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Brickell Yogashala
In January 2007, Chad Ingram embarked on a new journey, joining partners Fred Busch, Veronica Davila, and Hossein Shadanlou to open Brickell Yogashala in the heart of Miami’s downtown. Promising to deliver the growing area a practice that develops the mind, the soul, and the body, Brickell Yogashala will offer area residents a chance to live by Chad’s motto:

Train. Breathe. Live Better.


Fred Busch’s 30-Day program:

as featured on CBS 4. This program is appropriate for anyone who simply wants to kick start the transformation of their life. Even if losing weight is not the primary goal. Explore your questions surrounding food, dieting, losing weight, health and protein. THIS IS NOT A DIET!!!

$2450 (10 Weeks)

Professional Certification:

at the Miami Yogashala

September 14 starts the Teachers Training. It is Yoga Alliance Certified and a total life changer. Anyone who registers and pays for the Program now can begin to accumulate their hours and enjoy free unlimited yoga classes until Sept 15!

Schedule a Private



301 SW 17th Road
Miami, FL 33129
United States
Phone 305-856-1387
Acura Auto Leasing
Are you looking for an Acura for lease in your area? Well, you’re in luck. You have stumbled across the number one provider of Acura vehicles in the entire region. With our car leasing company, you simply cannot go wrong. From our exciting auto leasing deals to the huge range of vehicles at our disposal, this is the place to be. There is a ton of auto leasing agencies out there for you to choose from, of course. Everyone and their brother seems to own one of these services. However, we can guarantee that when it comes to quality of service, we are the best out there. Don’t worry about a single thing when you lease with Acura Auto Leasing. Our deals are going to blow your mind, and our range is going to leave you gasping for breath. Here’s to an exciting relationship with our premium car leasing service. When you browse through our website for an Acura to get on lease, you won’t be disappointed. The other car leasing companies in your area are sure to offer the ‘best deals ever’. However, we are certain that we can trump their prices. Our lease rates are the lowest you will ever have seen. There aren’t many others out there who can compete with the rates that we offer. It doesn’t matter if you are on the tightest budget ever when you are looking to lease a car. You simply won’t find another company as great as ours. Looking for your dream Acura has never been simpler. All you have to do is come to us and we will make sure that all of your leasing needs are satisfied. There isn’t going to be another car leasing agency in your mind after you have had your very first auto leasing experience with Acura Auto Leasing! You are going to get the Acura you have always wanted (and have a folder of images of your Acura on your laptop) at the lowest lease rate in the entire area. A common problem among the people who have gone to auto leasing companies for an Acura is that the customer service is horrible. Sales associates, executives and representatives all have a history of being incredibly rude when you are looking for the right Acura to fit you. They try to steer you towards buying a different vehicle because they want to increase their commissions. They pay no regard to your budget or what you want. This is not the type of service we give our customers. When you come to Acura Auto Leasing, you will meet true-blue customer service associates. They will be your friend and nothing more than a guiding hand helping you get the car that YOU want, not what they do. With this level of high quality service, it is no wonder that our auto leasing company has consistently been ranked among the top of the line anywhere in the country. You are guaranteed to drive away with a smile on your face.
Staten Island
Acura Leasing
1114 Castleton Ave #222
Staten Island NY 10310
United States
Phone 646-663-1166
Affordable Health Insurance Plans
Website URL: http://www.wehealth.nyc With WeHealth, our mission is to make medical care more attainable and efficient than ever. We offer a variety of subscription plans for patients of all needs and budgets and work with clinics to connect out patients with specialists in a huge range of fields. We started WeHealth to help people get better care faster. We think our customers should expect the same level of personal support and service from our team. When you contact the WeHealth team, you will speak to a real person and get personal support to walk you through any questions or needs you have. Stop waiting on the insurance providers to tell you what care you can and can’t afford. Start taking control of your own medical care needs and do it from the comfort of home, with WeHealth.

1349 Broadway, ground floor, suite 415
Brooklyn NY 11221
United States
Phone 347-699-8272
Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Floral Park
Did you know: about 40,000 dust mites can «thrive» in only one ounce of dust. Imagine how many are living in your ductworks? Dust mites are in your home and mine. They are tiny insects that are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. However their feces and body parts are proven to cause asthma attacks for people who are allergic to them. According to the US EPA exposure to dust mites can cause asthma in children who previously have not exhibited asthma symptoms. The air present inside of a home usually contains between 5 and 100 times more allergens than the outside air. Inside air is recycled, which means allergens stay and accumulate in the air. The air is being sucked in every time you turn the system on. Dust and dirt are drawn into the system every time you use it. A floor level intake register can make this problem even worse. Dust is kicked into the intake every time someone walks by. The dust stays in the system and is present in the air you breath. Allergens such as pet dander, mold, pollen, dust and dirt are stored inside of the ducts. You can greatly reduce the quantity of allergens present in the air you breathe thanks to regular cleaning. Best Cleaning 4 U will clean your dryer vents, and we will give you a certificate that you will present to your association. Best Cleaning 4 U employs highly-qualified technical experts who will clean and remove inflammable impurities from dryer vents, thereby keeping your house safer and making dryer work more effective.
Floral Park
Duct Dryer
Floral Park NY 11001
United States
Phone 929-205-0775
Aluminum Composite Panels Manufacturer
We manufacture and build your storefront that reflect the personality of your business; it doesn’t have to look like every other business along your street. EURO Windows and Doors among the best storefront manufacturer companies in NYC can translate your ideas and dreams into a storefront design you’ll be proud of. Trust our storefront fabrication experts when it comes to your storefront design – the most important asset of your business. We are a licensed and insured aluminum products manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Whether you’re in the beginning of new construction, remodeling your existing home or looking for replacement windows, Euro Windows and Doors Manufacturer can provide beauty, comfort and energy efficiency for your home or commercial building. We work with well known designers and architects to design, fabricate and install a perfect cost effective solution. Our clients are always satisfied with our work. Our belief is that by being close to our customers, we can provide them better service. This means faster lead and delivery time, as well as a quick response to any window and door warranty situations. We fabricate products including aluminium windows, doors, curtain wall systems, storefronts and glass facade systems that are 100% compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 International Standards as well as all AAMA specifications. AAMA’s Certification Program Verified manufacturers who have submitted samples for testing and those samples were found to be in full compliance with the applicable specifications.
Los Angeles
Composit over
311 W 3rd St
Los Angeles CA 90013
United States
Phone 213-370-2051
Aluminum Composite Panels Manufacturer
We are able to manufacture and deliver a large order within days. We are constantly involved in the commercial construction projects, we know how complicated and expensive these projects can be. Whether you are building a shopping center, corporate office, doctor’s office or any other type of commercial building, you will surely experience some kind of setback along the way. With EURO Windows and Doors MFG you can make sure your windows or doors will be fabricated and delivered on time. We produce windows that are: Impact resistant. We offer a wide variety of window replacement options including aluminum storm windows, aluminum impact resistant window frames for all your commercial windows replacement needs. Durable. Commercial aluminum window systems have frames that can withstand the pressure much better than older windows including aluminum windows. Aluminum is less likely to leak or corrode, compared to wooden or steel window frames. Aluminum windows are also less prone to deterioration, especially compared to wooden frames. Cost-effective. Your savings depend on your energy needs, the size of your office, your current window system and other variables. To calculate an accurate estimate, consult an HVAC engineer. The equation includes the “U-value”; a measurement of heat transferred through a window — and the “R-value” — the ability of a window to resist heat flow. Noise-reducing. While this benefit won’t save you money, it can save you and your employees stress. If your New York commercial windows look out over a busy street, airport or hospital, you’ll appreciate the value of noise-reducing double-paned glass and glass aluminum windows with a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) number. The higher the STC, the more sound it blocks.
Aluminum Composite Panels Manufacturer
1 Milk St, suite 1122
Boston MA 02109
United States
Phone 857-347-5884
KENT WA 98032
United States
Phone 206-257-2275
Asylum & Deportation Attorney
Asylum & Deportation Attorney, Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C.'s skilled and experienced immigration attorneys will analyze your case, prepare your case with precision, and file all required forms and supporting documents for foreign nationals in conditional permanent resident status applying for removal of conditions. Asylum is a form of protection that allows individuals who are physically inside the U.S. to remain here legally and receive permanent residence if they meet the definition of a refugee. The asylum applicant could be inside the U.S. or seeking entry into the U.S. at a port of entry. This type of protection was created for foreign nationals who have a real fear of returning to their home country because of having experienced past persecution at home due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. To apply for Asylum, Withholding of Removal and Relief Under Convention Against Torture (“CAT”), the applicant must file the Asylum Application – USCIS Form I-589. The Asylum Application (Form I-589) should be filed with USCIS before the one year anniversary of the asylum seeker's entry into the U.S. and should be thoroughly supported by documents, evidence and testimony regarding the persecution experienced by the applicant. There is no USCIS fee for the asylum application. Call us today for more info: (347) 464-6467
Staten Island
Asylum & Deportation Attorney

Staten Island NY 10306
United States
Phone 347-464-6467
Basement Flood Clean Up Inc
24h Cash, check, all cc. Do you have the flooded basement blues? Due to their nature, basements being an underground structure are prone to water damage and it doesn’t take a river overflowing its banks or a major hurricane to flood a basement. In fact, basement flooding more often occurs due to burst pipes, small leak and rain water build up in the surrounding soil. There are many options to protect you home from floods, and help can be found on the internet, however, we do recommend professional advice as even the simplest mistake and inappropriate solution can cost more in a long run, we therefore advise you to contact us today for free advice and first class service. Other prevention steps include fixing leaks, ensuring proper drainage, and installing a sump pump, however Leaks in the basement don’t always originate down below. For example, if you have a leaking toilet above, where do you think the water is going to end up? Drip, drip, drip… down to the basement! We have and only use the latest technology in locating leaks.
Fire Damage
1025 SW 2nd Ave #3
Miami FL 33130
United States
Phone (786) 233-7471
Best Car Deals NYC
Best Car Deals NYC. We are an auto leasing company that has helped thousands of people in NYC and the surrounding area get the vehicles of their dreams, and at a price they can afford. If you’re in the market for a new car, truck, SUV or other type of vehicle, make sure you take a moment to learn about what we can do for you. When you browse our site you’ll quickly see that we aren’t just another car dealership and we have many advantages that other auto lease agencies simply can’t offer. One of our primary goals when building this company was to be able to provide our customers with the easiest car leasing experience possible. With that in mind, we have taken many steps to streamline the leasing process so that you don’t have to worry about many of the cumbersome details. For those things that are required, our team of auto leasing experts is here to help you every step of the way to ensure everything goes smoothly. With most auto leasing agencies you will find that they only offer leasing options with two or three different vehicle brands. This means you’ll have to drive around to several dealerships just to see the cars you’re interested in. We, on the other hand, lease vehicles from every major car manufacturer on the market today. You just work with us and you can get any vehicle that you desire, which is very convenient. We have helped thousands of customers over the years and would love to help you too. If you’re ready to move forward with your lease, or you just want to learn more about how everything works, please feel free to call us at 347-707-7515. We’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need.
New York
Best Car
480 Malcolm X Blvd #119
New York NY 10037
United States
Phone 347-707-7515
Best Car Lease Deals
Grand Prix Motors is one of the fastest growing car companies in the New York’s Tri-State Area. Since 1997, our multi-faceted service includes leasing, sales, as well as trade-ins of new and used vehicles. With operating principles of low inventory costs and dealer fleet program access, we are able to pass substantial savings to our customers. Our office is staffed with passionate automobile enthusiasts eager to lend their expertise. We pride ourselves on making your experience educated, seamless, and transparent, while guaranteeing most competitive prices in the nation.
Glen Cove
Car Lease

Glen Cove NY 11542
United States
Phone (516) 3313264
Black Mold Removal Co
24h Cash, check, all cc. Our team is able to use air scrubbers to get rid of mold that is floating around in the air (also known as air filtration). We will check parts of your property like carpeting and drywall to make sure that any and all mold is removed. As gross as it might sound, mold is always in the air, but not necessarily at dangerous levels. So it is our goal to remediate for you and get things back to normal. We are able to sanitize your items, to include furniture, floors, walls, curtains and even clothing. We deodorize and get rid of odors. You deserve to be able to work or live in a healthy environment, and the only way to enjoy a healthy environment is to get rid of mold. For this, you need mold remediation. Our goal is to make sure that customers like you are able to enjoy a clean, healthy environment. Florida is a humid place as it is. Humidity means that there are mold spores floating around. And any time a leak or flood occurs, it is an open invitation for mold to come in and spread.
West Palm Beach
Flood Clean
640 Clematis St #67
West Palm Beach 33401
United States
Phone (561) 594-0864
Boomswag Blinds and Drapery
Boomswag Blinds and Drapery was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Clay Wright, offering window coverings for residents of Prescott, AZ, and surrounding areas. In 2016 Clay began his contracting career in window coverings by providing installation services for big box stores such as Home Depot and JCPenney. After gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Clay decided to open his own company in Prescott, AZ in 2018. Clay’s vision for Boomswag was simple…to be different. Clay says, "I saw a desperate need for a window treatment company that would provide genuine customer service. I wanted my window covering company to stand out.
Clay Wright
120 S Cortez St
AZ AZ 86303
United States
Phone 928-925-5126
Car Accident Lawyer Perth Amboy
The City by the Bay, Perth Amboy, sits directly across from StatenIsland with easy access into the New York City and the surroundingboroughs. It is predominately Hispanic with a long history ofimmigration and developing ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Itsdirect access, via train, to Manhattan, and its reasonable housingprices help to draw attention for future revitalization efforts andcontinued improvements, especially on the waterfront. Victims of pedestrian accidents need experienced representation. Ourlawyers are here to help. Whether you are in town on business orpleasure or commuting to-and-from home and work, accidents can occuranywhere, at anytime. When accidents do happen you can trustProsmushkin&Tsirkin Trial Lawyers to represent you, your loved ones,and your passengers in the pursuit of truth, justice, and thecompensation you deserve. Our team of lawyers and legal staff areexperts in personal injury law in the great state of New Jersey,understanding the intricacies of state laws pertaining to victimrights. Our focus is our clients. After the initial consultation our lawyerswill review your case and make an educated estimated on thecompensation you should seek to cover damages, injuries, loss or work,rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. We can’t change the course ofhistory, but we can seek a legal remedy to help ease the pain andsuffering. Your loss is our loss. We want to see justice served. The mental,physical, and emotional toll from an accident and injury can beimmense. Our loyal and dedicated attorneys seek the financial reliefyou deserve after an accident that was no fault of your own.
Perth Amboy
Accident Lawyer

Perth Amboy NJ 08861
United States
Phone (732) 405-3372
Car Lease Broker
There is a wide range of vehicles on the roads of New York City, from a whole range of different manufacturers. Our car leasing agency makes it a point to offer every single one of course. We do our research when it comes to giving you the best range of cars in New York City. Two of the most common vehicle types on the roads of NYC are executive SUV and sedans. However, as it is a big city the atmosphere is one of the more polluted. To remedy this some people are actually switching to more economical solutions. These include hybrid vehicles and electric cars. We can give you all of these options and many more as well! When you take the prices of the vehicles offered by car leasing companies in and around New York City, you will find a difference. This is because New York has just so many different vehicles and brands to offer that the auto leasing agencies can afford to give cars on the best car leasing deals anywhere in the country. However, one would not say that the prices are extremely low, but they make the automobiles in the city easier to afford. Our car leasing company is no exception to this, because we have some of the best prices in the entire state! Car Lease Broker NYC is one of the most helpful auto leasing companies out there. When you go to a typical car leasing agency for help, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see their eyes light up with pictures of dollar signs. All they care about is the money that you have in your bank account to offer them. This means that they will always be pushing you to buy a car that you can barely afford on auto lease. Of course, this is the worst thing you can do. Usually this overpriced lease car will be something that you don’t even need. You might be a family man who has been persuaded to buy a sports convertible or something of the sort. If you want to avoid all of these issues and actually lease a car that you can afford to, then you need us. At Car Lease Broker we make sure that you are taken care of to the best of our abilities. Call us on 646-340-1748 now if you want to find out about our auto leasing agency and its exciting service and premium auto leasing deals!
New York
Car Lease
710 2nd Ave #153
New York NY 10016
United States
Phone 646-340-1748
Care Green Landscaping & Trees
Care Green is a full-service commercial and residential landscaping company that focuses on our clients satisfaction. We have been serving the Sunnyvale and DFW area for more than 20 years. We specialize in tree trimming, stump removal, fertilizer, general lawn services. Let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax. We service Sunnyvale, Mesquite & the Dallas area. Our landscaping specialists are ready to work with you.

United States
Phone 214-543-2042
Cash for Cars in New Haven CT
Mon - Thur 9 am-9 pm Fri 9 am - 7 pm Sat 9 am-9 pm Sun 10 am - 7 pm Cash Description: Any condition, any age, any model, we buy old or new cars for cash on the spot. Don’t let that old junker sit around collecting rust and dust, get it off your hands by contacting the pros at eCarsCash today. We’ll buy any old car for CASH. We'll also buy your scrap car! Whatever the condition of your car here in New Haven, we’ve seen it all before and we’ve BOUGHT it all before. We come directly to you and pick up your car for free, no questions asked. No pickup fees, no processing fees, no BS — just cash for you and a car off your hands today.
New Haven
Cars pick
88 Howe St
New Haven CT 06511
United States
Phone 203-684-5807
Cash For Junk Cars Pinecrest
Do you have an unwanted car in your front yard or in your driveway? If so, now is the time to turn that junk vehicle into cash right before your eyes. At Cash for Junk Cars Pine Crest, we offer cash for junk cars in Pine Crest and can remove your unwanted car quickly and with little disturbance to your day. We will purchase your vehicle from you, no matter the year and no matter the condition of it. We want to buy that vehicle that you are tired of looking at and we will offer to pay you top dollar on the spot. When you choose to work with our team, you will have nothing to worry about. NO hassles. NO gimmicks. NO problems. Once we purchase your vehicle from you, we will remove any of the usable parts leftover, drain the remainder of fluids, and then recycle the metal from it. Not only are you putting cash in your pocket, you are recycling at the same time! If you want to receive the most cash for your junk vehicle in Pine Crest, call our office today to start the process! If you are ready to get rid of your junk car in Pine Crest, call us. Vehicles need to be disposed of properly to ensure that all fluids and hazardous materials are removed. When we purchase your junk car from you, we will make sure that ALL fluids are removed properly and safely to prevent any environmental issues. In addition, we are always compliant with local, state, and federal laws when it comes to junk cars and recycling.
Cash Junk
Pinecrest FL 33156
United States
Phone 305-393-8912
Center For Laser Facial Rejuvenation
The Procedure for Laser Facial Rejuvenation. At Albany Dental, you must have a clean bill of dental health before anyone at this center for facial rejuvenation recommends additional facial spa services. After taking a thorough medical history and discussing your current medications or supplements, your cosmetic dentist may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection and antivirals to combat possible cold sores or fever blisters if you have a history of these. If you and your dentist decide that a laser procedure is your best option, you receive a local anesthetic for a small area you want to have treated. Larger areas require more preparation. Your dentist then uses the laser to precisely remove your skin, layer by layer, until achieving the desired effect. It’s a safe procedure in the hands of a trained specialist. Afterward, your skin may feel sunburned, which is normal. You have to wear bandages for the first 24 hours. Your dentist provides specific instructions for cleaning and moisturizing your skin, usually with an ointment such as petroleum jelly, four to five times a day for about a week. Steroidal and sleeping medications and elevated pillows reduce any swelling you experience.
Center Laser
443 Morris St
NY NY 12208
United States
Phone 518-490-4765
Commercial Windows and Doors Manufacturer
We are a licensed and insured aluminum products manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Whether you’re in the beginning of new construction, remodeling your existing home or looking for replacement windows, Euro Windows and Doors Manufacturer can provide beauty, comfort and energy efficiency for your home or commercial building. We work with well known designers and architects to design, fabricate and install a perfect cost effective solution. We are proud of the products we deliver. We offer quality windows and doors. Every component, from hardware to window glass went through quality assurance and attention to strict guidelines and specifications. No project is too small or too big for us. We fabricate an aluminum windows, doors, storefronts for small residential to the large scale commercial projects. We can handle it all. We are certified, bonded, licensed, and insured. All of the products we produce are 100% compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 International Standards as well as all AAMA specifications. We specialize in manufacture and installation of aluminum windows, doors, curtain wall systems and storefronts.
Commercial Windows and Doors Manufacturer
333 Washington St, Ste 503
Boston NY 02108
United States
Phone 617-341-8036
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