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Emergency Dentist East Greenbush
Are you in need of emergency dental care, now? Unlike most dentists, who are only available during “regular” business hours, we pride ourselves on being able to help people when they need it most…even during those off hours in the evenings and on the weekends when other dental offices are closed. While many dentists avoid seeing new patients on an emergency basis our dentists consider helping people with their dental emergencies as an opportunity to provide a critically needed service in Queens. This is why when you at the phone number above 24 hours a day you can feel confident that you’ll actually speak with a real, live dental office. After Hours Emergency Dental Care in Albany We understand how much pain a toothache, a dental abscess, or a broken tooth with an exposed nerve can cause. And, we realize how socially embarrassing it can be when you lose or break a denture or crown. We do not want you to suffer. Instead, we want you to get the dental treatment you need as soon as possible. So, if you have a dental emergency in Albany County and you need treatment you do not have to wait…call us immediately at (518) 621-4823.
Emergency Dentist
15 Tech Valley Dr, suite 1144A
NY NY 12061
United States
Phone 518-621-4823
Exotic Luxury Car Rental Sunny Isles Beach
With a name like Sunny Isles Beach, you can expect the best of both worlds – the sun and beaches. This barrier island has a beautiful city skyline that draws individuals in day in and out. The city is packed with local hotels, restaurants, and placed to relax and have fun. If you have come to Sunny Isles Beach for the sandy shoreline, you are in luck. The shoreline boasts white sands and a place to listen to the waves crash. As you enter Sunny Isles Beach, imagine yourself cruising the beachside in a beautiful Rolls Royce or pulling up to a local bumping restaurant in a Lamborghini. At Pugachev Luxury Car Rental, we make it possible for you to drive in style and comfort. Gone are the days of boring car rentals. We offer you the chance to rent a luxury car to take around time. From Bentleys to Ferraris and BMWs, we have you covered. To learn more about our available exotic cars or to reserve one, call Pugachev Luxury Car Rental at 786-665-7087.
Sunny Isles Beach
Exotic Luxury Car Re Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach FL 33160
United States
Phone 786-665-7087
Flooded Home Cleanup Long Island
Water damage is not something that you want to be left to deal with on your own and when you need to hire a company to help, you want to make sure you choose the best company in the area. We care about our customers and we offer around the clock services to help you when you experience a flood. Our team will never just let you handle water damage on your own and we will inspect your entire home and make the necessary repairs to ensure all water is eliminated and dried up. Water left in your home can lead to serious issues such as mold and deterioration of your home’s structure. When a flood happens in your home, you only have seconds to handle it. In fact, most people cannot even think that quickly to know what to do and it can lead to a scary situation for you. Our team is ready to respond to your home the moment you call, and we will dispatch our crew members to your home within minutes. We do work around the clock and no matter the time of the day, holiday or night, we will be there to assist you. We have the best equipment and tools to ensure your home is cleaned up quickly and that it is dried out to prevent any additional issues or mold.
Flooded Home Cleanup Long Island
60 E Industry Ct, suite 1213C
NY NY 11729
United States
Phone 516-588-5068
Free SMS
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Free SMS Send SMS
Street City
State WA 20100
United States
Phone 001-981-1111
Garage Doors Pickering
For over 30 years our company has built a solid reputation as Brooklyn-based most trusted business. Best Service Appliance Repair is committed to providing quality service to the community. We believe that a reputation of honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners or recommending unnecessary services to customers, we believe that our great reputation and consistently great service will bring bigger profits in the long run and better serve the community. We own large inventory of replacement parts. Our trucks are stocked and ready to serve our customer promptly and immediately on every service call at (718) 259-7716.
Garage Doors Pickering

Brooklyn NY 11235
United States
Phone 718-259-7716
Hartford Hospital
Experiential workshops and practitioner internships offering step by step instruction in developing an Integrative Medicine Program in a Healthcare Setting.
Debby Hackett

United States
Phone 860-545-4444
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City WA 20010
United States
Phone 980-000-0000
Last Will And Testament Lawyer
A Will, or Last Will and Testament, is the most basic step in estate planning. It will direct what you want to happen to some, or even all, of your assets upon your death. This is also where you would identify who you want to care for any minor children should you die before they are fully grown. For many younger people, a Will is the only estate planning document they need. No matter how complex your estate plan, however, you’ll almost certainly need to have a Will as a part of it. Proper estate planning will allow you to ensure you are able to control what happens to your assets now and after your gone. It is the best way to ensure your specific wishes are followed rather than hoping the courts make the right choices on your behalf. There are many benefits to estate planning including minimizing the taxes that are owed, maintaining privacy for your estate, helping your loved ones avoid probate court, and much more.
Testament Lawyer
838 6th AVE, 5th floor, suite 502E
NY NY 10001
United States
Phone 212-624-2801
The NC Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, is a not-for-profit, professional organization of Licensed Acupuncturists, Oriental Medicine practitioners, related students and other interested parties throughout the state of North Carolina.
Tom Cohen
1820 East Boulevard
Charlotte NC 28203
United States
Phone 7043369277
New York Lease Car
So, it’s time for you to get yourself in a new set of wheels. You probably have plenty of questions and more options than you can count. At New York Lease Car, we want to help you cut through the noise and get right to what you really are looking for: an affordable, safe car lease in NYC. Now, it is easy to toot our horn and say we’re the best car leasing service in New York, but we’d rather let our inventory and customer service do the talking for us. Give us a call and experience the difference yourself, we think you’ll see right away why people love leasing from New York Lease Car. Times are changing and so too are the decisions being made by drivers all over New York and. Auto leasing in NY is more popular than it ever has been and for good reason! Leasing provides you with a level of flexibility and independence that owning simply cannot, which is why we are dedicated to helping drivers all over NY get the best car lease deals and best service possible for their leases. Selling your car is never a simple proposition, especially in New York. Rather than list and wait and wait…and wait only to get lowball offers that insult you, come to New York Lease Car. Our team of appraisers and dealers will help you get the absolute highest price for your Car for sale in New York with no hassle and no hidden fees.
New York
Lease Car
710 2nd Ave #153
New York NY 10016
United States
Phone 646-759-8020
Ongiara College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Ongiara College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion offers a Professional Diploma program (4 academic years). Canadian, American and International students welcomed.
Niki Bilton
1198 Ridge Rd N
Ridgeway ONT L0S 1N0
Phone 905-984-1323
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Offering Masters and Doctoral degrees in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, & certificates in massage therapy. Campuses in San Diego, Chicago, New York.
New York
rebecca wilkowski
915 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York NY 10010
United States
Phone 800-729-3468
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Offering Masters and Doctoral degrees in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, & certificates in massage therapy. Campuses in San Diego, Chicago, New York.
Rebecca Wilkowski
3646 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor
chicago IL 60613
United States
Phone 888-729-4811
Paul Adkins Lic.Ac, BA(Hons), FEA, 1st Dan, MBAcC
I am the founder of Facial Enhancement Cosmetic Acupuncture, I train Acupuncturists worldwide via my International Online School.
Paul Adkins
The Mitchell Hill Clinic
Phone +44 (0)18722747
Rug Repair & Restoration Hell's Kitchen
Our experts provide specialized Oriental rug restoration services all over New York City, giving your rug its colors and vibrant look back again. Using tried and tested techniques, we are able to give each group of fibers its exact color and leave the rug as it looked before any stain marred it. We treat each rug with special care. Every item is inspected for specific damage, and the restoration tools and methods are determined according to its origin, type, material, state, age and many more factors – so we can make sure we tailor our services to each customer’s specific needs, and the requirements of their individual rug. We take care of the binding, fringes, backing and other parts of the rug, as parts of an integral piece, insuring it comes out of our facilities as a beautiful, whole item. We want to lengthen its lifespan, and guarantee that its form and shape are as majestic and grand as ever.
New York
Rug Repair
New York NY 10036
United States
Phone 646-693-0711
Sell Diamonds Queens
Sell Diamonds Queens was established to serve all people looking to sell diamonds and get a great price for selling the diamond. We specialize in diamonds so if you are looking to sell any kind of diamond jewelry, whether a ring, engagement ring, necklace, stone, rare stone, colored stone or gem we can help you make the selling of the diamond a smooth, profitable experience for you. We specialize in buying colored diamonds, we buy all colored diamonds, red, blue, black, yellow, green, brown, you name it we buy it and pay top dollar for it. We can afford to pay top dollar for different colored diamonds because we know and have at our disposal the clientele that demands it. That being said, feel free to walk in or fill out the form to get a quote, but in person will get you the most accurate quote. We have been in the diamond industry for a very long time and are very experienced at valuing all diamonds, and offer the most competitive rates for all diamonds. We specialize in buying rare diamonds, no matter how rare, no matter how much your rare diamond is worth we want to buy it, we are interested in all different colored and exotic diamonds as well. We are certified gemologists and offer free appraisals on any diamond you are considering to sell. We will evaluate and get the best price offered for your diamond and will buy it and pay in cash. We have the clientele that wants these diamonds and they are willing to pay you big bucks, so take advantage of who we know and get the most cash for your rare diamond.
Sell Diamonds Queens
168-03 Foch Blvd
Jamaica NY 11434
United States
Phone (646) 693-2637
Siding Repair And Installation
Working with the team at Siding Repair & Installation NJ is simple and easy. We are customer-focused and work hard to provide you with the exact siding you want for your home. Each one of our siding specialists is trained, certified, and experienced in both siding repair and installation in Paterson NJ. Customers continue to choose us because we continue to meet and exceed their expectations day after day. Below, you will find some of the reasons why we have been named the number one siding provider in NJ. The curb appeal of your home is important and if your siding is damaged, falling off, or missing, then you will find that your home’s integrity is being tested and your home’s appearance is not in tip-top shape. When you choose to have new siding installed by the pros at Siding Repair & Installation NJ, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency, boost its overall value, and improve the curb appeal all at once. Our experts are ready to work with you and we offer several quality siding products to meet your needs and all come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that you will love our products!
Siding Repair And Installation

Paterson NJ 07505
United States
Phone 973-825-7125
Tree Service & Removal Bronx
Uncut Trees May Cause Danger. If you have a dead or dying tree impacting the appeal of your landscape or if you have a tree that has become a danger to you and your family, give our experienced team a call. We’ll remove it quickly and efficiently with the least amount disturbance to your property and surroundings. With years of experience, you can trust us to take down any size tree safely. We offer Tree Removal – Stump Grinding – Topping – Land Clearing – Storm Damage Removal – Tree Branch Removal – Pruning / Trimming and Emergency 24 Service. Storm Damage & Spot Cleanup. M&M Tree Cutting offers complete storm clean up services. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nowadays the weather can be unpredictable and powerful. If you experience downed trees, damage to your property, home or vehicle, or need debris removal, our trained experts are ready to help you. Our tree cleanup service will clear away any fallen limbs or downed trees safely and quickly. We have the equipment and experience how to perform tree removal service and clean up in the event of storm damage to your home or business.
Tree Service & Removal Bronx
353 E 141st 4H
Bronx NY 10454
United States
Phone 347-704-5978
We Buy Houses For Cash
Have you tried to list your home on the market for months and months with no offers? We will buy your property as-is quickly to relieve you of the problems whether your house is damaged or needs to be torn down. We pay closing costs and you there are no agent fees so you get cash for your house now. Need to sell a house fast to avoid foreclosure or recently had a short sale fall thru? We help home sellers going thru divorce, extensive medical bills, inherited houses, tax liens, lawsuits, or any other reason Everybody knows that time is money, so we can help you to get a lot of money for your house at shortest period of time. “We Buy Houses For Cash NYC” provides you with the highest cash offer, so you can be sure your dreams will come true. Only few simple steps separate you from selling a house at a bargain price. We Buy House For Cash NYC offers you a simple way to get rid of your home and get some cash. Our managers are always ready to shorten and speed up the process of house selling and provide you with a clear cash offer to purchase your property, presenting, at the same time, other interesting options, available for our clients. We are personally interested in unconditional success of every deal, so you can be sure you get the best offer available on the market.
For Cash

Brooklyn NY 11221
United States
Phone 718-673-6680
We Buy Junk Cars Cash Hialeah
Are you looking to have an old, broken down car removed from your property in Hialeah, Florida? Do you have a vehicle taking up space at your commercial property, which serves no purpose but acts as an eyesore to potential clients? If you fall into either of these categories, or if you broke down on the side of the road and need a professional to come and pick up your junk car, we hope that you will dial our number. We are able to help you and save you from having to pay to tow the vehicle to a dealership or mechanic. We are distinguished from other junk car removal companies in Hialeah, Florida because we pay cash, and we pay right away. Forget about having to wait for a check to clear – we make things easy for our customers, and we believe that the only fair way to do business is to pay you in cash. It doesn’t matter if you have a wrecked car or a car that doesn’t run – we still want it for parts and scrap metal. We still want to protect the environment and help you to recycle your car! We Buy Junk Cars Cash Hialeah We offer our wrecked car towing service for free, which is something that immediately sets us apart from other similar businesses in FL. We don’t take away the money from your payment. Locals also turn to us because we take vehicles in any condition. Your car might have water damage, or it might be totally wrecked after an accident. Perhaps it caught on fire and now a large amount of the vehicle is burned. We still want to buy it from you. Whether you have a van, car or SUV, we will happily buy it from you and pay cash. Our free tow-away service makes things that much easier. We just need you to provide us with general information, like the condition of the vehicle, the model, the year and any missing components. We will then set up a time to come to you to pick up the clunker. You can rest assured that you will be provided with a receipt for your records. We understand that it is best to keep track of things, after all. If you are in search of junk car removal in Hialeah, Florida then be sure to keep our name in mind. If you are wondering how much money you can get for the junk car sitting and taking up space at your property, then be sure to dial our number. We are looking forward to providing you with assistance.
We Buy Junk Cars Cash Hialeah

Hialeah FL 33012
United States
Phone 305-728-0861
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