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3-D Success Partners
Irene Brooks is a Professional Life and Business

Coach who specializes in helping small business

owners and entrepreneurs to quickly and easily

generate a constant stream of customers without

wasting time and money on ineffective marketing


She has successfully built two

businesses of her own via traditional, internet

and non-traditional marketing techniques. The

biggest joy of her life - besides her family - is

to help others do the same.

Irene began her career in Corporate America as a

marketing executive with several Fortune 500

companies, where she took great pleasure in

creating exciting and lucrative changes within

these organizations.

She has worked with such companies as Showtime Networks, Sony Music, Universal Studios and IBM.

She began her business in

order to stay at home with her family after her

very premature daughter was born.

She resides in North Carolina with her husband and

three daughters and has been a full-time work at

home mom for the past 6 years and does volunteer

work supporting parents of children with special


To schedule a free consultation send an e-mail to

Willow Spring
Irene Brooks
105 Forest Ridge Drive
Willow Spring, NC 27592
United States
Phone 919-894-1732

Ann Marie
Ann Marie, Certified Intuitive 36 years, shares her Divination gift with you. Tarot Channelings on Career, Romance, Creative Ventures and Politically Incorrect Hurtles are available. Give just your first name. See 9000+ Client Feedbacks. Energy Channeling’s on your Dreams and Angels are available. Crossing Over Phenomena will be carefully analyzed. Choose a Psychic Phone Reading, Email Reading or have a Psychic Computer Chat. Pay through Pay Pal, Keen or Kasamba. Don't believe a reading on an unseen future, without first asking for a reading on your present life. Your privacy is sacred.

Ann Marie O'Dell

United States

Barbara Rose Royal
The purpose of my work is to assist you in awakening to your Inner Creator so you may achieve health, happiness and the limitless supply of everything you need in your life. I use the following tools, some which can be learned and adapted to a new or existing spiritual practice:

  • Feeling-Based, Affirmative Prayer

  • Angel Therapy

  • BioSpiritual Healing

  • Surrogation

  • Angel Card Readings

  • Spiritual Mentoring

    Serving humankind, globally, from the Colorado Springs area
  • Woodland Park
    Barbara Royal
    111 Pike View Avenue
    Woodland Park, CO 80863
    United States
    Phone 719-687-1191

    My work centers around Native American Sprituality and Wellness. I work with seekers to find a fulfillment and purpose within themselves through offering a Shaman Apprentice Program. I also offer healing sessions with crystals, herbs, and chakras. I am certified Reiki 2 and can also work on the individual for healing in this realm. I offer crystals/stones for individual needs and healing. I do individual divination in finding answers to questions or inner guidance through the form of tarot and the runes.

    Pamela Norman
    Southwest Missouri
    Willard, MO 65781
    United States
    Fax n/a

    Body Mind Spirit Journeys
    BODY MIND SPIRIT JOURNEYS: Your Connection to the World of Sacred Travel

    Do you hear a call from inside yourself - a persistent sound that you can barely hear over the drone of your everyday life - of work, family, friends, and the stressful pace? Do you hear yourself saying that you need to nurture your soul in a different and more meaningful way? If your answer is "Yes", then it's time to answer that call by exploring the world of Body Mind Spirit Journeys.

    Picture yourself standing gazing in awe at Egypt's Great Pyramid and Sphinx; or meditating inside the ancient circle of Stonehenge in England. Participate in Celtic rituals at ancient Druid stone circles in Ireland, or traditional ceremonies from the Inca Spiritual Tradition in Machu Picchu, Peru. Attend ceremonies performed by local monks at sacred temples in Nepal and Tibet. Meditate at the powerful vortexes in the Red Rock Country of Sedona and at the ancient Goddess Temples in Greece.

    Is a vision to travel with us beckoning you? If so, then it's time to join us soon on one of our Body Mind Spirit Journeys tour departures.

    BODY MIND SPIRIT JOURNEYS offers four specific touring sectors to appeal to every level of spiritual travel.

    Raymond Cortell
    PO Box 448
    Montauk, NY 11954
    United States
    Phone 631-668-5327
    Fax 631-668-4852

    Brother Francis E. Revels - Bey
    Brother Francis E. Revels - Bey has studied Numerology since 1974 and began constructing charts for clients and offering private and group classes, seminars and workshops from 1979 to the present.

    Francis has been an intuitive consultant, practitioner and Chief Principal Teacher of Meditation, Tai Chi and the Intuitive Arts since the early 1970s. He was given the honorary title of "Dean of Metaphysics" at the former New Life Institute of Harlem (NYC) back in the early 1980s. Brother Francis has taught at the Wise Man's Bookstore in Pompton Lakes,NJ,Temple of Radiant Light in Bloomfield, NJ, Divine Inspirations Bookstore in Nutley, NJ. He

    has offered workshops at the former White Horse (metaphysical store in 2012-2013), Angel of Grace Channelings at Tech Love (2012-2013), as well as, Awaken to Wellness (May 2013-February 2014) all in Albuqueruqe, New Mexico.

    He has been directed by The Holy Spirit to add his artwork and has included one of his "Celestial I AM Portraits" which captures the energetic essence he sees in one's aura with colored pencils.These pieces are a part of his "Eye Of The Spirit" art collection showcased here and several will be for sale. Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey's art incorporates 'Old School Drawing, Digital & Acrylic Painting,and soon shall add Mixed Media'. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bard College located in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY in 1974.

    E-mail Brother Francis at iam.circleofgrace1@yahoo.com

    Call him at-(Skype#)505-349-4722...Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm MST.

    Brother Francis is now teaching through his original webinars, webcasts, teleseminars & teleconferences.

    Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey was led by The Angels of Divine Providence, His Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters under the aegis & the anointing of The Angel of Grace to relocate to ABQ, New Mexico as of Fall 2011 to serve and anchor into a broader spiritual realm.

    Francis E. Revels - Bey

    United States
    Phone 505-349-4722
    Fax n/a

    Conversations With The Other Side
    Cheryl Scheinin is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium,Teacher, and the Author of “Angel’s Horizon’s-Inspirational Words From Heaven.” Her predictions for 2003 were featured in the New York Newsday. Her “down to earth” personality makes her approach to her spiritual work both unassuming and refreshing. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet Cheryl and experience what a gifted spiritual messenger she is!

    Come experience a guided meditation that will connect you with the spirit world and those who watch over you.

    Learn to recognize when your guides are trying to get your attention.

    Come away with specific techniques for connecting with your guides on your own. Cheryl will also deliver special messages from the other side to as many attendees as possible.
    Cheryl Scheinin
    PO Box 987
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757
    United States
    Phone (800) 476-1125

    Enlightened Practice Magazine
    Enlightened Practice Magazine, South Florida’s first free magazine dedicated to the practice of yoga, has taken this community by surprise. Inspired to bring the healthful, peaceful, and physical pleasure of yoga to neighbors throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, Editor-in-Chief Robyn Lakini Skie has achieved this goal and earned recognition throughout the area.

    Enlightened Practice Magazine is “Your South Florida Yoga Connection,” bringing to the community, in a beautifully published magazine, answers to the questions of what yoga is, why we should practice, and who teaches within our cities. The premier issue had its debut in June 2003 and flew off the shelves of the local health food stores, including Wild Oats, Nutrition Depot, and Nutrition World, as well as most yoga studios in the three counties.

    Robyn Lakini Skie

    , FL
    United States

    Intuitive, Palmist, Direct Channel Medium, Spiritual Counselor
    Kae is a gifted international Clairvoyant,Medium,Intuitive Palmist.Kae places your hands in hers to allow a connection to be made that sends mental energy through the nerve endings in the hand to my receptive emotional body.A transfer or energy exchange as it were.I either see clear images, hear words or feel something deeply.I don't edit and say it as it comes to me. Often times I speak in the voice of the person I hear in my head.

    Once this energy transfer is made, the second part commences with you asking specific questions related to Love, Money, Relationships, Career, Business, Family,Life Purpose or anything about your personal journey.I don't need a lot of information but if you want specific answers I need at least an area to start with.Relationship, business,health,family etc.

    I need you to be clear.It helps if you have a list of questions. My style of reading is practical spirituality.

    It's about getting answers and putting them to use.I think it isn't much help if you don't take home something practical that makes sense to you.

    On the other hand I work with people who just want to understand what is going on in their lives.Maybe most of the time, life makes sense, but sometimes it doesn't and it helps to talk with someone.I work best with people who come to me with a sincere wish to explore their options.

    I feel I am divinly guided to do the work I do and it is a priviledge when people trust me with the emotional part of their lives.I take the responsibility seriously and only want to do my best at helping people achieve peace of mind and healing.

    Another aspect of my Intuitive/Psychic Reader/Channeled Guidance/Medium readings is the ability to do remote distance healing where I feel you energetically and pick up images,hear words or get strong emotional feelings as if it were a video playing at great distances.

    Do you have unresolved issues in your life?

    My readings bring healing,insight,resolution and clarity to your situations or questions.

    "You are a precious child of Light and I welcome the chance to share in your Divinity" Namaste,K
    Palm Springs
    Kae Schreiber

    Palm Springs, CA 92264
    United States
    Phone (760)992-9197

    Jacqueline Lunger
    Ordained Spiritualist medium and healer.

    Certified Ro~Hun Therapist,Reiki Master,

    Past Life Inquiry facilitator.

    Founder of Ageless Knowledge

    Author of Inner Voices "guidance at your fingertips" energy cards and Speak Stones, a casting oracle.
    Lily Dale
    Jacqueline Lunger
    8 Cottage Row
    Lily Dale, NY 14752
    United States
    Phone 716-595-2496

    Ke Kumu Leina'ala Brown-Dombrigues
    Is the Connection of the Heart, Hand and Soul with the Source of All Life.

    Aloha mai 'O ke aloha ke kuleana a kahi malihini. Ua a'o 'ia mai makou e he mea nui ka malihini. Me ia no kupa'akai ai, e kama'ilio ai ae launa hau'oli ai. Ho'okahi wale no la a ka malihini a lilo 'o ia i hoa kamaaina no makou. Ua hamama ka 'ipuka. E Ho'okipa mai. E Komo mai i loko. Come join us in our Healing Retreats on the Big Island of Hawai'i Loa.

    ALOHA E KOMO MAI, E Ho'okipa mai

    Aloha, Welcome every one, Every visitor is entitled to hospitality.
    We have been taught that a visitor is an important person.
    With them we share water of life, healing foods, kahuna lapa'au wisdom, and enjoyable experiences. The visitor is a guest here for only one day and then becomes our good friend.

    The Light of Hawaii's entrance is open. E Komo Mai Welcome to the Big Island of Hawai'i.

    Volcano, Hawaii
    Ke Kumu Leina'ala Brown-Dombrigues
    P.O. Box 1137 Volcano, Hawai'i 96785
    Volcano, Hawaii, HI 96785
    United States
    Phone 808-961-3118

    Mademoiselle Noelle's Fortune Tea House
    We offer psychic readings like tea-leaf readings, Tarot card readings, Rune readings, Palm readings and more!

    We also have delicious desserts, specialty hand-blended teas, Caravan espresso and coffee, clever candies, truffles made by Wingnut Confections and occults supplies too!
    Christy Noelle Desko
    5713 NE Fremont street
    Portland, OR 97213
    United States
    Phone 503-998-6616

    Mary Beth Wrenn
    Professional Psychic/Medium located in the Charlotte, NC area for in-person, telephone and online readings using Tarot Cards, Aura and Energy Readings, Psychic Detective and Clairvoyant.
    Mary Beth Wrenn
    4401 Colwick Road # 707
    Charlotte, NC 28211
    United States
    Phone 704 566-8300

    MaryEllen O'Brien
    Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Teacher

    I offer readings, energy healing work, workshops, classes and retreats on meditation and psychic development.

    I am trained in Energy Healing and Clairvoyance and incorporate these insights into my work — including teaching Basic Meditation Skills and Grounding to foster intuitive living and self healing. Other retreat topics include Spiritual Peace, and Growing Your Creativity. I have spoken for groups and conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    I'm a Graduate of InVision Chicago where I more fully developed my clairvoyant skills and trained in energy healing. I also have graduate degrees in spirituality and theology and have taught at the university level in addition to retreats, workshops and conferences. The author of three books and a spirituality columnist for Examiner.com/Phoenix.

    MaryEllen O'Brien
    Monterey, California
    United States

    Ray Spirit Wolf
    Wolf Call founded by Ray Spirit Wolf is dedicated to bringing the knowing self and Spirit to all. His job as a healer, medium, and teacher is to aid the client in their own healing and learning process.
    North Attleboro
    Ray Spirit Wolf

    North Attleboro, MA 02760
    United States
    Phone 401-359-0379

    Sarah Spector - SOUL HARBINGER
    As a clear channel, I receive and translate conscious impressions about you. Working with me, you'll find yourself more self-loving, more peaceful, and you'll be able to make wise choices you can trust.

    Miracles are real!

    Sarah Spector
    Soul Harbinger
    Visionary Readings

    I help you make clear decisions~and help you into greater states of awareness and wellness.

    My seeing who you truly are frees you so you can better express yourself.


    RICHMOND, CA 94805
    United States
    Phone 510 234-3904

    Reiki Master/Violet Flame Healer & Teacher Usui lineage...working in Sheffield & the surrounding areas
    (Home visits are available on request)

    Soul Release Specialist - Consultation of proceedure
    Retrieving spirit and returning them home,Cleansing house & activating positive energy.

    Meditation Courses - Developing your awareness to help you to connect to your guides

    Crystal healing; Crystal Reiki; Healing; Healing Development; Life Coaching; Meditation; Reiki; Spiritual Healing; Teaching

    Julie Ward

    Sheffield, South Yorkshire S26
    Phone 07843 699221
    Fax 01909 774994

    Stephen C. Robinson, New York Psychic Consultant
    Stephen Robinson’s Method of Reading

    Stephen Robinson is a clairvoyant, psychic, medium and psychometrist. Through his clairvoyance, he “sees” visual impressions concerning you, your life, future, etc. He also receives psychic impressions about your friends, relatives and guides in the Spirit World. He is also able to see your aura and interpret the colors which it contains. Through psychometry, he holds an object that you own and receives additional information about you from the object’s vibrations. In order to obtain information about the people in your life, Stephen also reads photos, handwritten material and objects belonging to others people.

    New York
    Stephen Robinson
    180 W 20th St. 14-A
    New York, NY 10011
    United States
    Phone 917-693-3883
    Fax 212-645-0282

    Sue Ellen
    Out of my FLA and ATL offices by phone only right now, call me for your very own God-guided Christian psychic business session to help your business by giving your business intuitive insight and information that you can use to help you and your business situation in money, look of business, feel of business, customer care/satisfaction, and more! ASK me to go over my business 16 points of interest with you and see how your business is actually doing in the 16 areas for your brick and mortar storefronts! $750.00 USD each 60 (sixty) minute session via phone. As always, you must be 18+ to call in. As always, no refunds.(850)291-2701 MC/PayPal/VI/WU/MG


    For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Holy Bible John 3:16

    Mrs. Sue Ellen
    Florida - Limited in person appointments available
    ATL, GA
    United States
    Phone (850) 291-2701

    Sue Snake Woman
    Native spiritual workings (snake medicine),
    Energy work, Regression, Hypno-Therapy,
    Divination (Tarot, Psychometry, and others).
    Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, accredited.
    Animal Communicator, Energy Work - human and animal.
    Hot Springs
    Sue Mertes

    Hot Springs, AR
    United States
    Phone 501-538-1516
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