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A Place of Healing, LLC
A Place of Healing, LLC, located in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan, offers Personal and Remote Rising Star Healing Sessions, Prema Birthing Sessions, 22-Strand DNA Activations, Personal and Remote Reiki Sessions and Donna Eden Energy Sessions. The Center also offers Reiki Healing for animals.

Classes offered include: Rising Star Teacher Initiations, More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops, Reiki I and II, and Gifts of the Spirit (a class on meditation and channeling).

Battle Creek
Susan M. Brundage
200 West Michigan
Battle Creek, MI 49017
United States
Phone (269) 441-0987

Alternative Therapist Dr. Lori Kay
Wouldn’t it be great to feel happier? To be able to make clear decisions more easily? To feel like your life is going in a healthy, positive direction... achieving your goals and reducing anxiety, stress or depression that prevent you from moving forward?

The work I do with my clients both in my courses and individual sessions will help you take control of your life. You will feel many of life’s burdens lift from your shoulders. I will help you clear away the issues that are holding you back from living the life you want to live. You can move forward and enjoy a life free from the burdens of emotional, mental and spiritual blocks which keep you in the same unhealthy patterns over and over again in your life. Are you ready to break free from these patterns? Contact me and begin your journey to emotional freedom.I invite you to join me in any of my telecourse series.I also offer individual sessions. Please contact me directly to arrange an appointment my email address is: lori @drlorikay.com
Lori Kay
Ottawa, ONT K2G 4G5
Phone (613) 276-1962

anne robinson, jungian analyst
Jungian analysis is an in-depth self-exploration of both the conscious and unconscious aspects of an individual's personality.

Initially, most people enter analysis because of some stress or crisis in their lives. Jungian analysis involves a gradual process of exploring both the painful and obvious symptoms connected with the distress as well as the underlying root causes of the problem. This process is both relieving and healing, releasing the individual from otherwise repetitive and distressing feelings and behaviors.

There are some individuals that are not in such distress but feel their lives lack purpose and vitality. Self-exploration and dream analysis can unlock inner creativity and energy that is otherwise buried deep inside.

Finally there are individuals who are interested in deepening their self-awareness through an exploration of their unconscious. No matter what the motivation, analysis is a collaboration of two people devoted to the healing and creative expansion of one of them.
anne robinson

durango, CO 81301
United States
Phone 970 382 2712

Arise Associates
Arise blends traditional counseling (including cognitive, behavioral and depth psychology) with intuitive, spirit-based approaches.

We offer a full range of Reiki Classes, counseling services, distance healing, business consulting, energy work sessions and unique classes in the Portland, OR area. We are located in Beaverton, not far from downtown Portland.

Lorelynn Cardo
Portland, OR
Beaverton, OR 97006
United States
Phone 503-690-7727

Brownback, Mason and Associates
Holisitic psychological practice offering biofeedback, including neurofeedback and heart rate variability; other services include EFT and EMDR; counseling, coaching for all ages. We provide services to people seeking recovery from abuse, including childhood sexual abuse. We work with all addictions and general mental health issues.
Thomas Brownback
1702 West Walnut Street
Allentown, PA 18104
United States
Phone 610 434-1540
Fax 610 434-6775

Center for Mind-Body Medicine
The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is a non-profit educational organization. Our mission is to train healthcare professionals to combine the precision of modern science with the principles of self care, which include mind-body techniques for stress management and nutritional medicine to help people heal themselves, their clients, families and communities.
James Gordon, MD
5225 Connecticut Avenue, NW, suite 414
Washington, DC 20015
United States

Charlotte Reznick PhD, Imagery For Kids
Helping children and adolescents develop the emotional skills for a happy and successful life through the power of their imagination.

Imagery For Kids works with children and teens to face the challenges and stresses of the 21st Century. Imagery For Kids gently and effectively teaches children how to help themselves by using the positive power of their imagination to understand and manage their feelings, creatively solve problems, and strengthen their self-esteem.

Dr. Reznick's therapeutic CDs, "Discovering Your Special Place" and "Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond," soothing guided journeys to inner peace, have been listened to and loved by thousands of young children, adolescents, and adults alike.
Los Angeles
Charlotte Reznick PhD
11911 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 240
Los Angeles, CA 90049
United States
Phone 310-889-7859

Clare Goodwin
Are you getting what you want in your life?

Believe it! You can get what you want -- your ideal job, your soul mate, your dream home -- you name it. With 25 years of professional experience as a reader and therapist, I can help. Using tarot, astrology and intuitive spiritual counseling, we will explore and expand your possibilities, finding ways to manifest your dreams. Much more potent than “fortune telling,” my approach will empower you. Take the first step on your journey toward a more joyous life experience. Call now for an appointment.

Clare Goodwin

Belchertown, MA 01007
United States
Phone 1-800-990-8290

David Bauman N.D.
David Bauman ND will give internet consult for $39- based on 10 years of experience and scientific databases-will find a healthcare provider in your area- sample consult-hepatitis
David Bauman
12520 A-1 Westheimer #257
Houstin, TX 77077
United States
Phone 713-310-0417

David E. Myers, Ph.D.
Mind/Body/Spiritual integration with experiential/holistic focus. Energy work. This work is aimed at past truamas, depression, anxiety, or any emotional difficulty. As a psychologist/psychotherapist, I do experiential psychotherapy with an emphasis on integration and dreamwork. I also specialize in marital/couples/ relationship enhancement and healing.
David Myers
1330 21st Way S, St 140
Birmingham, AL 35205
United States
Phone 2059390900

Dean G. Allen, Ph.D.
I work with "The BodyTalker" Emotional Infrared Scanning system, which measures the electrical circuitry between your 23 organ/gland energy systems and decodes these energy flow patterns into the specific unconscious decisions you are making daily that are creating the problems in your Life, Body, Business and Relationships. I then coach clients with these insights on new decisions and behaviors that create their Solutions, rather than repeat yheir Problems. This work is based on 30 years of clinical research, which has revealed profound insights into who we are and how we really create our problems. This is the first step to elegant solutions. I have now used this system for the past 17 years, after many years of disapoitment from using traditional theraputic practices.
Dean Allen
Los Angeles, San Francisco & Hawaii
Burley, ID 83318
United States
Phone 310-877-4840

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Doris Jeanette, licensed psychologist, holistic psychology pioneer teaches you how to use your strengths for self help success. Using practical emotional, energy healing tools, you learn how to get results. Since 1976 she has taught thousands how to successfully reduce anxiety, depression, improve self esteem and create healthy, loving relationships with self, body and others. “A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" as tapes, cds, e-book at http://www.drjeanette.com/tapes.html

Doris Jeanette
503 S. 21st St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
United States
Phone 215-732-6197

Dr Cecile
Everybody has or had perceived limitations. This is referred to as a glass ceiling. It is glass therefore it can be shattered and we can see beyond the ceiling. However most people believe they are victims of circumstances rather than co-creators of their reality. People need to learn to release past negativity and develop a worldview that enhances possibilities. For people to grow they have to recognise and know their talents and abilities. To be instrumental to people to find strategies and methods to develop and maximize their potential.
Cecile Gericke

FERNDALE, Gauteng 2118
South Africa
Phone 27117873996
Fax 27117877027

Dr. Diane Perlman
Individual, couple, family therapy, psychoneuroimmunology, trauma, PTSD, survivors of abuse and Holoaust, EMDR, ADHD, eating disorders, gender issues, trained in Collaborative Divorce, Jungian and intersubjective analytical psychotherapy,

I also speak and write on issues in political psychology - image of the enemy, gender, violence, conflict transformation, truth and reconciliation, apology & forgiveness, nuclear psychology, mystification, etc
Bala Cynwyd
Diane Perlman, PhD

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19044
United States
Phone 610 667 6703
Fax 610 667 2747

Dr. Fredrick Woodard / Woodard Hypnosis and Research, Inc.
Clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, consultation, and evaluation for various problems of daily living, psychological problems, emotional suffering, interpersonal conflicts, spiritual experiences and all other areas that hypnosis and psychotherapy can apply to healing individuals of all ages, and families. An adjunct to many medical problems.
Dr. Fredrick Woodard
15B Lincoln Street
Milford, NH 03055-0874
United States
Phone 603-673-2582

Dr. Richard Wolman - PsychoMatrix
PsychoMatrix offers an online method of describing one's spirituality through the Psychomatrix Spirituality Inventory. Upon completion the user instantaneously receives a personal and confidential report.

richard wolman
59 Church Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States
Phone 617-492-6333
Fax 617-492-4333

Dr. Robin B. Dilley
Dr. Robin B. Dilley is a clinical psychologist in Private Practice. Her practice focus is on issues of self-growth blending together psychotherapy and spirituality. Her goal is to help clients acutalize their own personal power that has become latent due to the problems and traumas of growing up. By working through family of origin issues, Dr. Dilley believes individuals can live life by being their personal best. Regardless of the issue there is hope for healing for everyone.
Robin B. Dilley

Glendale, AZ 85310
United States
Phone 602-564-1919
Fax 602-564-1918

Dr. Sally Witt
The COUNSELING & HYPNOSIS CENTER is my private practice, helping people with issues of STRESS, ANXIETY, PANIC, PHOBIAS, and DEPRESSION. SLEEP and HEALTH CONDITIONS that are stress-related may improve quickly with relaxation training and hypnosis. Also SMOKING CESSATION and WEIGHT LOSS! Relationships, Divorce, and Grief Counseling are treated with caring concern and confidentiality. Gain confidence and motivation for Career Advancement, Sales, Public Speaking, Test-taking and Athletics (including golf), using hypnosis and self-hypnosis.
http://Dr Sally Witt
Arlington Heights, IL
Sally Witt
Counseling & Counseling & Hypnosis Center, 1635 N. Arlington Heights Road. suite 206
Arlington Heights, IL, IL 60004
United States
Phone 847-394- 2612

Dr. Stephen A. Shechtman,Psychologist Online Coaching
Executive Support offers Integrated Psychology with mind, body and spiritually intuitive techniques to amplify the balance of individuals and organizations. Services are delivered live or over the telephone or internet.
Stephen Shechtman

Blandon, Pennsylvania 19510
United States
Phone 610 972 3945
Fax 610-926-2246

Dr. Steven E. Karashik, Psy.D., FABMPP
Mental Health practice skilled in various techniques and alternative techniques to treat various psychological issues (anxiety, autism, aspergers, depression, OCD, chemical dependancy, addictions, mood disorders). Children, adults, and adolescents. Alternative treatment for ADD/ADHD available. Evaluation, assessment and advocacy for school related issues. Educational, academic, and psychological testing available. HIPPA compliant. Dr. Karashik Privacy Officer.
Steven Karashik, Psy.D., FABMPP
152 Deer Hill Avenue, Suite 104
Danbury, CT 06810-7766
United States
Phone 203-730-2180
Fax 203-730-6696
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