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1 Elizabeth Thorson RN,Certified Intuitive
Elizabeth's Medical Intuitive assessments of the physical body, energy fields and chakras, provide clients with a multi leveled reflection of the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of symptoms.As an Astrologer she begins working from an astrological platform and then moves deeper into the type of assessment that is specific to the clients need

Consults may be over the phone or in person.

She is a registered nurse & Reiki Master with over 25 years of experience in traditional medical care.

Her clientele come from all over the world,from the East Coast to the West Coast to Montana & Texas and all walks of life and all age ranges from children to adults.She is a certified by Caroline Myss PhD,Norman Shealy MD and the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, http://www.ASBMI.com ,as a Counseling Intuitive having completed an intense 4 year program of study with them. She also holds certification from Caroline as an Archetypal Counselor.

Elizabeth also offers programs that open students to their own innate intuitive skills. She supports the work of healers from all traditions and perfers to work in collaboration with other members of a clients health care team. Please visit her web site at http://www.elizabeththorson.com for a full detailing of services. The resource section of the web site contains over 500 books & links for reference.
Elizabeth Thorson
16 Wiltshire Pl
Camden, ME 04843
United States
Phone 207-712-9495

Aaron Ashley, M.S., of the Center for Light and Healing
The Center for Light and Healing is an association of spiritual based practitioners whose mission is to provide professional spiritual based services and related activities with the highest standards of excellence and integrity to enhance the quality of life for all on the levels of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aaron Ashley
135 Magnolia Drive
Greeneville, TN 37743
United States
Phone (423) 638-2461

Allison Hayes - The Rock Girl
Balancing Personal and Environmental Energies with the Frequency of Stones. Tap into the power of stones and feel your body, mind and soul begin to awaken.

Experience first hand the transformation that stones can bring about in your life. Sit with The Rock Girl for a spell and learn how to communicate with the stones and hear what they have to say. Learn how to find the right stones, or even better, how to let them find you. Allison is not a crystal healer and does not practice the laying on of stones. Rather she functions as the facilitator to help you create your own unique relationship with stones and develop your own methods of communication. Your connection can be verbal, tactile or even audient.

Allison Hayes

United States

Amelia's New Age Holistic School and Healing Center
Amelia's New Age Holistic School and Healing Center was founded in April of 1989 by Rev. Amelia de Pazos B/Msc. She has had a national and international

career in four countries and five cities, teaching four programs. Rev. De Pazos is a conscious advanced channel for Masters of Light from this planet, galaxy and Universe. She is a Healing Practitioner through laying on of hands, also astral travel. Additionally, she opened and aroused Kundalini for years. She is author of two books and a lecturer. With her first book: Past Lives, Universal Energies and Me, she went in Miami, Florida to four Borders bookstores and three Barnes & Noble, throughout 2002 and 2003. She brought some of her students to channel the aura from the audience or she did regressions free of charge. Rev. De Pazos' new second book is a strong but necesary book: Relationships & Careers for this Millennium is the title.

For more information see her five page website, additionally in Spanish www.ameliasnewage.com

Amelia de Pazos
P. O. Box 014818
Miami, FL 33132
United States

Angel Healing
I channel information during distance Reiki sessions and relay information from angels, guides and loved ones to the client. Systemic diseases, chronic illnesses and injuries can respond well to Reiki.

Reiki is LOVE.
Elena Christian

Salem, OR 97301
United States
Phone 503-551-3939

Asheme` Patricia Bankins, RMT, TCT, CHt, works as a trance channel with her spirit teachers, Master Ti-Emein, and the Ascended Master, St. Germaine for spiritual guidance.

She provides healing throughout So. California and Canada as a certified Crystal Therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Regression & Past Life Therapist and a Melchizedek Facilitator. A teacher, healer, writer and international trance-channel, she aids people in their own transformation and spiritual evolution. She may be reached through The Crystal Matrix Center, 425 W. Los Feliz Rd. Glendale, CA, 91204
Patricia Bankins
425 W. Los Feliz Road
Glendale, CA 91204
United States
Phone 818-548-7625
Fax 323-953-1831

Ask Guidance with Dr Aaron, energy healing and channeled readings
Energy Healing Sessions and Channeled Life Readings.

What do you want most from this lifespace?

* Would you like to know what resists the creation of that?

* Do you want to know the fastest way for you to create what you want in a practical down-to-earth way?

Guidance will answer these questions and more from the perspective of your Highself during a Channeled Life Reading. You can ask anything about any aspect of your life. They bring in information from other lifespaces, childhood, traumas and anything else that is influencing you now and show you how to clear these energies.

Find out how to create vibrant health, joyous relationships, and abundant wealth & how to empower yourself. Let Guidance tell you why the blocks were created (life lessons/experiences) and show you quickest and the easiest way to shift it forever.

**Who is Guidance?

Guidance is a group of non-physical beings whose only intention is to assist us in awakening from illusions (the illusions are the unclarity, which includes health and relationship issues), as they assist us to remember who we really are. They teach us that we are really very powerful and loving Lightbeings who incarnate for the greater expansion and expression of our consciousness, our Highselves. This group consists of Ascended Masters, Angels, Healers, Teachers and Awakeners; and working in tandem they call themselves Guidance. Their vibration is pure Love and Light. Guidance never judges, they have only Love for you.

Loving - Powerful - Clear - Concise - Healing - Empowering - Insightful

A one-hour reading is $100 Visit our website for more information and to set up an appointment http://www.askguidance.com/clr.htm/

FREE: You can submit a question or two for Guidance to answer in the new ByRegions newsletter, ASK GUIDANCE. Send your questions to Guidance@askguidance.com
Rio Rancho
Dr Katherine Aaron

Rio Rancho, NM 87174
United States


I am a genuine and intuitive Psychic Channel-Spiritual Counselor and Usui Reiki Master with over 26 years of experience and training in counseling and healing work.

I am available for sessions by phone or in office.

~The Channel for The Council Twelve~(I am called 12 of 12).

Please refer to my main website:
for complete details about myself and my work.

INNATE RESPONSE FORMULAS™. Professional Dietary Supplements, 100% Whole Food.

117 8th Street North
LA CROSSE, WI 54601-3360
United States
Phone 608-784-9775

Christa Resources, LLC
Christa Resources promotes the works and teachings of Adriene Wentworth, spiritual healer, teacher and spokesperson for the Source and the Spiritual Hierachies that watch over and guide Humanitity and the Earth. Adriene and her trained associates provide powerful healing sessions using the Christa Healing Method to clear and heal the energy bodies and DNA; spiritual protection & self-healing methods through Christa & AnaMata Energy Attunements; channeling and guidance, classes and transformational products.
Adriene Wentworth
P.O. Box 1836
Monument, CO 80132
United States
Phone 719-487-8095

Channeled Tarot Trance, Master Teacher Consultations,Group Master Teacher Channelings, Hypnotherapy,Past Life Regressions, Circle of Peace Group Meditations,Automatic Writing,Channeled Ascensions, Group Ascensions, Dream Analysis,Drawings of your Angels, Spiritual Warrior Meetings& Workshops, Lectures, or Stress Relaxation for your Group, Organization or Company. Available world wide through telephone sessions, email, mail, and in person at the Positive Image Awareness Center address listed above.
Martinez (Augusta, GA are
Darlen- De
259 Bobby Jones Expressway Suite 3
Martinez (Augusta, GA are, GA 30907
United States
Phone 706-210-4849

EJA Magical Journeys offers Workshops, Intensives, Sacred Journeys, Private Consultations, an Informational Website, and Tools for Transformation in Metaphysics and Conscious Reality Creation.

All presentations are channeled by Josh Schwartzbach, presenting SOTU, the Soul of the Universe.

2007, 2 week tour to the Anasazi 4 corners area of the US. "Resurrecting the Ancients", a camping odyssey to reclaim the mysteries of the mastery of the Ancient Anasazi peoples.

Now Open!...EJA shop, by appointment. Crystals, books, divination, readings.
Adrienne Metcalf
PO Box 334
Chester, MA 01011
United States
Phone 800-327-1632
Fax 413 623-5208

Jill Christopher
Masters Touch utilizes channeled energy of Spirit Physicians to restore balance to the physical and emotional body.

Distance healing takes place over 1-3 sessions. By email or phone, we'll discuss your goals for therapy. After that I’ll connect with your higher self directly for all healing work.

Personal sessions in the Dallas, TX area include 30-45 minutes of interactive counseling, followed by the actual “hands on” healing.

Past Life Regression and hypnotherapy is also available.

Jill Christopher
PO Box 495366
Garland, TX 75049-5366
United States
Phone 972-504-2650
Fax 214-722-0098

Joanne Bracken
My work is a blend of 20 years of healing training and personal growth work. Through a combination of spiritual counseling, energy work, intuitive insights, direct channeled information, sacred sound, aromatherapy, and past-life therapy, I assist my clients in releasing old fear-based patterns of the past which get recorded in our body's cells through a variety of life experiences (e.g., personal trauma, the belief systems and indoctrinations of our ancestry, current family, and society). I work co-creatively with Angels and Master Guides, acting as a transmitter of high frequencies of Light and Sound for healing and ascension into the Light Body. In addition to individual work, I offer workshops and sacred sound circles.
Joanne Bracken

Baltimore, MD 21210
United States
Phone 410-323-4491
Fax 801-752-6080

In my business I work with my hands. I do Spiritual Tattoo's,hands on healing which is Quantum Touch,Reiki and some Reflexology depending on the person and individual session. Each person has a totally different experience.
Karol Alonzo
868 106th Ave N.E.
Bellevue, WA 98004
United States
Phone 425-454-5747

Kris Chronicles
"The web site for the channeling of the multi-dimensional personality matrix (Spiritual Entity) called Kris since 1980,

helping many people from all walks of life. Experience Ageless and Timeless Wisdom and Explore the Human Journey with some of the most interesting and thought-provoking channeling since the late Jane Roberts and Seth".

The Kris Chronicles web site showcases materials from KRIS, one of today's most Inspiring, Motivational and Clear non-physical intelligences.
Serge Joseph Grandbois
2412 Danforth Ave. #1
Toronto, ONT M4C 1K9
Phone 647-439-5076

Linda Kay
Linda Kay studied with the Hopi tribe in Arizona and mystics in Korea, but she attributes her psychic ability mostly to messages she received at age 7 from an angel she simply calls Michael," and from messages given to her by Mother Mary and Jesus in 1997.

She now "channels" information provided by them. She uses various tools of divination in calling forth messages, which include numerology, astrology and tarot cards. She also says that we each have a psychic ability if we are only willing to accept that part of ourselves.

Linda has also studied the words and teachings of Edgar Cayce, Carlos Castaneda, Sai Baba, Deepak Chopra and others. She says she gets "pictures" and "feelings" when she talks with people either in person or on the phone. She also says she can tap into a person's past lives and also make a connection with friends and family of a client on the "other side." Linda is also well-trained in Feng Shui, doing private interior/exterior design for businesses and homes.

Linda is available in person every Saturday afternoon from 12:30 to 4:30 PM at Max & Rosie's Cafe in Asheville, NC and she is also available by appointment.

LInda Kay
60 Caledonia rd
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-252-6578

Mushaba Force-Mushaba Light Center for Freedom & Empowerment
This website is about a Force of Divine Love and Oneness, Freedom and Empowerment that comes from a Extra-terrestrial Race who are Black extra-terrestrial beings. This force is the actual force used in the creation of our univere. It is a creative, creation force that can bne harnessed and used for an unlimited variety of possibilities. We taech about the true history of a race of beings called the Mushaba race originally from the Andromenda now located in the Pleiadies. This force can be used for healing, Expansion of consciousness, ascension process, and virtually anything you can think of, of good.
Anakhanda Mushaba

Kapa'a, HI 96746
United States
Phone 808-822-9390

Open Gateways, Inc.
In 1998, the delightful multi-dimensional being known as Baratta first spoke through channeler Dale Carley. Since that time, Baratta has worked with hundreds of people, providing life-changing insights combined with a gentle, healing love.

During private sessions, which are conducted by phone or in person, Baratta assists people in releasing old emotions that are creating blockages in people's lives, and where appropriate, he uses guided imagery to assist in that process. CD's of Baratta's workshops are available as well, which provide information and guided journeys dealing with many different growth issues.
Port Hueneme
Dale Carley
PO Box 879
Port Hueneme, CA 93044-0879
United States
Phone 888-422-7288

Sarah Spector - SOUL HARBINGER
As a clear channel, I receive and translate conscious impressions about you. Working with me, you'll find yourself more self-loving, more peaceful, and you'll be able to make wise choices you can trust.

Miracles are real!

Sarah Spector
Soul Harbinger
Visionary Readings

I help you make clear decisions~and help you into greater states of awareness and wellness.

My seeing who you truly are frees you so you can better express yourself.


United States
Phone 510 234-3904

Spirit Medium Laura Socas
A Mediumship Reading Session is filled with emotions and healing. You are going to have the opportunity to hear from a deceased loved one (a friend, family member or a pet).

The deceased loved ones are eager to communicate with you as much as you are to communicate with them. They want to let you know they are doing well, that they are with you, and any other message they want you to know.

My mission is to help people reconnect with those who have passed on, bringing the messages from their deceased loved ones, and the opportunity to say good bye -- assuring them that life goes beyond the physical body, and that we are going to reunite with our deceased loves ones, when it's our time to go.

I have the ability to communicate with the Other Side, with a combination of clairvoyance (clear seeing); clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).

The session may be digitally recorded on MP3 or WAV format upon request, at no extra cost. I will email you a link for downloading the reading. Then you may burn it to a CD or add it to your music library for use on their iPod‚ or MP3 player.

You can also have your sitting recorded on CD and mailed to you rather than the free MP3 download. There is an additional $12.00 charge for this service which includes shipping & handling. MP3's, CD‚ and cassette tape recordings are not guaranteed, therefore I highly recommend you to take notes during the session.

Mediumship readings are available in person or by phone -- with the exact same results, by appointment.

Extra participants: Up to two extra participants are allowed to connect with the same deceased loved one for an extra fee of $40 per extra participant. The session time is increased to 1 hour and 30 minutes. For more than two extra participants please see Private Family Group Session.

In the case of parents trying to connect with a deceased child, no extra charge will be made for attending together to the same session.
Laura Socas
Third Line & Pine Glen area.
Oakville, Ontario L6M0C6
Phone 905-9011471
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