, work, school performance and so much more!
    Nathalie Kelly

    Shelburne, VT 05482
    United States
    Phone (802)233-8064

    Lynda Wells, Ph.D(c)
    I am a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression. I have a private practice in NYC and travel extensively consulting major business clients in the effective use of NLP techniques.

    I am giving NLP Certification Accelerated Intensive Workshops from time to time in NYC. You are welcome to contact me regarding specific courses, search for a course on ByRegion, or check out special lectures that I am giving for The Learning Annex in New York City.
    New York City
    Lynda Wells
    72nd Street & 2nd Ave.
    New York City, NY 10021
    United States
    Phone 212-734-6665
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