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JaeCee's Aromalicious
I make homemade aromatherapy bath products as well as massage oils, anointing oils. I also offer other products such as incense, incense burners, and items I find that are a good value! My husband and I also offer Reiki treatments, in person or distance. My husband also does Angel Healing and ARCH treatments.
Jan Church

Raymond, WA 98577
United States
Phone 360-942-3503

jasarah essences,inc.
I have a line of organic flower esences which consist of:

31 flower essences (1/2 oz.)

6 sprays (4 oz)

7 vibrational blends (1/2 oz.)

4 menopause blends

11 vibrational amulets with chain

4 menopause amulets with chain

1 essential oil and flower essence blend

for dry skin (6 oz. with pump)

Marketing Manual for the Retail Trade
Andrea T. Slesinger
3 Harnden Street, P.O. Box 55
Reading, MA 01867
United States
Phone 781-942-9579

Jessalyn Devereaux, Psychic Medium
Happiness. Joy. Inner Peace. Balance. How do we achieve these things in a world that runs so fast that there’s hardly time at the end of the day to brush your teeth, let alone exercise, meditate and take care of yourself? Oshune Center for Life Balance, founded by Jessalyn Devereaux, was born out of a need to find BALANCE in today’s busy world. Bridging Ancient healing wisdom with modern day techniques to bring Equilibrium, BALANCE & Inner Peace to your days, weeks, months and years to get the most out of life! From InnerSpirit Coaching sessions to Oshune ReikiTM and Intuitive Readings to Shamanic Explorations and Intuitive development, find yourself and your Inner Spirit here! Our techniques teach you how to listen to your true self by increasing your intuition, harnessing your true healing abilities and creating the live of your dreams. Awaken the magic within! Offering private Sessions on the Phone across the world and in-person Sessions and Classes in Minneapolis and Stillwater, Minnesota.
Minneapolis & Stillwater
Jessalyn Devereaux

Minneapolis & Stillwater, MN 55408
United States
Phone (651) 208-6452

Joanne Bracken
My work is a blend of 20 years of healing training and personal growth work. Through a combination of spiritual counseling, energy work, intuitive insights, direct channeled information, sacred sound, aromatherapy, and past-life therapy, I assist my clients in releasing old fear-based patterns of the past which get recorded in our body's cells through a variety of life experiences (e.g., personal trauma, the belief systems and indoctrinations of our ancestry, current family, and society). I work co-creatively with Angels and Master Guides, acting as a transmitter of high frequencies of Light and Sound for healing and ascension into the Light Body. In addition to individual work, I offer workshops and sacred sound circles.
Joanne Bracken

Baltimore, MD 21210
United States
Phone 410-323-4491
Fax 801-752-6080

Judy~T R.N.A.
I am a medium and healer. I have been blessed with the gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. I give credit to The Divine-God, Master Teachers, like Christ, Teachers-Angels that guide us through this lifetime. I am only a channel for All. I heal with energy that flows in waves from my hands. Again I am only a channel for this healing energy. At times I will receive a person's past live or lives.
Portage la Prairie
Judith Tully
29 4th Street N.W.
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 2E9
Phone [204] 239-1620

Julia Stubbe - Wellness Treasures
Holistic Energy Healer

Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor

Cranial Temple Activation Certified Practitioner

In Person or Remote/Distance Healings available

Julia Stubbe
P.O. Box 3701
Reading, PA 19606
United States

Denika Laurie
3021 NE 149th St.
Shoreline, WA 98155
United States

LaHo-Chi Institute
The LaHo-Chi Institute's Awakening the Energy Healer Within™ Program

The Awakening the Energy Healer Within™ is a program of four dynamic, experiential, and life-transforming trainings open to anyone seeking a quantum leap in their spiritual and personal growth. As a form of integrative energy medicine, LaHo-Chi has been effectively practiced nationwide by various complementary and conventional health care practitioners.

This spiritually progressive and comprehensive program combines experiential development of subtle energy healing and subtle energy perception with the emphasis on the human energy field, higher dimensional energies, transpersonal states of consciousness, and other vibrational healing experience and knowledge.

Dan Watson, Ph.D.
124 Nob Hill Road
Hendersonville, NC 28791
United States
Phone 828-698-1448
Fax 828-698-1448

Leslie Tenold
I provide remote healing and exorcisms anywhere on this planet, remote dowsing, and elimination of harmful radiation from any natural or man-made source. If you are bi-polar,constantly depressed or tired or lack your usual energy you most likely are living in radiation detremental to your health. If you have asthma or other allergies or ADHD, Sickle Cell Amenia, dyslexia, epilepsy, or fatal peanut allergy I can help you because these problems are caused by deformed genes which I can correct.
Leslie Tenold

Atlanta, GA
United States
Phone 404-255-7960

Leslie Tenold
I provide remote healing and exorcisms anywhere on this planet, remote dowsing, and elimination of harmful radiation from any natural or man-made source. If you are bi-polar,constantly depressed or tired or lack your usual energy you most likely are living in radiation detremental to your health. If you have asthma or other allergies or ADHD, Sickle Cell Amenia, dyslexia, epilepsy, or fatal peanut allergy I can help you because these problems are caused by deformed genes which I can correct.
Leslie Tenold

Atlanta, GA
United States
Phone 404-255-7960

Light Healing
Have you ever wondered about these questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? I have and through my search I have come across some tools that can help you find yourself, including space clearing and Akashic Records. I have combined techniques to aid in clearing the body, mind, and spirit so that more light energies can be integrated into your beingness, hence the name Integrative Light Energetics. If any of the following resonates with you in any way, you are a light being on a search for Love and Light. Turn away from the dark and face the Light! Your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters are waiting to assist you!
Brenda Jamieson
Po Box 422
Mahomet, IL 61853
United States

Leiah Bowden’s pastel on paper Energy Portraits are brilliant mirrors of the radiant spirit, activate awareness of your soul's authentic impulse and energy patterns, and include audio tape of channeled and inspired chanting and guidance. Use them as tools for healing, as reminders of the promise your life holds, and as affirmations of your glorious, multi-dimensional nature which can help you magnify and specify your belief in yourself.

Leiah's classes teach artists and non-artists alike how to capture the essence of a soul in pastels on paper. She teaches :Painting the Soul: the Healing and Revealing Art of Energy Portraiture" in a variety of venues across America.
Leiah Bowden
252 Bradley Boulevard
Schenectady, New York 12304
United States
Phone 518-374-4388

Linda Drost
I am an accredited member of Born Free Now, LP and for the past several years have studied closely with Master Teacher & Spiritual Healer, Derek O’Neill. Derek has personally trained and initiated me as a More Truth Will Set You Free facilitator, which is a powerful meditative workshop. He has also lovingly initiated me into the Rising Star Healing System & Prema Birthing, two very profound and high-vibrational energy healing modalities. I offer each of these modalities, as well as training for the Rising Star, in CT, NYC & various locations around the US. Please check my website under “Workshops” to see my current schedule or go to www.BornFreeNow.com for more information about these modalities.

Private healing sessions are available by appointment, and remote sessions are also available. If you are not familiar with distance energy work, please contact me for further information.

In addition to the Born Free Now modalities, I offer Reiki sessions as another healing option. Also, I am a verbal channel for the Angelic Realm and can answer a question for you via email, over the phone or in-person. Many people find that the spiritual insight provided in an Angel Message is exactly what they need to understand their situation in a new light.

If you need to shift the energy of your home or office, another service I provide is Space Clearing & Purification. This process helps tremendously in feeling a sense of peace and calm in your environment. Have you ever walked into a room and knew that an argument had just taken place because of the tension in the air? This is because the energy of that argument was still present. Likewise, our homes & offices absorb our energy & emotions. Clients contact me to clear space not only to help the sale of a property, but also post-divorce, illness or any traumatic event that has strong emotions attached to it.
Please contact me for further information about any of the modalities I practice. I look forward to serving you in any way that I can.

"Service to man is service to God." Sri Satya Sai Baba

Linda Drost

Milford, CT 06460
United States
Phone (212) 591-1162 voice mail

Linda Taylor - UWTH Teacher & Healer


Levels 1-2-3 Workshops in Universal White Time Healing

Golden Love & Light to you!! I personally feel a sense of urgency to make myself available to teach ANYWHERE in the United States at this Special and exciting time on Earth. White Time is unconditional Love and Light and even so Much More and there are people out there, all over the country, just needing to hear about this to Know..... I KNOW there is interest in working with such beautiful Energies, Forces and unlimited Possibilities to grow and expand in all areas of your Life!

With all this in mind and my deep love and reverence for UWTH, the possibilities to organize future classes in all parts of the USA are welcomed!

White Time means and IS the world to me, there is nothing like it and it always continues to expand and grow and get richer and More as time goes on, working with such an Energy, a Force from a Well that never empties... the thought of this always gives me shivers.... how about you?

This is a priceless Education in Healing and Spirituality.

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting a workshop or interested in beginning their White Time Education, please contact me for more information. This will also be a great way to pre-register for classes as they are scheduled and advertise in your area to see if more may be interested in attending!

This UWTH Teacher is traveling as much as needed to teach and the next Level 1-2-3 class could be with you!

Thank you for your support, encouragement and love!

Please see My Events for dates for upcoming UWTH Level One, Level Two and Level Three Workshops!

Golden Sun Blessings,


Linda Taylor

Murrieta, CA 92562
United States
Phone 951-249-5085

Magenta Wave Multi-dimensional Energy Healing
Magenta Wave is a channeled multi-dimensional energy healing system used for freeing a person from lower energies of any origin, which leads to a complete restoration of emotional, mental and physical processes in the human body.

If you’re lost and in need of loving guidance and kind advice on how to improve a certain situation in your life, I can connect with your guides, the angelic realm and spiritual masters to help you achieve balance, clarity and direction in life.

Angelica Vutselo

Edmonton, ALB T6J 4G6
Phone (780)439-4425

Margaret Neylon
angel workshops, psychic skills workshops, lifepath readings (using numerology and tarot) by post on audio tape, books and tapes on angels and book on holistic matters for sale.
Current visualisation audio tapes are: Angel Love and Angel Magic.
My books: 'Angel Magic' ISBN 0-00-712133-4, 'An Angel a Day' ISBN 0-00-716513-7, and 'Angel Love' ISBN 0-9547958-0-6 are available in most bookstores. CDs of Angel Magic and Angel Love are also available. Please go to http://www.angelsbringlove.com if you have a problem sourcing them.
Virginia, Co Cavan,
Margaret Neylon
Virginia, Co Cavan,,
Phone 00353(0)49 8547525

Marisha Diaz
Angel Channel and Ancient Wisdom Activator

A gifted healer and channel for over 15 years,

Marisha brings clear Angelic Connection from the Higher dimensions

to give guidance, Activate Ancient Wisdom and dissolve energy blocks.

The information that comes through Marisha during a channel is designed to meet the needs of the individual, with loving clarity and insight to the degree that an individual is willing to receive it. Many times loving Angelic helpers, Guardian Angels and Archangels that are working with an individual will speak with the intention of assisting, supporting and loving us as we walk this earth plane. To the degree that an individual is ready to move forward, new chakras are being activated and energies are being given to open more areas of personal empowerment. All information provided is confidential and respected at the highest level. Readings are tape recorded for personal reference.

Sessions also offered for Emotional Clearings and Energy Healings.

Marisha Diaz

Westminster, CO 80030
United States
Phone 720-496-4336

Mary LaSota
Offering DNA Activations and DNA Healing Sessions. Also, offering many beautiful archangelic attunements and activations to support you on your life's journey. These include the Seven Rays of Love, The You Are Love Series. Archangel Raphael's special activations such as A Loving Sexual Relationship, Overcoming shyness, Attracting a Loving Compatible Partment, Coping with Stress on the job and many othrs. There is also the Joyness and Sourceness which will allow you to create the world you want to live in. The archangelic and other attunements and activations are done remotely at a distance.

The DNA Activations and DNA Healing Sessions will include Mary working with Archangel Raphael on a client's behalf.

Mary LaSota

, MA 01079
United States

MaryEllen O'Brien
Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Teacher

I offer readings, energy healing work, workshops, classes and retreats on meditation and psychic development.

I am trained in Energy Healing and Clairvoyance and incorporate these insights into my work — including teaching Basic Meditation Skills and Grounding to foster intuitive living and self healing. Other retreat topics include Spiritual Peace, and Growing Your Creativity. I have spoken for groups and conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada.

I'm a Graduate of InVision Chicago where I more fully developed my clairvoyant skills and trained in energy healing. I also have graduate degrees in spirituality and theology and have taught at the university level in addition to retreats, workshops and conferences. The author of three books and a spirituality columnist for Examiner.com/Phoenix.

MaryEllen O'Brien
Monterey, California
United States

Massage Made Convenient
Native American-Indian Holistic Bodywork, Retreats. Spiritual Coaching, Holistic Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy and more.
Crystal Gingras

, 67213
United States
Phone 316.409.6929
Fax (316)558-5880
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