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NOBEL prize winning technology developed by scientist at the University of Utah, the bio-photonic scanner is the only device in the world that measures live antioxidants in the skin tissue. We can literally answer the question now; "How do you know your supplements are working," if you don't supplement, then are the nutrients from your food being utilized and absorbed. Contact me for your testing date at 240 988 6427 / 301 383 2037.
Reginald Graham-Teal
Lanham, MD 20706
United States

Adrianna Holman BSc, LCH, RSHom
I use homeopathic remedies, herbal and nutritional advice to help you overcome illness and reach your optimal health. Homeopathy can be used alongside medications or other therapies, as it will not interfere. In fact, you may find you can reduce your drug intake using homeopathy as a support. My specialties include addiction, eating disorders, skin complaints, weight loss, cleansing and yoga.

Adrianna Holman
Nelson Clinic W1, London Bridge Hospital SE1, Natural Health Service E14
United Kingdom
Phone 0845 230 0474

Alan F. Bain D.O.
Bringing the power of Bio-Energy into the mainstream of American medicine - the Center for Integrated Healthcare, Inc. (CIHCI)Holistic Practitioner providing multiple natural and complementary modalities like empathic emotional release, myofascial release, nutritional therapies, and various bioenergetic balancing techniques.
Alan Bain
111 N. Wabash, Suite 1005
Chicago, IL 60602
United States
Phone 312-236-7010

Alexandra Sternin LCPH
Alexandra Sternin LCPH - is a homeopathic practitioner who trained and worked in London, UK before moving to San Diego. She currently practices in La Jolla as well as SD north county in Encinitas and provides educational resources on health and homeopathy to the community of San Diego.

In her practice she integrates a variety of methods and modalities such as nutritional and herbal support, flower essences and combination homeopathic remedies. She makes use of iridology and quantum diagnostic technology, as invaluable tools in detecting weakness areas and underlying health concerns.

Please visit www.practicalhomeopathy.com for more information.
La Jolla
Alexandra Sternin LCPH
8709 Caminito Sueno
La Jolla, CA 92037
United States
Phone 858-752-4432

Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA),CCH
Allison Malsan, RSHom(NA), CCH is known for treating acute and chronic issues within the entire family unit and supporting them with Homeopathic Healthcare. Classical homeopathy from a certified classical homeopath not only offers relief from temporary disorders but also can provide deep healing of a person suffering from a chronic condition. This includes conditions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. Homeopathy is also a preventative method. It helps to strengthen the immune system and works to keep the body in a balanced state.

Classical Homeopathy has the ability to heal the symptoms of Menopause, PMS, post partum depression and other hormonal complaints, migraines, arthritis, chronic fatigue, sinus issues and allergies, respiratory complaints, digestive complaints (constipation, diarrhea, heartburn) anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD,extremity pain, back pain, chronic pain, acute colds, flus, sore throats,ear infections, colic, teething, asthma,circulation issues...Homeopathy treats the whole person. As your system is balanced by the homeopathic medicine, the symptoms you are experiencing relieve themself from the body. Homeopathy treats the cause rather than putting a temporary bandaid over the symptoms.

Allison maslan
1245 Windsor Road
Cardiff, 92007
United States

Alternative Training Ltd
Alternative Medicine home study courses for students anywhere in the world.

Established in 1987, nearly 7,500 students have taken our courses in over 50 countries. Alternative Training provides professional high quality Homeopathy, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Disease and Nutrition home study courses for students and practitioners of alternative medicine. They are ideal for anyone who desires flexible learning. Study can be done anywhere in the world and be started whenever you like. Courses can be spread over long time periods so they fit into busy life schedules.


Alternative Training Ltd, Yondercott House, Uffculme, Devon, England, EX15 3DR
Uffculme, Devon NP7 9LN
United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0)845 257 8887
Fax +44 (0)845 257

Ama Mama Holistic Healthcare
Ama Mama Holistic Healthcare is a comprehensive location where a variety of alternative healthcare needs are met. Acupuncture, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Well-Woman/GYN, Massage, Midwifery, and more can be found in our colorful offices in San Diego's North County Coastal community of Encinitas.

We cater to folks of different sizes, religions, races, cultures, and ideas... incorporating the needs of the client into our schedules and lives.

Ama Mama IS Holistic Healthcare for Bodacious Living!

Barbara Herrera
2146 Encinitas Blvd. Ste. 105-106
Encinitas, CA 92024
United States
Phone 760-944-3987
Fax 760-944-6999

Aperion, LLC
Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that was developed over 200 years ago. It uses natural substances to stimulate the vital force to effect a spontaneous healing from within the organism. Both chronic and acute complaints can be treated with homeopathy. Chronic ailments are those that are constant or recur, and include behavioral issues as well as physical ailments. Acute ailments are generally illnesses or incidents that occur with no regularity.

Perri Ferguson

Mamaroneck, NY 10543
United States
Phone 914-261-4563

Asheville, Sacred Spaces Feng Shui
I specialize in Feng Shui for newcomers to Asheville, NC and Western NC, Long Distance Feng Shui room designs by telephone and Feng Shui Coaching (SM).

"Stop worrying and start succeeding! "Have a Feng Shui Coaching session and experience electrifying results with this state-of-the-art technique to overcome problems you previously thought insurmountable. Feng Shui Coaching is GUARANTEED to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Learn Feng Shui principles through online teleworkshops, ebooks and live lectures available through my website.
Susan Lavery
Asheville, NC 28804
United States
Phone 828-255-0300
Fax 828-255-2646

Bella Gynecology
Our practice embraces the philosophy of homeopathy. The priciples of the vital force "chi" and the law of similars are the cornerstones for the practice of homeopathy. This is incorporated into our gyecological practice which focuses on natural therapies for women. Dr. Jones was trained and received her degree at Tufts University in Boston Massachusetts. Further study was completed at the Rennaisance Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts.

All are welcome , however the unique scope of the practice is for issues concerning women. Examples of "dis-ease" in the body that have been addresed successfully at Bella Gynecology include, PMS , chronic fatique, ADHD, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, infertility,cancer support, irritable bowel,herpes , chronic vaginitis and fibrocystic breasts.

Our misson statement: To strive for excellence in providing support for spiritual, emotional and physical development of women in all phases of their being. To promote and educate our patients on preventative self care. To maintain the highest standard of medical expertise to the best of our abilities as providers of women's health.
Dawna Jones
32 South Main Street, Suite 100
Randolph, MA 02186
United States
Phone 781-961-5711
Fax 781-961-5733

Birth Choice Association
Homebirth midwife practice since 1987. Birth in the comfort and security of your home. Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care with a registered midwife. First-time mothers and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)welcome. Water birth choices with two birth tubs for clients, herbal support, homeopathy consults,craniosacral therapy, belly casts and birth preparation classes.

Beginning midwifery classes start each year and apprenticeships are available for prepared student midwives. COLORADO NEEDS MORE MIDWIVES!

Please call to set up appointment for free initial consultation.
Sena Johnson, RM
9053 West Center Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80226
United States
Phone 303-988-0959

BirthSpirit Holistic Midwifery Services
Comprehensive holistic midwifery service in the Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, offering a variety of options including Prenatal Care, Homebirth, Waterbirth, Professional Doula Assistance for hospital-birthing families, Well-woman care and Well-baby consultations, Lactation Assistance, Postpartum Care, and Belly casting.
Jan Wolfenberg, CPM
449 Gavin Pkwy
Kewaskum, WI 53040
United States
Phone 262-626-4994

Brent Mathieu, ND @ Greenman Holistic Health Wisdom
Dr. Brent Mathieu is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician in practice in Boise since 1992, and previously in Billings, MT from 1980 - 1991. He provides holistic health care in harmony with Nature and Green Man wisdom, specializing in second opinions on health conditions, holistically, by coaching and consulting on how to live a lifestyle in harmony with nature, and one's own self healing ability.

He integrates nutritional, herbal, manipulative and homeopathic therapies to provide individualized health care for children, women and men of all ages. He is in general naturopathic and homeopathic practice and a skilled health and lifestyle coach.

Brent Mathieu
4130 Plum Street
Boise, ID 83703
United States
Phone 208-338-5590

Catherine Carter, CCH
Integrated holistic services: Classical Homeopathy, Reiki and Holistic Life Coaching. Homeopathy is authentic healing. Homeopathy heals from within to restore balance and well-being. Homeopathy is used world-wide, it offers a safe and gentle alternative to harsh drugs. Homeopathic care is an integral part of your health care plan. Excellent for emotional, mental and physical complaints.
Catherine Carter
P.O. Box 43176
Philadelphia, PA 19129
United States
Phone 215.817.5104

Classical Homeopathy, LLC
Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of healing commonly used in Europe, India, and South America. The underlying philosophy is holistic--that is, the body, mind and emotions function as an integrated whole, and so symptoms of physical, mental and emotional disease must be understood in the context of the whole person.

Derived from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, homeopathic remedies are capable of producing symptoms in healthy people, yet also help to resolve those same symptoms in people who are sick. The remedies cue the body and mind to recognize their imbalance, and in turn provoke an integrated healing response. By using a holistic approach, homeopathy supports the innate healing potential of the body, mind and emotions, resulting in a safe and natural return to health.
Quarry Arts Bldg; Madison
David Johnson, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Ommani Center; Pewaukee
Quarry Arts Bldg; Madison, WI
United States
Phone 608-233-6000

David Bauman N.D.
David Bauman ND will give internet consult for $39- based on 10 years of experience and scientific databases-will find a healthcare provider in your area- sample consult-hepatitis
David Bauman
12520 A-1 Westheimer #257
Houstin, TX 77077
United States
Phone 713-310-0417

Douglas Brown
Nationally-certified classical homeopath specializes in the treatment of physical and emotional problems of adults and children. Most common problems treated include attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety/panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic pain, headaches, allergies, irritable bowel disorder, chronic fatigue.
Douglas Brown
812 SW Washington St., Ste. 610
Portland, OR 97205
United States
Phone 503 253-6334
Fax 503 248-4629

Douglas Brown
Nationally-certified classical homeopath specializes in the treatment of physical and emotional problems of adults and children. Most common problems treated include attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety/panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic pain, headaches, allergies, irritable bowel disorder, chronic fatigue.
Douglas Brown
812 SW Washington St., Ste. 610
Portland, OR 97205
United States
Phone 503 253-6334
Fax 503 248-4629

Dr Peter Moscow - Holistic Philosophy Consultants
Holistic Philosophy Consultants believe that most illnesses are linked to distortions within the individual’s subtle energy fields. Furthermore, they accept that by identifying the precise relationship between the illness and the energy imbalance, appropriate integrated medical and health protocols can restore the energy fields to normal functioning which in many cases facilitates the return of health to the individual.

Holistic Philosophy Consultants provide education in Homeopathic medicine, homeopathic remedies, homeopathy, parallel medicine, Alternative medicine, Integrated medicine, Alternative wellness, Alternative health, Complementary medicine, Health, Spiritual healing, Spiritual growth, Contact healing, Distant healing, Herbs, Energy, Subtle energy, Flower essences, Acupuncture, Vibrational medicine, Hypnotherapy, Cancer, Degenerative diseases, Chronic illness, Healing, Healing crisis, Supplements, Quantum medicine, Vital force, Vital fluid, Electromagnetic, Vitality, Psychotronics, Adjunctive therapies, Holistic medicine, Aroma therapy, Alternative education, and Electronic medicine.

Peter Moscow
409 Marquette Drive
Louisville, KY 40222
United States
Phone 502 423 1188

Dr's Lila & Samuel Flagler, NMD, DHANP, CCH
We treat patients of all ages and with all conditions, for acute and chronic health concerns. We both have chosen to specialize in energy medicine, as this offers the deepest and longest lasting results. By understanding the core issues, the deepest sensations of our patients, we are able to give the most individualized care."

Classical Homeopathy. Japanese Acupuncture. Graduates of National College, (NCNM), in '81/'83. Ongoing and extensive training in Homeopathy with Rajan Sankaran and Divya Chhabra.

"We work with patients on the deepest level of healing, using energy treatments of Homeopathy and Japanese Acupuncture. Our office is child friendly, easy to find, and offers individualized care. "Our Goal is Helping You Feel Your Best" Feel free to visit our Web site: DrFlagler.com for more information. SKYPE Appointments.

Dr's Lila & Samuel Flagler
6737 E. Camino Principal # C
Tucson, AZ 85715
United States
Phone 520-721-8821
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