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Academy of Yoga
Welcome to the Academy of Yoga. We offer dynamic Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Style, with classes six days per week. We also offer special monthly workshops from our beautiful downtown Grand Junction, Colorado yoga center, as well as special Teacher Training Courses for those who wish to become Yoga Teachers. Our teacher training courses are also designed for conscientious students who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge, experience and practice of yoga.

We invite you to browse our Web Site at academyofyoga.com to see how our programs can fit your needs and we hope you consider making yoga part of your life. We welcome casual students. If you are passing through Grand Junction, please come by and visit.

Grand Junction
monica and john cullinane
102 South 5th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
United States
Phone 970 255-8029
Fax 970 255-8041

Art of Union
Welcome to the Art of Union Manifesto (AUM), a universal movement in cooperation with the intention of helping all sentient beings come to perfect union in this life time. Our mission is that of Evolution, Education, Inspiration, Activation and Unification of all sacred paths into one -- the re-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME). The AUM crew is an international family of conscious yogis, shamans, healers, musicians, dancers, farmers, artisans and scientists who are all eternal teachers and students in the Universal School of Life.

We offer evolutionary retreats, personal and group rejuvenation experiences and spiritual adventures at our wilderness ashram in costa rica.
Perez Zeledon
Tenasi Rama
Diamante Verde Healing Sanctuary
Perez Zeledon,
Costa Rica
Phone 011 9506) 354-2123

Awaken With Yoga--Carol A. Stall
My Yoga classes are designed to foster the union of body, mind and spirit through yoga postures, breath awareness, and relaxation techniques. Students experience increased strength, flexibility, balance, and general well-being. They find inner awareness awakening, and they are able to establish improved breathing patterns. Deep, restorative relaxation deepens the benefits at the conclusion of each class.

I teach Yoga as a synthesis of discoveries made by Vanda Scaravelli, about the interaction between breath, groundedness, and the resultant release of the spine, and the yoga techniques taught by my teacher, Donna Farhi. Donna's work focuses on the refinement of natural and universal movement principles that underlie all yoga practice. This concentration on fundamental principles allows students of all levels of experience and from all traditions to build their own authentic yoga practice.

The work of these two yoginis is the most important evolution of Hatha Yoga practice I have ever experienced in over 30 years of practice and study with some of the world's leading yoga teachers. Hence it is foundational to how I teach.

Donna's use of essential movement principles harmonizes beautifully with Vanda Scaravelli's approach, which is designed to work with the natural movement of the body through the interaction between breathing and yielding to gravity. Students learn to initiate movement from the core of the body, naturally unfolding from within and saving themselves from the burden of overwork, strain, and possible injury.

This way of practice Yoga fosters freedom of movement and the experience of ease, which according to the YOGA SUTRAS, is an integral requirement of authentic Yoga asana (posture. Legs and feet become strong and well-grounded like the roots of a tree. Students are empowered to discover a freedom--a natural wave movement in their spines. In turn, minds becomes focused and bodies, free of tension.

Group, corporate and private Yoga classes for all levels are available. I also offer Yoga Workshops, including Moving from the Inside Out (a Breathing workshop); Yoga for Colds and Flu; Twisting from the Inside Out, and others focusing on categories of yoga poses. Please call for the current schedule of Yoga Workshops, including Yoga Teacher Training and Certification.
Carol A. Stall, M.A., E-RYT 500
North Dallas, Plano, Richardson
Richardson, TX 75044
United States
Phone 469/441-7064

Blue Ridge Yoga
We offer morning and evening classes in the Iyengar tradition. Teachers are highly trained and offer personal adjustments for students at all levels. All classes are 90 minutes.

1717—2A Allied Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
United States
Phone (434)971-9642
Fax (434)971-7048

Dana Peacher
200 & 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Trianing Yoga Alliance Registered, Workshops and Homestudy Certifications. Classes offered Baby Yoga Sign, Prenatal Dance Yoga, Floor Yoga and Adult Dance Yoga.
Dana Peacher
549 vikings lane
United States
Phone 904-372-0116

Dr Le Acupuncture
Over the past 15 years, Van has treated over 5000 patients with tremendously successful results. He has developed a unique system to diagnose and treat underlying causes of arthritis. With Chinese herbal medicine, arthritis can be reversed.

Van Le offers customized treatment plan featuring acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, detoxification, massage, exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Los Gatos
Van Le
15000 Los Gatos Blvd # 1
Los Gatos, CA 95032
United States
Phone 408-358-5855
Fax 408-358-0711

Dr. Ray
Teach Eternal Yoga and Quantum Meditation for achieving a carefully controlled mind-body connection by appropriate instruction for rapid results as well as lasting health and harmony.
Tushar Ray
1726 N. Aster Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
United States

Evergreen Dental Care
Specializes in removing mercury fillings observing the IAOMT protocol. Works with naturopathic doctors to achieve synergistic healing for patients.
Richard Chang
937 E. Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
United States

Golden Altai Academy
Do you want to get the most out of life? Are you trying to become

healthy, wealthy and wise?

Learn hidden wisdom! Experience great power! Live life to the

fullest! UniverSynergy Arts, from The Masters of Golden Altai, teach you to use ancient wisdom, including secrets of health and beauty,business magic, family harmony, inner peace and happiness, and many mysteries of Parapsychology and Astro Aikido!

Los Angeles
Golden Altai
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Grounded By Yoga & Wellness
Yoga is the union of the mind, body and soul. You do not have to be flxible to feel the benefits of Yoga - you just have to breathe.

Grounded By Yoga can guide you to the right studio for your style. Or offer Private Instruction - one on one or a group.

Moving the Prana through the body is important o opening the chakras. To assist - we offer Pranassage. A relaxing Yoga therapy.

Join our forum and meet other Yogi's or perhaps ask a question about Yoga....its' free!

We also offer the lowest prices and 24 hours shipping on Yoga supplies.

Stop in at www.groundedbyyoga.com !

East Bloomfield
Sandy Hicks
4 East Main St
East Bloomfield, NY 14469
United States
Phone 585-703-4676
Fax 526-5728

Holly K. Lynch, HHC, RYT
Please visit www.HollyKLynch.com detailed information, and to sign up for the free Health e-Press Newsletter that provides up to the minute support and information on natural nutrition and healthy living in a styleicous way!

As a board certified Holistic Health Counselor, Holly is a speaker on nutrition and health promotion for large to small organizations and communities.

Holly's private health counseling practice in Dallas, Texas offers personalized support to individuals on their specific wellness and nutrition goals. Clients receive meaningful and actionable education, support and tools to achieve lasting nutritional and lifestyle change.

Holly Lynch

Dallas, TX 75219
United States
Phone 214.437.6772


It is a point of flow.

Constructed on posts to be one with the mountain, five minutes walk from the white sands of the beautiful Pacific Ocean at the famous surfing point of Santa Teresa - our ocean view cabins contain a full equipped kitchen, air-conditioning , hot water showers and centered triangle pool .

A Vegetarian tea house is at your service, a temple of the taste, sound and pure ocean view.

A yoga deck is located at the higher point of the resort, where we can look inward, if we only want, beyond all that, over the sea of thoughts, into the clarity of the horizon.

Santa Teresa
Yoav & gali Geller
1/2 KM past Frank's Place
Santa Teresa, 88888
Costa Rica
Phone 506-6400524

IT'S YOGA! Studio, Inc. National Yoga Alliance School,

offers daily classes and private sessions, corporate classes, teacher training, workshops and retreats, at our location or in your facility, tailored to your specific goals of health, physical fitness, and strength training, for beginners through experienced practitioners, muscle toning and weight loss, pregnancy and postnatal yoga, therapeutic and recovery needs at every age.

Our program of Yogic Life Coaching helps you work through 'blocks' in life.

We help you to have a fresh outlook by strengthening the mind & body( and therefore spirit) through a range of breath work, mantras (sound therapy), mental, and physical yoga movements.

These one-on-one trainings unify flowing plus sustained postures (asanas), in union with the rhythmic breath (pranayama) and focused mind.

We offer Ayurveda Nutrition as part of the Yogic Life Coaching upon request. These sessions include tools specific for you to balance your unique body type.

Kristi Ried-Barton
1440 Pelham Road, Suite G
Greenville, SC 29615
United States
Phone 864-354-2882

John Stern
Doctor John Stern is a registered yoga teacher, bodyworker, and author. He is a 1992 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. His specialty is yoga therapy. He also offers bodywork sessions combining massage and assisted yoga postures for deep relaxation and healing.

Dr. Stern has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. He is the author of "A Healer’s Guide to Miracles-Integrating Miracle Principles with Hands-on Healing."

John Stern

Austin, TX
United States
Phone 512-731-4786

Karen Clarke - YogaHealsUs.com
Certified Kripalu and Integrative Yoga Therapy Yoga Teacher. Classes, workshops, individual yoga / yoga therapy sessions.

Karen offers group classes and individual lessons as well as Health & Wellness workshops including Yoga for Stress Management and Yoga Philosophy workshops designed for deeper understanding of the depth and breadth of Yoga. Karen is available for On-Site Yoga and Stress Management workshops at your work location as well as in-service staff development workshops and constituent services.

Karen Clarke

Ledyard, CT
United States
Phone (860) 204-0797

Karen Soroko, RYT
Certified Yoga and Reiki Master Teacher. Workshops and teaching schedule can be found on my website. I teach various levels of yoga, my favorite is Ashtanga. I also offer private yoga, retreats, reiki treatments and teach reiki.
Eden Prairie
Karen Soroko
11185 Anderson Lakes Pkwy #301
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
United States
Phone 952-451-8045

Kendall inman
P.O. Box 7106
Dallas, TX 75209
United States
Phone 214-366-2217

Marlize Sturman
Santa Monica
Marlize Sturman
PO Box 123
Santa Monica, CA 90401
United States

Hossein Shadanlou
210 A 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33139
United States

Movement Insights - Pilates, Yoga, Movement Insights and Rensonance Healing
Movement Insights offers group classes, workshops, and private sessions in Pilates, Yoga, Movement Insights and Rensonance Healing work in Blue Mounds, WI.

Through these different forms of movement, we gain insight into our body and mind. Pilates, as a smart and anatomically-informed exercise program, provides a means of learning more about our physical patterns, strengthening and stretching the body in a well-aligned and efficient way. Resonance Healing offers a more abstract form of movement insights–moving energy, tension patterns, and emotional holdings through healing bodywork.

And, Movement Insights explores the spirit. We often hear of the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, but "spirit" is usually the least discussed limb in exercise and bodywork fields. For many of us, physical exercise and bodywork are natural ways to connect with our spirit, but we don't quite have the framework to truly understand and explore that connection. If we can develop a framework, the body becomes a roadmap to the spirit and the spirit begins fully healing the body.

Collette Stewart

Madison, WI
United States
Phone 608.437.0997
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