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Elestial Training UK Ltd.
Externally Accredited Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Hypnotherapy courses from Elestial Training UK Ltd, offering hypnotherapy students who want to learn hypnotism one of the best hypnosis / hypnotherapy training courses in the U.K.
Canton, Cardiff
Raymond Roberts
350 Cowbridge Road East
Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1HD
Phone 029 20388837
Fax 029 20388837

Florida Vedic College - Home Study Department
Fully accredited home study courses in holistic healing, Yoga, natural therapies and alternative healing arts are being offered through Florida Vedic College. Learn the ancient healing therapies of Ayurveda, Reiki, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Holistic Herbology, Bhakti-yoga and many more…. If you are interested in natural healing and wish to become a certified practitioner, this is the school for you.
Coral Springs
Randy Stein, Ph.D., D.Div.
934 N. University Drive, #102
Coral Springs, FL 33071
United States

Forest Moon Institute
Forest Moon Institute offers live Qigong classes, Reiki training and individual consultation. Live and distance courses in Reiki and other healing arts are also available.
Sharlene Oyagi

Rhinebeck, NY 12572
United States
Phone 845-876-7171

Gemfinders International Imports Ltd.
We are:

Graduate Gemologists & Crystal Consultants with over 20 years in the trade.

Direct Importers
- Wholesale - Retail

We are direct importers of high quality quartz, mineral specimans and Silver Jewellery from Brazil, India and Africa.

Toll Free - Phone/Fax toll free 1 (866) 744-2153


Gemfinders International
974 Ambassador Ave
Victoria, BC V8X 3N2
United States
Phone 866-744-2153
Fax 866-744-2153

Genesis II Church
Puerto Vallarta
Jim Humble
Republica de Chile 33 Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48350
Phone 52 322 118 7984

Gloria Taylor Brown
Let me introduce myself…

I was born into a family where most of the women and a few of the men were psychic, with a wide range of skills from clairaudience to psychometry. I was raised to accept my abilities as a natural part of myself, and it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized that other people didn’t hear voices, see ghosts or receive messages from inantimate objects, rocks and trees. As a teenager, I honed my skills by learning more about palmistry, astrology, numerology and metaphysics. Over the years, I have worked with many different people and Spirits to create a strong connection with the Spirit world.

As a channel or medium, I connect with a number of different Guides, Spirits and other beings that are not currently in Earth bodies. My principal contact and Guide is Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom. I also work very closely with Anubis, who is the opener of the way in Egyptian theology, and my connection with the Egyptian Pantheon is strong.

I have studied Egyptology since I was five, I also have strong ties with Greek, Celtic and Native American studies.

In the last seven years, I have expanded my channels to beyond this planet, and beyond this dimension. Working with the Star Council, which is comprised of a number of Beings from other star systems has been very illuminating.

In addition to my classes, I provide personal consultations and alchemical healing sessions over the phone and in person.

As an author, I have written many articles and started several books. One of these days I may actually get one of the books finished. My articles have been published in several different languages. My first article was published by Seventeen Magazine when I was only fourteen.

As an artist, I have experimented with ceramics, stained glass, beads, painting, drawing, and digital art. I supported myself for a number of years as a graphic artist. I worked for a number of years creating fine jewelry, and taught this skill in five different countries. I received a Masters degree of Fine Arts from the University of Maryland.

As a teacher, I have taught over twenty different subjects, from business and entrepreneurship to art and Egyptian Mysteries. I have co-led several tours to Egypt with Nicki Scully of Shamanic Journeys, Ltd, as well as taught classes with her. We have just finished recording our co-created project called Becoming an Oracle. I was the visioneer or channel for 19 of the guided visualizations that were recorded. I will be teaching at this year’s Egyptian Mystery retreat in Eugene, OR with Nicki, and we are also developing a year-long mystery school that will be a combined online/teleclass and in-person course. My current course
Gloria Taylor Brown

Seattle, WA 98125
United States
Phone 206.310.3664
Fax 206-834-6226

Heart of Healing
Mary Maddux is a counselor, healer, teacher, speaker and mentor. She has a private practice in energy intuitive counseling and healing, both in-person and by phone. She has taught many workshops in energy healing and has created the "Everyday Energy Healing" instructional CD. With her musician/composer husband, Richard, she creates CDs to support meditation, healing, relaxation and spiritual growth.
Mary Maddux

Sonoma, CA 95476
United States
Phone 707-933-9111

Holistic Health home-study Courses

Homeopathy School of Colorado
Homeopathy is an innovative, exciting and completely individualized approach to healthcare. Students of the Homeopathy School of Colorado study all aspects of this fascinating healthcare system. The School specializes in teaching students about the psychological aspects of homeopathic treatment. The School offers a two-year homeopathic certification program approved by the State of Colorado. Both Resident and Home Study Programs are available. Resident students meet for 10 weekend sessions per year.
Amy Lockwood
P.O. Box 20340
Boulder, CO 80308-3340
United States
Phone 303-440-3717

Inner Peace Awareness Centre & The Art of Healing
Inner Peace Awareness Centre offers over 100 Distance Learning Courses in Holistic Health, Complementary Health Therapies, Counseling,Stress & Associated Studies.
The Art of Healing is our hands-on Centre offering a wide variety of Services, Workshops & Lectures.The store offers supplements, herbs, crystals, books, local art, etc.
St. Louis
Gabriele Lanoue
116 Riverside Dr. , P.O. Box 149
St. Louis, SAS SOJ2CO
Phone 1-800-834-3480
Fax 422-5523

Institute of Chinese Herbology
Become a Certified Herbalist in Chinese Medicine. These in depth and comprehesive programs are designed to help you master one of the most popular healing systems in the world.

For over 20 years we have trained herbalists using our unique and well organized Distance Learning system. There are courses for both beginners and health professionals.

All classes are on audio CD's and include extensive integrated notes. Herb samples are also included in Program One.

Kenneth Morris L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
5459 Shafter Avenue
Oakland, CA 74618
United States
Phone (800) 736-0182

Kundalini Awakening with Robert Morgen
I'm an Author/Speaker/Seminar Leader who specializes in Kundalini Awakening Seminars, Meditation classes and Reiki sessions/classes. Private training is available.

See my website at http://www.robertmorgen.com for details.

For Reiki Sessions ($45 per hour with a 2 for 1 special!) or private Reiki Training call me at (720) 690-7727

Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter at http://www.windhavenco.org/magazine.html
Robert Morgen

Golden, CO 80401
United States
Phone 720-690-7727

L.P.N. D.A.Hom
Seminars Include:

Spa Procedures I, Ear Candeling Classes all available in Home Study and Seminar form. All Natural Private Label Skin and Body Care products, Essential oil products available for your Salon or your Business. A leading Private Label Company helping you to bring cutting edge products to your clients, under your own name. We supply Spas, Salons, Dermatologists, and independently owned businesses.

Shelia Barrow
3312 Hwy 365 #176
Nederland, Texas 77627
United States
Phone 225-485-4366
Fax 866-484-4492

Maat Institute of Mind & Body Therapy
Maat Institute is a healing arts company offering therapy , training, and teachings in the holistic arts. Some include holistic therapy and classes in Massage, naturopathy, homeopathy, spirituality,and transformational hypnosis. We also offer a host of online and local classes for continuing education and personal development.

In addition, we offer professional training for massage therapist in the form of apprenticeship program massage Ceus.

Our mission is to bring healing and enlightenment to our community through education, outreach, and clinical practice.

Our vision is to create a community of practitioners, teachers and everyday individuals who are committed healing themselves and others through natural and holistic means.
St. Louis
Sarita Kalu-Royston
6484 Clayton Ave 1E
St. Louis, MO 63139
United States
Phone 314-645-HEAL

Maria Antoinette
I studied and lived in Venezuela,South America.
I have experience with eclectic use of Alternative Therapies as Reiki, Chakra Reading and Flower and Gems Essences. I studied Early Childhood Education and have a Masters degree in Behavioral Cognitive Counseling, specialized in Sexology.
I am able to do distance readings and healings.
Please visit my website: www.lunahealer.com

MariaAntoinette Castello

Burton, MI 48509
United States

Medical Intuitive
I have been a practicing Medical Intuitive for many years and have completed my doctoral degree in Energy Medicine, in a program founded by Dr.'s Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. I have founded the College of Medical Intuition, through Toronto and Vancouver, to bring formalization of the field of Medical Intuition into Canada. I lecture internationaly on the importance of energy awareness.
South Surrey
Dr. Marilyn Parkin
#301 1676 Martin Drive
South Surrey, BC V4A 6E7
United States
Phone (604) 535-0521
Fax (604) 538- 0547

Medical Massage Insurance Billing - Vivian Madison
Medical Massage Insurance Billing & Physician Referrals

Vivian Specialized in injury and disability cases for over 15 years in private practice. She is the only one with the self learned hands on experience. The one who assisted in seeing that State insurance laws were enacted to help massage therapists be reimbursed by insurance companies, as well as the first one in the State of Florida to accept Workers' Compensation cases, and working to see that massage therapists were not eliminated from the Fl Work Comp system, setting a precedent in a court action to allow LMT's to be providers in the system.

When it comes to learning how to accept insurance for reimbursement, won't you think first of trusting the leader instead of the followers??
Vivian Madison-Mahoney

Gatlinburg, TN 37738
United States
Phone 865-436-3573
Fax 1-888-822-5006

Mushaba Force-Mushaba Light Center for Freedom & Empowerment
This website is about a Force of Divine Love and Oneness, Freedom and Empowerment that comes from a Extra-terrestrial Race who are Black extra-terrestrial beings. This force is the actual force used in the creation of our univere. It is a creative, creation force that can bne harnessed and used for an unlimited variety of possibilities. We taech about the true history of a race of beings called the Mushaba race originally from the Andromenda now located in the Pleiadies. This force can be used for healing, Expansion of consciousness, ascension process, and virtually anything you can think of, of good.
Anakhanda Mushaba

Kapa'a, HI 96746
United States
Phone 808-822-9390

Bach Flower Essences International Education Program - Learn how to alleviate stress and improve well-being for yourself and others through maintaining emotional balance. They are safe, gentle and work with any other healing modality – no interaction or side effects. “Nelson Bach is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork(NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under Category A.” Classes approved by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation, England.

Heather Csongor
100 Research Drive
Wilmington, MA 01887
United States

Osteopath,Chiropractor& Lifestyle Consultatnt
Providing in and out-patient care for those wishing to access healing through a non-medical approach,eschewing all forms of medication,by following the laws of universe,"an alternative to medicine,not alternative medicine". Utilising the teachings of Natural Hygiene,Nature Cure,Biogenic Living,& Anopsology,Biodynamic,Organic & Permaculture methods of food production,conservation of the environment. We also provide a "Lifestyle Consultants Course" in Natural Living which extends over four years.
John Fielder
117 Cedar Park Road, Kuranda
Cairns, QLD 4881
Phone (07)4093-7989
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