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1 Psychic Aura Therapy
Psychic Aura Therapy, with Robert Messenger, is a

unique energy clearing and balancing experience that

restores your own natural health, joy and vitality.

Working in the electromagnetic field, the aura, Robert

has the ability to clairvoyantly see holographic

energy patterns, blockages, past lifetime issues carried to this lifetime, etc, and then to clear these blocks, balance and rejuvenate our life anew. Physical injuries -

Emotional traumas - Karmic connections - Death of

loved ones - Spiritual clarity - Renewed purpose - Pets
Robert Messenger

Aspen, CO 81611
United States

A Healing Place
At A Healing Place I offer intuitive energetic healing techniques in the form of DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Healing Touch and massage. I have a very relaxing and healing space in which to see in-person clients for my full range of services. For distant healing clients I offer sessions using DNA Theta Healing, please get in touch with me for details. I also offer Chaldean Astrology chart readings in-person or with a taped chart mailed to you.
Gig Harbor
Linda Hoff

Gig Harbor, WA 98335
United States
Phone 253-851-7466

Aaron Ashley, M.S., of the Center for Light and Healing
The Center for Light and Healing is an association of spiritual based practitioners whose mission is to provide professional spiritual based services and related activities with the highest standards of excellence and integrity to enhance the quality of life for all on the levels of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aaron Ashley
135 Magnolia Drive
Greeneville, TN 37743
United States
Phone (423) 638-2461

Akasha Mystery School
Akasha Mystery School offers the channeled messages of the Ascended Master Angels Akasha and Asun offering Spiritual Guidance in the form of books, workshops and events. The art of Healing and the offering of ancient knowledge of Former Mystery Schools opens the way for the student on to path of Full Self Realization and Mastery as a God Spiritual Being. Healing and clearing of the emotional body is demonstrated.
Craig Russel

Vancouver, BC V6N 3C3
Phone 604-267-0919

Alannah Zimerman - Counselor / Healer / Life Coach

Alannah Zimerman, M.S.

Boulder, Colorado




Perhaps you are experiencing some life changes or would like to resolve some core issues.

I have an M.S. in Counseling and I'm dedicated to assisting you in reaching the clarity you desire, connecting to your authentic self and attaining your goals. Through my personal growth and studies to achieve deeper well being, greater joy and peace I offer you support in a safe sacred environment.

I also work with animals that may need assistance with well being.

I would be honored to assist you if you are seeking to:

• Eliminate negative patterns and allow positive intentions to guide you

• Minimize stress and accent Wholeness, Prosperity and Joy

• Have more balanced life force energy

• Tap into your creativity

• Dissolve inhibiting life influences and feel empowered in the present

• Be more confident

• Feel Spiritually at peace

• Learn to follow your own inner guidance

I am available for:

• Interpersoanl counseling

• Life coaching

• Spiritual counseling and guidance

• Reiki

• Home and business clearings and rejuvenation

• Energy balancing

• Akashic record consultation

• Animal Communication

Alannah Zimerman

Boulder, CO 80301
United States

Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
Alchemical Hypnotherapy utilizes profoundly transformative hypnosis protocols to help people access inner archetypal resources to heal emotional traumas and to access their own inner healing resources for the resolution of physical and emotional issues. Founder and Director: David Quigley BA CHT.
Santa Rosa
David Quigley
567 Summerfield Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
United States
Phone 707-537-0495
Fax 707-537-0496

Alternative Therapist Dr. Lori Kay
Wouldn’t it be great to feel happier? To be able to make clear decisions more easily? To feel like your life is going in a healthy, positive direction... achieving your goals and reducing anxiety, stress or depression that prevent you from moving forward?

The work I do with my clients both in my courses and individual sessions will help you take control of your life. You will feel many of life’s burdens lift from your shoulders. I will help you clear away the issues that are holding you back from living the life you want to live. You can move forward and enjoy a life free from the burdens of emotional, mental and spiritual blocks which keep you in the same unhealthy patterns over and over again in your life. Are you ready to break free from these patterns? Contact me and begin your journey to emotional freedom.I invite you to join me in any of my telecourse series.I also offer individual sessions. Please contact me directly to arrange an appointment my email address is: lori @drlorikay.com
Lori Kay
Ottawa, ONT K2G 4G5
Phone (613) 276-1962

Alyse Finlayson
Soul Interconnection, Angel Portraits

Alyse Finlayson views your angels for you and paints the images they present to her. The angels use the paintings to convey their love and support for you as well as mirroring to you your own innate divinity. All of the images and colors have many messages to support through the use of metaphor and symbolism.

An Angel Portrait is a joyful and welcome personal piece of art that you take away with you along with all the messages and support from your angels. You will bring home a touchstone of your angel and a way to connect with your own divinity visually. It gives you a painting you can view along with all the messages of reassurance and confirmation of your value as a humane being living here on earth.

Each Angel Portrait is unique to the person it is being painted for. Please visit the website to view the gallery of Angel Portraits.

The medium used for the portraits is oil pastel and watercolor pencil on acid free, cold press watercolor paper.
Alyse Finlayson
9180 SW Chelan Pl
Beaverton, OR 97008
United States
Phone 503-521-1473

Thank you for checking my profile, however, I am not giving readings at this time. Peace and Blessings to you!
Ashantay Peters

Asheville, NC 28804
United States

Ask Guidance with Dr Aaron, energy healing and channeled readings
Energy Healing Sessions and Channeled Life Readings.

What do you want most from this lifespace?

* Would you like to know what resists the creation of that?

* Do you want to know the fastest way for you to create what you want in a practical down-to-earth way?

Guidance will answer these questions and more from the perspective of your Highself during a Channeled Life Reading. You can ask anything about any aspect of your life. They bring in information from other lifespaces, childhood, traumas and anything else that is influencing you now and show you how to clear these energies.

Find out how to create vibrant health, joyous relationships, and abundant wealth & how to empower yourself. Let Guidance tell you why the blocks were created (life lessons/experiences) and show you quickest and the easiest way to shift it forever.

**Who is Guidance?

Guidance is a group of non-physical beings whose only intention is to assist us in awakening from illusions (the illusions are the unclarity, which includes health and relationship issues), as they assist us to remember who we really are. They teach us that we are really very powerful and loving Lightbeings who incarnate for the greater expansion and expression of our consciousness, our Highselves. This group consists of Ascended Masters, Angels, Healers, Teachers and Awakeners; and working in tandem they call themselves Guidance. Their vibration is pure Love and Light. Guidance never judges, they have only Love for you.

Loving - Powerful - Clear - Concise - Healing - Empowering - Insightful

A one-hour reading is $100 Visit our website for more information and to set up an appointment http://www.askguidance.com/clr.htm/

FREE: You can submit a question or two for Guidance to answer in the new ByRegions newsletter, ASK GUIDANCE. Send your questions to Guidance@askguidance.com
Rio Rancho
Dr Katherine Aaron

Rio Rancho, NM 87174
United States

Beth Budesheim*Painted Journeys
Beth Budesheim~

Intuitive Guide * Angel Therapy Practitioner© * Artist * Energy Practitioner * LMT * RN

Through energy medicine, intuitive readings, art, and bodywork, I assist others to expand the presence of their well-being, inner Light & possibilities, to open the pathways to flow & their own rhythm, and access greater peace, clarity, creativity, well-being & inspiration. Feel better ~Live better.

I love observing, gazing upon and painting the Light and Great Mystery within everything (including YOU!) and by doing so turning up it's volume, supporting it's potential and fuller expression.

I currently live in New Mexico and works with clients both in-person and by email and phone.

Beth Budesheim

Tesuque, NM 87574
United States
Phone 505-796-4033

Blue Angel Healing
Welcome to Blue Angel Healing, a place where anyone can come and begin their healing process. Each person is given and treated with the utmost care, respect and confidentiality. I offer Reiki Healings and Chakra Balancing by Appointment, Conduct Meditation Workshops, Reiki Practitioner Workshops, Reiki and Shamballa classes - all levels, and work with Angels and Spirit Guides to bring one into balance.

I Work on the mind body connection, with the use of my modalities to restore positive energy in the body, and release negative energy.

I am available by appointment for healings, readings and spirit drawings; and offer a variety of classes and workshops to help those begin to take charge of their own healing process.

Please check out my events as my classes are always updating and changing. For more information about classes and what I have to offer. Please feel free to contact me either via phone or email at: 1-774-283-4566 or BlueAngelHealing@yahoo.com.

I would also like to say Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hi.

Blue Angel News and UPCOMING EVENTS

Brightest Blessings Everyone,

Remember Reiki is great at relieving almost any ache or pain, as well as helping in emotional instability, restoring positive balance throughout your whole body system.

Healings are given on an appointment basis to cut down on wait time. However if you get the opportunity to call ahead, don't let that stop you from stopping in. We have an open door policy and will make room for you. No matter what. :-)

This event is being held at Incantations, 345 Court St., N. Plymouth.

For those who are unable to make it to this weeks Clinic, I am also available for private sessions. Offering 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions to help bring your body into balance. Here I will review your energy and how your chakras are working. Facilitate Reiki to remove any blockages, Restore your chakras to a balanced state, as well as ways to help reduce stress and help bring your self into balance. Contact me via phone to set up a private session today. Call Jodi at 1-774-283-4566

Also, before I forget. Wednesday, March 11, 2009 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. I will be hosting a Meditation Night at Incantations: Egyptian Pyramid Journey - Light Activation Meditation
Come in, relax, and have fun; learn some basic mediation techniques. During this meditation, Jodi will bring everyone through a journey back in time to when the Great Egyptians ruled. Jodi will lead you through a journey filled with mystery and healing as you visit the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. Meet your own Egyptian Diety to guide you. Receive messeges of love, and guidance. This is a great workshop for those who have an affinity for Egyptian Culture and Mythology. Great for reconnecting. Dress Comfortable..Bring a Pillow....Light Refreshments Served... Please RSVP to hold your space. Call or Email me to Pre-register. Thank you.
Please RSVP, Cost: $25.00

Location: This event will be held at Incantations, 345 Court St., LL-B, N. Plymouth.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon, and Thank you for forwarding these events to friends and family you feel would benefit from my clinics and workshops. :-) If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me via email at blueangelhealing@yahoo.com or contact me via phone at 1-774-283-4566.

Many Blessings, and Much Gratitude


Jodi St.Onge

Blue Angel Healing508-789-0597

This is just a reminder: Signups for Reiki I and Reiki II Certifications are now being scheduled for March and April. Please contact me to Pre-register and save your seat now.

Healing Circle

Monday, March 2, 2009
6:00 -8:30 p.m.
Walkins Welcomed or call ahead to book your session and save wait time. Appointments are taken to better accomodate all of you.
Light Refreshments Served!!
Location: Incantations, 345 Court Street, LL-B, N. Plymouth, MA

See my Events Calendar for more complete listings of classes and workshops, or check out my website at www.freewebs.com/blueangelhealing/index.htm.

For More Information, please contact Jodi @ 1-774-283-4566

Thanks for stopping by

Blessings and Namaste

Jodi St.Onge
P.O. Box 748
Carver, MA 02330
United States
Phone 508-789-0597

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW, C.Ht., CBP
Spirituality, energy work, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are integrated into a powerful brief therapy. Included are spiritual counseling, meeting spiritual helpers, accessing inner wisdom, energy work (BodyTalk,Melchizedek Method, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing and Reiki), hypnotherapy, and spirit release. An integration of the above modalities in conjunction with intuitive counseling and channeling facilitate the release of fears, phobias, anxieties, depression, grief, addictions and counter-productive behaviors and beliefs originating in this or another lifetime.

Cathy Chapman
7800 Amelia, Suite 10
Houston, TX 77055
United States
Phone 713-681-2400
Fax 832-615-3050

Chanda Nancy Berlatsky
Each of us has a personal story to share, and my story, directed me to seek a reason, purpose, and understanding of my life circumstance. After years of being focused on the external world, my soul journey led me to seek the Inner World so that I could sing and dance to my own song. I was divinely guided to Meditation, Spiritual and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, Spiritual Counseling/Mentoring, Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Akashic Records, Angel Therapy®, Theta Healing, DNA Activation, Reiki Energy Healing, and more. Each brought greater clarity and healing to all levels of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

These disciplines helped me to achieved a more balanced and harmonious integration of my mind, body, and soul, which resulted in the relief of physical symptoms, the erasure of lifetimes of karma, and the restoration of a peaceful state of mind. It is my belief that they can assist you as well.

I grew into the understanding that all wounds, large and small are sacred and that there is no need for shame. Our wounded-ness is the way-shower to our healing and our true nature. It teaches us compassion, love, and admiration for the courage that is required to face our challenges.

My mission is to help you heal your sacred wounds so that you will remember that you are a magnificent, powerful being…a Child of Light.

Chanda Nancy Berlatsky

Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
Phone 928 862-2244

Christine Jefferson
Powerful private healing sessions, readings, and workshops to assist individuals with physical trauma, emotional grief, mental stress, and personal Soul evolution by utilizing Transformational Reiki, Etheric Surgery, Psychic Chanelling, Intuitive Empathy, Animal Communication, Akashic Records.
Christine Jefferson
Loretto, Ontario L0G 1L0
Phone 905 729 4824

ClearLight Nature Spiritual Healing, Guidance & Counseling
Clear Light is your true nature. A Channeled Spiritual Healing & Guidance session with island healer and author Indigo Ocean will connect you with your higher self and your angel/spirit guides. The guides will heal, clear, balance and rejuvenate your energy system so that you are able to more fully embody your soul/higher-self. This will also elevate your energetic vibration so that you naturally attract more good things into your life. Channeled Guidance will bring you wisdom you need to move forward in life.

This work is energized by love - Universal love that heals, your self-love that causes you to reach out for help, and my love for you which has motivated many years of dedication as an open channel for healing light. This light will reach you no matter what obstructions may be blocking your natural radiance. You will shine forth as another healing beacon in this world.

Working together, we will make sure that emotional pain will not stop your light. Imbalances in your chakra system will not stop it either. Neither will your programming for lack, or any other self-limiting beliefs. We will use all the tools at our disposal to clear these obscurations or any others that need clearing so that your natural bliss shines through.

Distance Healing is just as effective as face to face, so don't think you have to wait for your next trip to paradise before you can feel like you're there. Reach out now. See the full ClearLight profile for more detailed information.
http://www.clearlightnature.com Spiritual Healing, Growth & Guidance - Maui Hawaii

Indigo Ocean
Maui island, Hawaii state
Paia, HI 96779
United States
Phone 800-979-6650

Community Chapel Wholistic Healing
CCWH, Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing. Founded in 1977 by Rev. Michelle Lusson has weekly chapel services in Herndon,Va, also offers, Channeled Readings, Pastoral Counseling, Workshops, Healing Services, Classes, Light Fairs, Pot luck dinners, charity work, travel, and other opportunities for spiritual growth. Visit our website at WWW.CCWH.COM to learn more about us and our community.
Rev. Sherry Sherry
481 Carlisle Drive Suite A
Herndon, VA 20170
United States

Crystalline Light

Crystalline Light (formerly Earthstar Co-Creations) is Jennifer Salness, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Flower & Gem Essence Practitioner, Crystal Intuitive.

I offer online high quality crystals & stones, flower & gem essences, vibrational jewelry, books, more, all to assist your spiritual growth.

Crystal Energy Balancing (including Reiki), Intuitive Crystal Readings, Reiki training (Diane Stein methodology), & other personalized services are also offered in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, as well as many classes & workshops.

Jennifer Salness

Burnsville, MN 55337
United States
Phone 651-330-9031

Deanna Devaney, M.A.
Deanna Devaney founded True Awakenings to help people transform their lives by waking up to who they truly are and how they want to be in the world. She tunes into her clients at the deepest level of their being and works with them from that space. Her clientelle includes people who are experiencing difficulties in life or persistent feelings of discontent and the sense that they somehow want to do things differently. She enables them to make their lives more meaningful and satisfying. Deanna is a combination of coach, counselor and spiritual advisor. She offers single intuitive counseling sessions using channeling, tarot cards and psychic impressions to provide information and guidance to her clients. Her intuitive counseling sessions are done in person. However, channeled readings can be done over email. Her ongoing work is action oriented and can be done in person or over the phone. She and the client come up with a vision of where the client wants to be then they map out the journey and start making that vision a reality. She also works with clients who have had a major shift in their values as a result of a near death experience. She supports them through the processes they experience and then helps them create and live their life from their new values. She also provides education and support for any psychic openings that can occur with people who have had a near death experience.
Deanna Devaney

Boston, MA
United States

Diane L. Ross
Metaphysical Hypnotist, specializing in past-life regression, connecting with your Higher Self, making contact with those on the Other Side, communicating with your Spirit Guides. I do private sessions and group work, including weekly classes in hypnosis, NLP and meditation.
In addition, I conduct private sessions smoking cessation and weight loss.

Diane Ross

Orlando, FL
United States
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