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originallimu with Fucoidan
For over 3,000 years, the people of Tonga have passed down the legendary health benefits of a wondrous sea plant known as Limu Moui. Harvested in the pristine waters of the Islands of Tonga, this incredible gift from the sea has been a staple of the Tongan diet for generations. And now, thanks to Original Limu, you too can join millions of people around the world who are benefiting from this extraordinary gift. The secret behind the incredible results millions of people have experienced after using Original Limu is the unique Fucoidan-rich extract, a uniquely structured sulfated polysaccharide found in the cell walls of several types of brown seaweed. Anyone who tries this amazing life-changing nectar can benefit from it.
Petroula Douramakou
104 Saratoga Way
Anderson, IN 46013
United States

Stone Keeper
Retailer of Fine Crystals, Minerals & Jewelry. Stone Keeper has many crystals and minerals for healing, feng shui or decoration of home and office. We offer crystal classes and workshops.

Elena has been working with crystal energy for a number of years. She uses Language of Light in harmony with the crystals during healing sessions and attunements. Elena is a Shamballa Muliti-dimensional Master/Teacher and a Seventh Sense(TM) Healing Practitioner.
Elena Stone
115 Scenic Glen Pl NW
Calgary, ALB T3L 1K1
Phone 403-244-4534

The Dawning
Join us in celebrating a world rich in cultural and philosophical diversity. At The Dawning you’ll find high quality products, many locally crafted.

• Crystals

• Altar and ritual supplies

• Feng Shui products

• Books and music

• Journals and stationery

• Organic natural fiber clothing and bags

• Jewelry

• Drums and bells

Sandra Robertson
1153 W. High Street
Ebensburg, PA 15931
United States
Phone 814-419-8014

Timothy A Mast
What path have you taken on this journey of life? Are you looking for balance? Do you desire get your body back to a healthier place, where it can move better and more freely? Do you desire transformation in your life? Do you desire to live a life that is peace-full? Do you want an open heart? Do you want a life that has more joy? Do you want to release and let go of energies that no longer serve you? Do you want to learn how to clear your body and energy field of unwanted energies? Do you want a healthier body, a healthier mind, and/or a healthier emotional state? Do you need a stronger will to get things done? Do you need to express yourself better? Are you looking for a a therapist that listens to your body and is holistic in his approach.

If you answered, yes to any of these questions, then I can be of service.

One of the things I offer that is challenging to find is that of a male therapist with years of experience. I offer Yang energy to the session. If you are looking to get through things more quickly - cut to the chase, then I can help. If you have never worked with a male therapist, then I am precisely what you need. Balance. It is like Yin Yoga verses Hatha. Do you want to get things moving or do you just want to chill? If you are looking for what I lovingly call "fluff" massage, then I am probably not for you. If you want to shift your body and your life, then get in touch.

I am in the 24th year of massage, body work, and energy work. With music, I am in my 39th year with years of training in piano and voice. I have sung in professional vocal ensembles locally. With the Crystal Bowls, I am a Master Crystal Bowl Player. I started playing the crystal bowls in 1999. In 2002, I started to hold regular crystal bowls meditations and continues to this day. I have traveled throughout the states doing crystal bowl meditations, and have traveled to different countries with the crystal bowls, including New Zealand. During my journey, I have produced three Crystal Bowls CDs. Most of those tracks can be heard on his YouTube channel under Timothy Mast. If you want the full CD, contact. That will now need to be in Digital Format.

Whether it is massage or crystal bowls, I very much enjoy the work I do. With my personal sessions, unless a specific modality is requested, I tailor each session to my awareness and understanding of what your body wants/needs, allowing my intuition and your body to guide the session. I tend to lean more toward the therapeutic modalities. With the energy work, I meld crystal healing with crystal bowl playing, although I will also use other forms of energy and sound healing. I do incorporate reflexology in most sessions, as well as work that assists the immune system.

With the body therapy that I do, there are certain modalities that I generally use. Those modalities are advanced lymphatic drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, craniosacral immune response therapy, advanced brain and neurovascular techniques, visceral manipulation, and myofascial release therapy. Some sessions may incorporate shamanic work, toning and crystal bowls, while another session may use essences, essential oils, and deep tissue massage. I find that using the different modalities in a session is very beneficial in shifting a person's energy on all levels, affecting the mind, body, soul and spirit. And, I want to facilitate positive change for the mind, body, soul, and spirit of each client who comes through my door.

In addition to the above, I teach crystal classes, teach people how to meditate and teach people how to play the crystal bowls. I hold regular crystal bowl meditations, generally once a week and often on Mondays.
Timothy Mast
1406 Falcon Dr
Louisville, KY 40213
United States
Phone (502) 636-1116

Wholistic Healing, Counseling, Diagnostic, Therapy
Offering traditional healing arts. We provide guidance and support toward experiencing whole life health in Spirit, mind-emotion and body. Pulse diagnosis of the body organs and meridian systems provides insight to the internal physical, energetic and emotional environment. Herbs, diet and nutrition gently guide the body systems toward balance with remarkable results in reversing distress and dis-ease. We also provide emotional and relationship counseling, trauma recovery, stress management, sexual healing, self healing therapies, self-recognition, tai chi and meditation classes, and gemstone therapy. Assistance in recognizing, being, and becoming the best "you" you can be!
San Diego
Warren & Susan Gold
3151 Kennelworth Lane
San Diego, CA 91902
United States
Phone 619-434-4592
Allure Home Care, LLC
Allure Home Care aims to provide our clients with exceptional quality of care, by focusing on developing and sustaining a quality of life that goes beyond physical comfort, and includes the emotional, physical intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of our clients. Supporting each patient's quality of life is a fundamental component of the care we provide. More families are considering the possibility of privately hiring senior home care for someone in their family as a way to help their loved ones age in place in a safe and happy environment. This is uncharted territory for most people, and adult children who may have hired nannies to care for their children years ago wonder what they need to consider when hiring senior home care assistance. Finding a trusted caregiver to come into your home every day is a stressful process and the options seem very similar on the surface. When you hire a caregiver through a senior care employment agency, the caregiver is an employee of the agency.
New York
Allur eHome87
135 E 57th St, STE 07B104_G5G
New York NY 10022
United States
Phone (646) 766-1172
Arizona Direct Notary
Certified Mobile Notary and Loan signing services throughout Maricopa County Arizona. Commissioned | Bonded | Insured Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agents. Making the Signing of your Transactions Quick & Easy
Arizona Direct Notary
3101 N Central Ave Ste 183
Phoenix, AZ 85012
United States
Phone 602-675-5000
Atlantic Dental Lab New Rochelle
Website: www.atlanticdentalnyc.com Atlantic Dental Smile is the best dental lab. We strive to meet and exceed all your needs and expectations. With a wide array of services and specialties we are sure to give every tri-state area dentist everything that they need in order to best service their client. As a full service dental lab we proudly serve the tri-state area making sure that dentists have all the elements needed to best service their patients in New York. Our customer first approach has been pleasing dentists for years and has been the key factor in growing our business. With this approach we were able to expand our network of dentists since we truly care about their patient’s well being. Dental labs and the preservation of teeth and great oral hygiene has been around since time evolved, but what we are going to go over today will be obtaining the knowledge of what really is a dental lab and what their functions include, as well providing data on some of the best dental labs around. As broad of a question is that is, the actual best dental labs around is primarily based upon personal perspective, including what each state has to offer and what the patient’s specific need is, as well was it met.
New Rochelle
Atlantic Dental

New Rochelle NY 10801
United States
Phone 914-339-2465
Brenda's Beauty Salon
Website: http://brendabeautysalon.com
Brenda Chism
11 Depot Ave
Eminence KY 40019
United States
Phone 502-845-7206
Cancer Care
Cancer Care. Our highly trained nursing professionals regularly provide compassionate home care for people with cancer. We have extensive experience in helping meet the complex medical needs of these patients. We can provide care after procedures such as tracheostomy or gastrostomy. We also regularly care for people with pulmonary problems as well as those who require IVs and antibiotics. Each client is unique, and we partner with you to develop the care plan that is best for your personal circumstances. It all begins with a comprehensive assessment performed by one of our registered nurses. We work to understand you and your loved ones’ needs and goals, factoring in medical, physical, environmental, social, spiritual, and emotional needs. We use this information to make service recommendations that can lead to the best possible outcomes.
New York
Canc er987
135 E 57th St, suite 709
New York NY 10022
United States
Phone (917) 508 5602
Cycles of Change Recovery Services
Cycles of Change Recovery Services has been established to inspire all individuals and families in the belief that people can achieve their life-long goals regarding health, spirituality, peace, happiness and recovery.
Cycles Of Change
36451 El Camino Drive,
Palmdale CA 93551
United States
Phone (877) 977-3441
Deathbed Relief by IV
DEATHBED RELIEF WITH REVIVE IV THERAPY IN NYC & MANHATTAN. A single treatment costs $249 while a five-treatment package costs $679. Being sick is no walk in the park and sometimes, you may feel like you are on your deathbed. When you feel like this, look to us. We offer revive IV therapy to help bring you back to life and get you on your feet. Our vitamins, IV medications, and fluids are the right mixture to give you that boost you need. Benefits of Revive IV Therapy. Revive IV drip therapy offers you many benefits and is a wonderful way for you to overcome feeling like you are on your deathbed. Gives You a Boost of Energy. If you feel like you are on your deathbed, you likely have no energy. Your body is depleted, and it makes it just that much harder for you to get over the illness or infection too. IV drip therapy delivers the minerals, nutrients, and IV medications you need directly to your bloodstream and as a result, you receive an immediate boost in energy. Works Better than Prescribed Medications. Prescriptions medications such as pain relievers and antibiotics are only so good. Over time, we develop immunity to them and sometimes, the wrong medications are prescribed, so they do not treat the actual symptoms or cause of the symptoms. This not only wastes your time, but leaves you stuck on your deathbed. Revive IV therapy will give you the boost you need and provide you with the fluids, medications, and vitamins you need.
New York
Deathbed Relief

New York NY 10036
United States
Phone 646-630-9131
Desert Cove Recovery
Our center specializes in treating chemical dependency and other addictive and co-occurring disorders, focusing on the underlying conditions that lead to addictive behavior. Desert Cove Recovery Center offers a solution to those men and women who struggle with chronic relapse or those who need a continuum of care beyond the traditional 30-day primary treatment program.
Desert Cove Recovery
6613 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 200
Scottsdale AZ 85250
United States
Phone (480) 991-2200
Dr. Rupert Thomas, MD
Every woman is different, and this is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution for your OBGYN needs in Oklahoma City. Receive the care that you need. We provide hormone treatment, treatments for STDs, weight loss, infertility, pregnancy services and much more. Come to Rupert R. Thomas MD for professional OBGYN care. Wherever you live it is worth the trip to visit our office. Our custom care plans are not limited by geography! Whether you have insurance or not, you’ll still receive the care that you deserve! NO INSURANCE, NO PROBLEM. Call our office to visit about our custom care plans for our cash services.
Oklahoma City
Rupert Thomas,
609 W Memorial Rd
Oklahoma City OK 73114
United States
Phone 405-736-0089
Eco Sober House Your Home, Your Brotherhood, Your Recovery Get Help Comfort We’ll guide you through the entire period of your healing. Support Our center’s innovative programs will surely get you back on track!
EcoSoberH ouse
74 Capen St
Boston MA 02124
United States
Phone 857-294-8500
Fairview Supportive Living
Fairview Supportive Living offer supportive sober living in Southern California to individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. Residents are able to recover in a safe, compassionate environment with around-the-clock monitoring and support. We also provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and 12-step meetings so that those in recovery develop healthy habits and coping skills.
Agoura Hills
Peter Corbitt
5490 Fairview Place
Agoura Hills CA 91301
United States
Phone (805) 300-1501
High Intensity Fitness Kickboxing classes with focus on results. We exist to transform lives. Mind. Body. Spirit. Our custom fitness and health tracks are designed to get you results, and meet you when and where you are. OUR FIT THEOREM Our customized programs offer the necessary support individuals require to reach their unique goals. FITNESS Experience a variety of workout formats, that can be done anywhere, anytime. NUTRITION Optimize your nutrition with personalized meal plans based on your lifestyle. ACCOUNTABILITY Don’t go at it alone! Enjoy guidance and one-on-one support with a personalized Coach and supportive FITT Community.
Sugar Land,
2725 Town Center Blvd N
Sugar Land, TX 77479
United States
Phone 832-810-0213
Home Care Agencies Brooklyn
HouseCalls Home Care works around your schedule to meet your needs. In addition to receiving Home Health Aide services, we can assist with getting approved nursing visits from your insurance company to help with the lots of services. If you are unsure of how many hours or days make sense for your specific situation, or you have a loved one who is resistant to accepting help in his or her home, we offer a low-cost, in-home Assessment Session with a nurse, who will recommend the type of services and amount of care that are best for you. For all clients receiving personal care, the nurse will create a customized Plan of Care- a description of all the client’s issues and needs for the home health aide to follow. The nurse will visit the client every 60 days to review the Plan of Care, make any necessary changes, coordinate all services provided by House Calls Home Care staff, and oversee the care and the team to ensure that your needs are always fully met.
Home Care Agencies Brooklyn
2914 Glenwood Rd, suite 230D
Brooklyn NY 11210
United States
Phone 9179248353
Home Health ?are Services
https://housecallshc.org/home-health-care-services/ HouseCalls Home Care is a full-service New York State licensed Home Care agency that provides a wide range of home health services. They include home health aides, nursing, nutrition, rehabilitation, and social work. HouseCalls Home Care also offers durable medical equipment (DME) for the home. HouseCalls Home Care is a licensed home care service agency dedicated to providing quality, compassionate and supportive home health care in NYC. These services, performed with dignity and respect, will be available to individuals of all ages, regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. HouseCalls also supports caregiver staff by providing continuing education opportunities for continuing professional growth. Home health care service, home health care services near me, home care, best home care, best home health care service, home care agency, home, health aide, home care employment, home HHA employment, managed long term care, in home physical therapy, CDPAP program, medicaid home care, NYC, Manhattan, NY. https://goo.gl/maps/qCjFMfR1hUMY75kj6
?areSe rvicesny
Brooklyn NY 11210
United States
Phone (917) 920-6710
Home Health Aide Care
Home health aides are healthcare paraprofessionals who are certified in home health care. They must also complete ongoing trainings as part of the certification requirements.Home health aides may provide personal care and companionship, but they are also trained in all basic aspects of patient care. Allure’s home health aides are highly experienced and are available to work in the hospital setting or at home. Figuring out what type of home help you need can be a confusing mix of medical terms and titles that don't always explain the training. Sometimes, families choose to seek the help of a geriatric care manager to evaluate the entire situation, from medical needs to finances, and present the best options. In general, most people who need help at home require the services of one of three types of caregivers: home health aides, certified nurse aides, or companions. Most do not need the skills of a registered nurse, even if the idea of having a nurse provides comfort to the patient. In general, a Home Health Aide is trained to work with a patient in the home and a Certified Nurse’s Aide is trained to work with a patient in a facility such as a nursing home or rehabilitation center. The training and type of care provided can vary from state to state.
New York
Home Health98
135 E 57th St, STE 07B104_F6F
New York NY 10022
United States
Phone (917) 508-5383
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