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Essential Healing
ESSENTIAL HEALING provides a unique combination of powerful tools and techniques to help clear childhood trauma and other negative conditioning, discover and express your life's purpose, and awaken to who you really are.

JUDY AIZUSS, M.S. has developed her original approach over the past 30 years, incorporating the most potent and effective tools for achieving deep and lasting change.

Release shame, abandonment, anxiety, low self esteem. Achieve self-awareness, self love, self esteem/confidence, and your personal connection to your spirit guide.


Essential Healing tools include:

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Contacting your Spirit Guide

  • Inner child work, emotional healing

  • Energy healing, vibrational healing

  • Meditation techniques, mindfulness meditation for spiritual growth

  • Imagery, self-hypnosis training

  • Intuitive/spiritual counseling, channeling

  • Counseling for transitions, grief, highly sensitive people, mid-life crisis

  • Tools and counseling to heal Psychosomatic illness, Chronic Pain

  • Heart Coherence Biofeedback training

  • Expressive Arts, art therapy


    "Thank you, Judy - not only for your expertise, but for your compassion. You have been almost literally a life-saver. When I called you I was in very bad shape. You helped me to not only endure, but thrive and live the life we are meant to have." - A.R., University Instructor and Editor

    "Your work is very powerful and helpful. I do want to thank you for all the support, wisdom and warm compassionate energy you sent my way. You are truly a gifted woman and I'm glad we worked together." - C.O., Nurse

    "I think it's fair to say that you saved my life last week with the flower essence "kick start". My energy was so low, that I feared that I would simply disappear in a small puff of smoke. In my 41 years, I cannot recall ever feeling so close to death. But I'm kicking again quite nicely now - thanks to you." - R.H., Animal Communicator

    "I do not know how I would fare half this well without the support of your caring words and the essences. Thank you. I will focus my energy to evolving into the best (me) possible. You are the best." - M.K., Human Resource Manager

    "I don't know what to say to you other than Thank You. You seem to have such a grasp of where to go to understand how to help me. On days when you wonder "why do I do this", know this: At least one other being in the universe thinks you are one of God's earthling Angels who has agreed and been gifted by God to help us heal our souls." - G.K.

  • Fairfax
    Judy Aizuss

    Fairfax, CA 94930
    United States
    Phone 415-459-2383

    Eye of the Soul
    Intuitive Healings that integrate mind, body, spirit and heart for better balance. Reiki-ssage is a transforming system of healing that blends the best of bodywork, energy work and spiritual healing to create a pure integration of therapies. Energy healing brings with it a multi-universal approach that will balance chakras, releases blockages and contributes to healing on a cellular level while soothing the body and mind to instill peace and relaxation. This can be accomplished while staying fully clothed.

    Intuitive healing sessions also done by phone to re-balance bodies energy and emotion state.
    Crystal Lake
    Suzanne La Varra

    Crystal Lake, IL 60012
    United States
    Phone 815-557-6937

    Frances W. Hoffman & Associates
    Spiritual Healing ~ Life Skills Coaching

    Frances has thirty years experience in business and leadership development with concentrations in the operational and life skills arena of human resources. She left a corporate position and went into private practice in 2002 to become an accomplished speaker, trainer, and published author. As a life path strategist and gifted channel, Frances powerfully directs an energy through her session work, whether in person or by phone, enhancing the intensive spiritual counseling that is provided in order to activate one's soul purpose and direction. As an international leader she has facilitated activations and classes at sacred sites in Peru, England and Israel and continues to support a growing international client base.

    Frances Hoffman
    P.O. Box 1209
    Goodlettsville, TN 37070
    United States

    George Hunter
    Raised in the Mohawk healing traditions of my father's people, I offer an authentic experience of healing. Combining Sound Healing, Native Chanting, Energy Work, and Intuitive guidance, I help people to embrace their power, voice, and physical health. I am the Founder of the BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts where we offer a 2 year Certificate Program for healers, blending both ancient and modern approaches to healing. As a singer and artist, I combine glasswork with Native Chanting for transcendent experiences and spontaneous ceremonies. Clients seek my help for emotional clearing, chronic pains and conditions, finding a sense of purpose, manifesting healthy relationships, intuitive guidance, and for embracing their innate gifts.

    Valley Cottage
    George Hunter
    1133 Broadway, suite 1020, NYC
    Valley Cottage, NY 10989
    United States

    Ginger Hines, Hypnotist
    Hypnosis is a 100% Natural Self Educational Tool for Modern Minds! Start Today, Build A Mental Tool Kit, Practice When You Don't Need it, Add New Self Hypnosis Skills, Use Simple Empowering Formula Techniques Between Office or Phone Sessions with a Professional Hypnotist. (Note: for persistent conditions, see your physician)
    Ginger Hines
    70 Woodfin Place Suite 4D WW
    Asheville, NC 28801
    United States
    Phone 828-250-9248

    Ginni Selle, Ph.D. Energy Psychologies
    Each person has a unique blend of frequency signature patterns that are unlike anyone else. When these frequency signatures become disrupted, the body seeks to reveal the imbalance by manifesting symptoms unique to the individual. These symptoms are typically interpreted as patterns of dis-ease and stress that have their own disruptive frequency patterns. Because of this, it’s important to embrace the individualism of the dis-ease pattern for it is this pattern, not a particular therapy or a practitioner, that holds the code to healing.
    Recognizing that the frequencies contained in the dis-ease provide a holographic representation of the self and therefore, the counterbalancing codes to the body’s integrity is what Conscious Healing is all about. By listening to and matching specific frequencies of dis-ease with their counterbalancing patterns, structural and emotional integrity can be restored.
    Conscious Healing provides a broad, eclectic toolbox that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual applications uniquely applied to the signature of the individual. This supports the desire to understand what the guidance of the dis-ease is trying to say and bring the holographic self back into balance.

    Wheaton, Illinois
    Ginni Selle, PhD, LPC, CBT, RYT, RA
    Integrative & Intuitive Healing Counselor
    Wheaton, Illinois,

    Phone 630-730-1871

    Gloria Ramirez
    Gloria Ramirez is a Motivational Speaker, a Seminar Leader, an Interfaith Minister, a Healer, and a Success & Spiritual Coach, who embodies the unconditional love that she brings to her audiences in powerful workshops, lectures, and group healing sessions, and to her clients in private 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

    Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Gloria is a Platinum Member of Motivational Speaker Les Brown’s network.

    Gloria is also the founder of Glorious Being Center, a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization and a ministry devoted to bringing healing to people through the power of unconditional love. Gloria is also the President of Inner Power, LLC, a fast growing educational company that empowers people of South Florida, across America and around the world to discover their potential to express their greatness through seminars, lectures, and coaching.

    Gloria’s lectures and seminars are dynamic, fun and empowering. Her teachings create real transformational results in people's lives. Gloria has the ability to combine her vast professional experience with a loving heart and the results are satisfied customers and personal joy. Her great charisma and passion for teaching allow audiences, students, and clients to discover that they have the power to take their lives to amazing heights.

    Pembroke Pines
    Gloria Ramirez
    P.O. Box 822066
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33082
    United States
    Phone 954-432-2387

    Goy, Psychosomatic Therapist
    Practice psychosomatic therapy using acupressure, jin shin jyutsu, cranial sacral therapy, reiki, massage, flower essences and psychosynthesis. Specialized in stress management and emotional balancing. Teach stress management workshops as well as tarot for personal growth, retreats for inner work and purification with fasting. SInce 1988 I conduct a radio show called New Age that supports spiritual awareness and can be heard thru www.radiovision.com.ec
    Wrote a book: Reflexiones de un Despertar. Launched a Cd of guided meditations called: Introspecciones Guiadas.
    Quito, Ecuador
    gloria paz
    Carlos Montúfar E13-361 y Monitor
    Quito, Ecuador,
    Phone 593-2-2447-981
    Fax 593-2-2447-981

    Graceful Shift Technologies
    energy repatterning, hypnobirthing, creating money workshops
    life purpose workshops, dna activation, graceful shift into Truth
    shifting dimensional perspective,
    Also offering rare crystals and healing stones and gemstones, such as ajoite, papagoite, natural citrine, vogel cut healing crystals and more
    Danielle England

    Aptos, CA 95003
    United States
    Phone 831-662-0945

    Guiding Spirit Design - Shamanic Portraits by Mia Bosna
    Shamanic Portraits:
    Artwork inspired by Shamanic Journeys
    for the individual

    Inspirational stories are embedded into each original piece of art.

    A Shamanic Portrait is a glimpse into our divine self, the self that understands our true purpose and our special talents. It is a personal portrait of your spirit guide's message to you. Within it you will find the inspiration to make the choices that lead to a healthier, harmonious life.

    I invite you to learn more about how a Shamanic Portrait can provide you with a deeply personal and spiritual signpost for your life's journey.

    The best place to start is by viewing Shamanic Portraits I have created for others in the Shamanic Portrait Gallery.

    See my website at guidingspiritdesign.com

    Mia Bosna
    345 Jug Hollow Road
    Phoenixville, PA 19460
    United States
    Phone 610 933-4545

    Guru Singh
    Sikh Minister, Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist (Sahaj Shabd Therapy), Musician-Composer-Author
    Los Angeles
    Guru Singh

    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    United States
    Phone 323-938-0611

    gypsy maggie rose
    Channeled angel energy in readings and direct healing....

    Contact with guardian angel in healing meditation
    Reiki+ Angel Healing Reiki+ Crystal healing Reiki + Massage Reiki+ Guided Meditation to Healing Temples.

    Ear candle with guided meditation or reiki

    Past life work to heal the present situation or help with release of a habit......

    Tarot Reading.....
    Medium Readings....
    Spiritual Councelling ....
    Guided Meditation....
    Massage .

    maggie sinton
    p.o box 1056 canningvale west aust
    perth, wa 6147
    Phone 93519346
    Fax 9351 9346

    Harmony West
    Dixie Waldrip: Book and Spiritual Healing Work.
    "Hide and Go Seek; Searching for Me" is the account of losing my six children to a convicted pedophile and the subsequent journey into hell which led to my rebirth, reclamation, and training in the following arts of healing and personal growth:
    Rapid Eye Technology,
    DNA Activation and Gene Replacement,
    Core Negative Belief Replacement,
    Skenar Device, and Healing Workshops.
    San Francisco
    Dixie Waldrip

    San Francisco, CA
    United States
    Phone 415-386-8280
    Fax 801-881-6738

    Healing Angels
    Looking forward to a Reiki Treatment or perhaps you are ready to take the next step to becoming a Reiki Practitioner? Please visit my website for more information (including testimonials), to book a class or to make a healing request. I also have a toll free phone number 1-866 REIKI 55.
    Lindsay/Port Perry Area
    Ann Byrne
    Ann Byrne, Reiki Master Practitioner
    Lindsay/Port Perry Area, Ontario L0B 1K0
    Phone (705) 328-2824

    Healing Mystic
    Are you experiencing frustration, depression or stress about something in your life, something that you feel is holding you back? The Universe has guided you here to me so that I can be a resource for you during this difficult time. Now I can use my gift of the Universe's wisdom to help you sort out this issue and begin your healing. Only then can you continue to move peacefully along your spiritual path in life.
    San Francisco
    Timothy Critzer

    San Francisco, CA 94114
    United States
    Phone 866-891-0523
    Fax 415-341-1833

    Healing Touch - Betty Petersen RN, BSCN, CHTP/I
    Healing Touch is founded on the premise that all people have the ability to facilitate healing through compassionate intent and the balancing of the human energy field. Research has shown that Healing Touch is effective in promoting relaxation, reducing pain, managing stress, speeding tissue and bone healing, strengthening the immune system, preparation for and follow up of medical procedures and supports the dying process.
    Betty Petersen
    7535 Hunterview Dr. NW
    Calgary, ALB T2K 4P7
    Phone 403-275-6288
    Fax 275 2527

    Heart of Healing
    Mary Maddux is a counselor, healer, teacher, speaker and mentor. She has a private practice in energy intuitive counseling and healing, both in-person and by phone. She has taught many workshops in energy healing and has created the "Everyday Energy Healing" instructional CD. With her musician/composer husband, Richard, she creates CDs to support meditation, healing, relaxation and spiritual growth.
    Mary Maddux

    Sonoma, CA 95476
    United States
    Phone 707-933-9111

    HEARTHSTONE: Center for Reiki & Spiritual Learning
    HEARTHSTONE is a place where a variety of services are offered. REIKI classes and treatments, hypnotherapy, past-life regression, soul massage therapy, meditation classes, psychic readings and other related classes/workshops.
    Diane Terranova

    Rochester, NY 14609
    United States
    Phone (716) 482-9354

    HeartSong International
    HeartSong International invites you to enter the realms of the Heart, Spirit and Light of God.

    Presentation: "Angel Notes: Creating Heaven on Earth!"

    In the quiet hours of early morning, a woman heard the voice of an Angelic being... and started taking notes. This one hour evening presentation and reading of "The Notes" will give you the tools to use in your daily life to create joy and freedom in each moment. "This is much more than a reading... it's an event!"

    As vibrant as stars being born, and as soft as a whisper, the Angels are here to assist us in living our highest possible lives!

    Workshop-"How to Talk to Your Angels... and Get Answers!" will lead you to having cozy moments of conversation and communion with your own personal Angel who loves you so!

    Workshop-"How Much Bliss Can You Stand?" will guide you to discover the things you are passionate about, and how to create an income from these things that make you Who You Are! You can live a life of unending joy... if you choose it!

    "Heart of Gold Healing" Sessions and Temples provide the Light of God for you to allow the deepest healing of Self on all levels. Love is the healer! Elisha uses her own consciousness to create a "Temple of Healing" where Angels and Beings of Light provide the frequency needed to bring wholeness and balance.
    Colorado Springs
    Elisha Gabriell
    434 Redwood Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    United States
    Phone 719-328-0990

    Using a combination of Guided Imagery and Energy Healing, Lesley Schneider has spent over 20 years helping people move through blocks that keep them stuck. These blocks can be emotional in nature, physical or spiritual. Moving through blocks allows for the possibility of returning to center, to that place where you can connect with your own inner guidance. Benefits you may experience:

    - Stress Relief
    - Mental Clarity
    - Increased Energy
    - Relaxation
    - Healing Old Wounds
    - Discovering the Roots Of Chronic Pain.

    She is available for phone consultations nationwide, as well as office visits in San Jose, CA.

    Lesley offers energy/spiritual healing, animal communication, guided visualizations, guided imagery, body mind spirit work, psychic readings, intuitive consultation, psychic healing, healing workshops, free online newsletter and meditation CDs.
    San Jose
    Lesley Schneider

    San Jose, CA 95125
    United States
    Phone (408) 858-3942
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