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Aroma Science Institute
Offering excellence in aromatherapy education, aromatic retreats, consultations and products. Check out the Aroma Science Institute website for more information.
Naomie Poran

United States
Inna Fay Maternity And Newborn Photography
It's been proved to be the best help for people to have professional photographer nearby choosing your images as advises of how to choose better photo are always appreciated by parents. Inna Fay photography cooperates with the best printing company in USA and together we create prints and photo books that last forever! You'll be able to see how they look and touch it all during the session which is the great experience of combined shooting time and ordering appointment so you could see immediately how your images turned out and choose what's best for you. I love doing maternity sessions! They are all absolutely amazing and inspiring!!! This time in your life is so different and unique in all ways!!! I always hope that future moms feel well and can really enjoy it! I remember how much I loved being pregnant and that it was a bit sad that we can do it only that much times in our lives!!! To capture this moments in the most beautiful ways, I bring with me dresses and if needed, studio as well! No one in this world will love you as much as your baby, no one will be that important for you! I know that I became a better person, a better professional, a better wife and it's all Thanks to my baby! If you ever feel sad, just go outside, be on fresh air, talk to someone who will understand you and you will feel good and happy again! Newborn babies give us such a happiness! Your life will never be the same!
Inna Fay Maternity And Newborn Photography
614 S Broadway suite 177A
Yonkers NY 10705
United States
Phone 347-434-9254
Laura Moorehead
6 Week Email Aromatherapy Course. A thorough introduction to essential oils, their uses and practical applications. Just $19. laurasophia@juno.com
Laura Moorehead

United States
Phone 808-889-0777
Rug Repair & Restoration Gramercy Park
Rug Repair With Special Care. Each Berber rug repair is unique, and begins with an examination to check for any pre-existing damage and color instability. It is then thoroughly cleaned to make sure repair work is done on an optimal work surface free of extraneous matter. A rug that has been used in the home as part of the daily routine – in the living room or next to a bed, for example – can have signs of wear in the pile or the backing might have started to crack. Berber rugs can suffer from loose threads that if left unattended can continue to pull and create holes. Whether repairs are needed for holes, unraveled threads or edges that have gotten unbound, our team of rug technicians will do the work right. All rugs in our care – Oriental, Contemporary or Sheepskin, for example – are handled with knowledge and skill.
New York
Rug Repair
357 1st Avenue
New York NY 10010
United States
Phone 646-693-0723
The College of Botanical Healing Arts
The College of Botanical Healing Arts offers an intensive take home correspondence course and certificate in essential oil therapy!
Santa Cruz
Elizabeth Jones
1821 17th Ave.
Santa Cruz CA 95062
United States
Phone 831.462.1807
We Buy Land Property NY
Hours: 24 hours Payment Method: cash only Description: Working with us allows you to sell your house without any additional repairs, no matter what is wrong, we will buy it anyway.“I need to sell my house!”If this thought has come to your mind not for the first time, it means you really need to sell your old house and spend received money on something better. Moreover, “We buy land property NY” provides you with the highest cash offer, so you can be sure your dreams will come true. HAVE YOU DECIDED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? If you have already decided to sell your house, you, probably, want to know how it works. Well, the first step you have to complete is to fill in the form below with all necessary information. Then, we will transfer your request to a local real estate manager to buy your house fast and easy. Selling a house can be easy. There could be thousands of different reasons why you have decided to sell your house, but “We buy land property NY” can help you in any situation. Being on the market of real estate trading, for more than ten years our managers are able to find a personal approach to every customer and make every deal to be successful. Keywords: sell my house fast, we buy houses for cash, cash for houses, sell my house fast, we buy land property, Queens, Hillcrest, Jamaica, NY Social Links: https://www.facebook.com/We-buy-Land-Property-NY-144059216310721/ https://twitter.com/LandProperty2 https://www.linkedin.com/in/we-buy-land-property-ny-33286717b/ https://www.pinterest.com/webuylandpropertyny0246/ https://www.google.com/maps/place/We+buy+Land+Property+NY/@40.6963214,-73.8493247,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x81da245b661c1bc1!8m2!3d40.6973409!4d-73.8329239

Jamaica NY 11418
United States
Phone 646-693-0578
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