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Chrysalis Healing Arts
Chrysalis Healing Arts is pleased to announce classes workshops and dream groups using Active Dreaming pioneered by Robert Moss. Coming up this year in 2011 we will be offering a fun and creative class series on Family Dream Sharing teaching families the value of sharing dreams between parents and children. Another depth workshop in dream exploration being offered is called Life lines where we will explore the pathways and crossroads of your life. Check the website for more information.
Valley Reed
11231 McCree
Dallas, TX 75238
United States
Phone 214-288-8935

Cooperative Body

Spiral Spirit Ecstatic Dance

Dance, Release, and Surrender. This is an opportunity to move the way you need to in every moment. Dance off a difficult day or frolic with joy. This is a safe place to Develop a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Wednesdays 6-7:30 PM

The first half hour is a warm up. $5

I produce multiple 5 Rhythms workshops in Asheville and Host Sweat Your Prayers events with teachers from around the country.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Amara Pagano presents Stillness, a 5 Rhythms dance workshop in Asheville, NC Jan 8-10, 2010

This is a movement modality developed by Gabrielle Roth Sweat your prayers asheville, NC

see my latest newsletter:


Cassie Brizzi
11 Richland Street
Asheville, NC 28801
United States

REIKI Master/ Movement Specialist
REIKI trainings available in all levels. Creative healing work using REIKI, theatre and your own life energy (Ki, Chi or Prana)to increase energy, self healing, relaxation and movement from within. REIKI is a Japanese/ Tibetan art form using gentle touch and your own energy along with practitioners energy to restore, revitalize and relax. If you just need a moment to unwind or are dealing with a feeling of emotional or physical discomfort REIKI, movement and the arts are exquisite ways to tap into your own healing powers. Learning REIKI helps you to "heal yourself" as well as those you love.
Claudia Traub-Cooper

Barrington, RI 02806
United States
Phone 401.246.2439
Backsplash Tile
Mon-Friday 9am-5pm All cc, cash At HomeDecorAZ.com, we want aim to provide you with as much variety as possible in your search for the perfect tile. We have a wide selection of tiles from top manufacturers that come in a variety of styles, materials, and price points. We know that projects can get a little overwhelming, so we continue to expand our offerings to give you the convenience of a one-stop tile shop. Most importantly, our pricing is very competitive. We understand how important it is to keep your project within your budget. We are committed to always giving you the lowest pricing possible for our products. We'll even pay for the shipping on orders that qualify. When it comes to tiles, we have you covered.
Boston Removal
2 Grotto Glen Rd unit 1
Boston MA 02130
United States
Phone 617-855-1755
Montrose Inc.
Montrose Inc. are located in the greater Los Angeles area, and service customers in all of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Our clientele include major league sports teams, commercial real estate developers, colleges and universities, hospitals, ad agencies, and many of the world’s largest corporations
Playa Del Rey
Mitch Montrose
7740 W. Manchester Avenue
Playa Del Rey CA 90293
United States
Phone (310) 822-8491
National Concrete Polishing
National Concrete Polishing integrate the finest and safest technological advancements in our projects, enabling us to provide a durable, preserved, and sustainable result. Mechanical polished concrete is one of our most prominent methods, which uses grinding and polishing machines that utilize industrial diamonds to grind away imperfections, renovate and repair concrete flooring. We then use impregnating hardeners, sealers, and densifiers to polish and seal the slab, presenting a beautiful luster. These systems are eco-friendly systems (LEED Compliant) that eliminate toxic and hazardous chemicals.
Pompano Beach
Christopher Lavin
2200 NW 32nd Street #600
Pompano Beach FL 33069
United States
Phone 844-876-5474
Unitech Info Service
Subhash bhai
Siliguri AK 734001
United States