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A.R.E. of New York
The ARE (Association for Research & Enlightenment) N.Y. Center - the Edgar Cayce organization - offers Health and Wellness services including Chiropractic, Cayce-Reilly Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Healing Prayer. The only place in NYC where internationally known British "Spiritual Healer," Malcolm Smith offers his services.

We offer workshops, courses, study groups in Meditation, Practical Spirituality, Healing, Psychic Development, Dreams, Reincarnation, Astrology, more.

For an appointment: 212-691-7690. For a calendar, view our website: www.arenyc.org.

Visit us for spiritual fellowship.

PICTURE AT RIGHT: Dr. Scott Keller, "Caycean Chiropractor"

New York
Zachary Feder
241 W. 30th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001
United States
Phone 212-691-7690
Fax 212-567-4103

Body-In-Motion is a wellness studio, offering:
• classes & workshops in movement education, rehabilitation & soft tissue treatment
• a Certification program in Myofascial Integration
• treatments using CranioSacral therapy, myofascial integration & other modalities
• whole body conditioning & integration for balance, coordination, flexibility & strength with 3-D Workout

Body-In-Motion: For a body that works well and feels better.
Dianne Woodruff, CMA, PhD
323 Kerr Street, Suite 100
Oakville, ONT L6K 3B6
Phone 905-845-1011
Fax 905-849-4198

Bodyworks Healing Arts
I offer Craniosacral Therapy,SomatoEmotionalRelease,Massage Therapy , Energy Healings,Lymphatic Drainage,and Clairvoyant Readings.I also teach Clairvoyant Meditation Classes.

Maureen Balluff
1565 Maple Suite 309
Evanston, IL 60201
United States
Phone 847-864-8144

TRCD therapists work on 5 energetic levels: Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy, Oniric Energy, Remote Energy and Kuantic/Mental Energy. They detect where the main blockages arise from and work to remove the blockages using one or several energetic frequencies.
Through its innovative approach, TRCD helps the individual to quickly eliminate the obstacles that interfere with his personal fulfillment. This technique created in the early 90’s allows you to quickly recenter your energy and resources towards the present, acquire a greater understanding of life and a deep motivation for personal independence and responsibility.
María Gemma
Pza. Joaquín Pena Nº 1, bajos
Barcelona, BCN E-08017
Phone 34 93 280 0016
Fax 34 93 205 0524

David Quigley CHT, Hypnotherapy Trainer Director of Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
Since 1984, David Quigley has provided approved professional hypnotherapist training in Santa Rosa, CA and around the world. Products include books by David and "Alchemical Journey" guided hypnosis tapes and CD's, and on the website an extensive library of articles on self-healing with hypnosis. Alchemical Hypnotherapy synthesizes techniques from many modern schools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychology. We prepare students to use hypnosis in their work as hypnotherapists, Somatic Healing Practitioners, hypnotherapeutic body workers, and group therapy facilitators. We also offer Personal Growth programs, workshops and seminars.
Santa Rosa
David Quigley
567-A Summerfield Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
United States
Phone 800-950-4984
Fax 707-537-0496

Fit Over Forty
Jane Johnston has been teaching group fitness classes on land and in the water since 1977. Jane has a particular interest in working with those over 50, those in a post-rehab situation, those with joint replacements, those with neurological issues, those with special needs and preschoolers. She would like to work with you to determine your wellness and fitness goals and to develop program that will benefit you and enhance your life. She is available through private sessions to help you develop and carry out a wellness plan and fitness program. She teaches fitness classes for seniors, aquatic classes, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® classes, gentle yoga classes, swimming and Taijiquan classes. And does private sessions for those who would like individual attention. Jane can help you set up and maintain a fitness program that includes both conventional exercise methods and mind/body practices of Yoga, Taijiquan and Feldenkrais. Jane also provides individual hands-on sessions to improve your movement and comfort through the Feldenkrais Method or AquaStretch™.
Jane Johnston
Stone Brier
Berryville, VA 22611
United States
Phone 703-203-2264
Fax 540-955-4169

Focusing Resources
Are you going through a time of transition? Are you facing one or more serious decisions? Are you experiencing any blocks to taking action? Would you like to have a more nurturing relationship with your body and your emotional life?

Empower yourself: learn Focusing, shown by research to be the essence of effective personal change, a skill that you will find helpful every day of your life. Learn to trust your own inner sense of rightness for the decisions and choices of your life.
Ann Weiser Cornell
2625 Alactraz Ave., #202
Berkeley, CA 94705
United States
Phone 510-666-9948
Fax 510-666-9938

Gail N Darwin
This site is devoted to using the breath to liberate oneself from the victimization framework. Many of us, in the extreme effort it takes to break into our freedom, swing over to the other extreme becoming oppressors.
Information is presented locally as a series of 6 classes and in out-of-town locations as a weekend endeavor. The first introduction is to hyperspace – our personal vertical connection to creativity and knowledge. Acknowledging and using this connection gives us a foolproof way to eliminate unwanted habits and acquire all the talents desired. Your breathing is the key. Every class has a breathing session.
“What you repeatedly think about WILL happen to you.” -- Gail Darwin
Products include: Breath WarmUp CD/tape, Belly Bags, Respirex, Jet Lag Eliminator, Chi Machine, Dechlorinating Shower filters, High Performance Hygeine, Electrical Nutrition, Viacreme.

Gail Darwin

Torrance, CA 90505
United States
Phone 310-375-6892
Fax 801-340-9563

Guru Singh
Sikh Minister, Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist (Sahaj Shabd Therapy), Musician-Composer-Author
Los Angeles
Guru Singh

Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 323-938-0611

hineni ~ healing ~~~~~ susan kasloff, M.A.
Welcome to hineni healing

In Hebrew, hineni means "I am here"

In this healing work, "I am here" refers to the presence of:





I offer:

  • Reconnective Healing sessions for healing on all levels - mind, body, & spirit (3 session maximum)

  • The Reconnection for spiritual growth and accelerated connection to your life path (always 2 sessions)

  • Verbal Psychotherapy, body-centered therapy, and energy therapies (Core Energetics, Brainspotting) for a longer-term relationship of personal growth and exploration (ongoing) Please note: I am not currently offering these sessions.

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Healing for Healers: Although I offer energy healing sessions to clients from all walks of life, I specialize in "healing for healers". Bring your own energy, consciousness, and vibration to a new level of well being!


    Please call with any questions and I would be happy to speak with you.
    Susan Kasloff, M.A. (Counseling)
    NY Core Center (E. 23rd St.) and Meta Center (W. 29th St.)
    NYC, NY 10010
    United States
    Phone 917-749-5691

    INNATE CHIROPRACTIC Healing Arts Center
    Our team is pleased to welcome you to the Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center in Houston where we offer a variety of gentle healing modalities to enhance your LIFE FORCE, ENERGY and PEAK PERFORMANCE, naturally!

    For those interested in deeper healing and personal development, we also offer a variety of classes and workshops including collage, life goal setting, empowerment drumming, The 12 Stages of Healing & more.

    8 Reasons to choose us as your Houston Chiropractor & Wellness Provider

  • Many services in one location – Chiropractic, Life Coaching, Massage and Yoga.

  • Located in the Rice Military Neighborhood, adjacent to Memorial Park. Just 10 minutes from Downtown.

  • In The Loop with easy access from all surrounding freeways.

  • Advanced Techniques and Non-Invasive Diagnostic Technology.

  • Friendly, Personalized Care – we see people not conditions.

  • Affordable cash plans for individuals and families.

  • Convenient hours to serve the working community.

  • ChiroKids are welcome!

  • For more information visit our website at n8chiro.com.

    Dr. Jackie St.Cyr - Holistic Chiropractor
    230 Westcott St, Suite 220
    Houston, TX 77007
    United States
    Phone 713-521-2104

    Jacqueline Riker, L.M.T., C.S.T
    Alchemical Integration is the synthesis of 25 years of study and experience in spirutuality, healing and metaphysics. Using CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release work we offer a gentle, hands on technique of facilitating healing of the body/mind/spirit. Additionally, we offer a coaching/healing program called the Art of Becoming. Via telephone sessions, this process empowers you to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance to heal and transmute the lead of consciousness into the gold of Spirit, rekindling the Chalice of your heart. By establishing an intuitive connection, we use therapeutic imagry, guided visualization, bioenergy evaluation and non-local healing in your quest to move into your authentic power and to live Soul-fully.
    Jacqueline Riker

    Sarasota, FL 34231
    United States
    Phone 941-544-6696

    Jewel Healing Holistic
    Jewel Healing is Holistic Health Practitioning for individuals and employees wanting to Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate. Modalities include: Swedish Massage, Reiki and Energetic Healing, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, & Health Ministry. Health Ministry may include Stretch and Relaxation, Nutritional Concepts, & Self Enhancement.
    San Jose
    Julie Scott Day
    POB 640621
    San Jose, CA 95164
    United States
    Phone 408-712-1487

    Joan Forest Mage
    I offer shamanic healing sessions, including soul retrieval, shamanic journey meditation and self-expressive arts. I approach each session as a transformative, soul-healing ritual guided by Spirit. Using a variety of approaches (shamanic journeying, energy work, sound healing, dance, Laban-Bartenieff body movement) I guide clients to create energetic shifts through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual avenues. A Wounded Healer myself, each modality I offer clients is a technique I’ve used to survive and thrive.
    Joan Forest Mage

    Chicago, IL 60610
    United States
    Phone 773-250-7250

    Judy Fasone
    The Trager Approach is a way of being lighter and easier in your body. A practitioner gently and effectively helps you to let go of tension and pain subtly, by creating smooth, rocking movements in the body. As movement educators, we create awareness to the mind about the body in movement and on the table. In an hour and a half session, you will be rocked, compressed, jiggled, elongated with non-invasive techniques that will put you in to a deeper sense of relaxation than you have ever been before. Trager is beneficial for all types of chronic tension, pain, and disease processes. Go to Trager.com for more information.
    Judy Fasone
    5115 Olentangy River Rd.
    Columbus, OH 43235
    United States
    Phone 614-442-5611

    Karen M. Umminger, LCSW, CHT
    I am an interpersonal psychodynamic therapist who uses various approaches to assist clients in reaching their goals. I specialize in improving relaionships, family of origin work, trauma issues, depression and anxiety, grief and loss issues, life transitions, gay/lesbian issues and career/workplace concerns, self-esteem and recovery. I am certified in the Hakomi method of body centered psychotherapy and give attention to your whole person--body, mind, spirit, emotion. I often work in the "here and now" and take an interactive role in helping you to problem-solve. I encourage clients to experiment with new behaviors and attitudes and sometimes offer homework between sessions. I work with individuals and couples and create a safe, confidential environment where your concerns are heard and addressed.
    Karen Umminger
    1109 Southwood Road
    Austin, TX 787045352
    United States
    Phone 512-442-4117
    Fax 512-442-4117

    Lilian Jarvis
    BioSomatics is an original “body awareness” exercise program emphasizing tension release, flexibility, postural alignment, and internal strengthening for weight support. The deep stretch and strengthening exercises fortify the body against strain and injury and help to alleviate muscular aches and pains. The core belief of the technique is that these ailments as well as many health-related problems result from accumulated tensions and poor postural habits, and that correcting these conditions is essential to lifetime bodily comfort, optimum health, and superior physical performance.
    Lilian Jarvis
    681 Markham St.
    Toronto, Ont. M6G 2M2
    Phone (416)535-8661
    Fax (416)535-4109

    Luisa Rasiej
    Unergi-Body Psychotherapy. A holistic therapy method that integrated body, mind, emotions, spirit, creativity and the healing forces of nature. The work offers a way to release habitual movement patterns and get in touch with emotions held in the body as well as the mind. A session may include body awareness, intentional touch, movement, verbal therapy, creative self-expression, dream work, energy flow therapy and communing with nature.
    Individual therapy as well group workshops.
    Luisa Rasiej

    , PA 18980
    United States
    Phone 215-598-0632

    Lynne Donnelly
    Health isn't just a lack of illness. Health is the optimum functioning of the body, mind and spirit to permit us to fulfill our dreams, wishes and goals.

    I offer whole-body, light-touch CranioSacral therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Acupressure, EFT, Zero Balancing and qi therapy for a wide range of problems. I also teach T'ai chi, qigong and meditation in weekly classes, private lessons and occasional weekend retreats.
    Lynne Donnelly

    Durham, NH 03824
    United States
    Phone 603-659-4400

    Marilyn M. Michaels, C.H.T.
    I am a Certified Master Hypnotist trained in Alchemical Hypnotherapy by David Quigley,C.C.H.T., and a Certified Hypnotherapist trained by Marilyn Gordon,C.C.H.T. I am a Member of A.C.H.E. and The National Guild of Hypnotists. I am also a Master Practitioner of Usui Reiki. I was taught Reiki by Mary Goslen, who was taught by three Master Teachers of the original ten Masters trained by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to the West.

    I invite you to share your experiences of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Quantum Touch, E.F.T., Reconnection Healing, PSYCH-K, Somatic Healing, and Energy Work with me.

    My goals are to alleviate pain in the physical body and relieve distress of the mind and spirit. I wish to bring peace and joy to those individuals who are drawn to me and my way of healing.

    Marilyn M. Michaels, C.H.T.
    3030 Ashby Avenue, Suite 111-B
    Berkeley,, CA 94705
    United States
    Phone (510) 484-7742
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