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High Mesa Healing Center
High Mesa Healing Center is a forty-acre sanctuary offering a place to relax, refresh, explore and renew physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being. Alternative and complementary techniques are utilized including Healing Touch, Reiki, EMF, Toning, Crystal Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Heart & Soul Healing, Flower Remedies, Chakra Clearing, Heart & Soul work and others. Manifestation of our mission involves continuous educational and experiential seminars, workshops and retreats. The Center offers Native American, Buddhist and other "East Meets West" philosophies and practices. We encourage the seeker to discover their own path of awareness and transformation resulting in a deeper understanding of their true self. This generates Love, Wisdom, Compassion and Forgiveness leading to Wholeness and Harmonious Living.

The High Mesa Healing Center is here for the purpose of providing a place of Love and Safety.
It is a true sanctuary from the daily routine of modern day existence.

Barbara Mader
PO Box 834
Alto, NM 88312
United States
Phone 505-336-7777
Fax 505 336-4808

hineni ~ healing ~~~~~ susan kasloff, M.A.
Welcome to hineni healing

In Hebrew, hineni means "I am here"

In this healing work, "I am here" refers to the presence of:





I offer:

  • Reconnective Healing sessions for healing on all levels - mind, body, & spirit (3 session maximum)

  • The Reconnection for spiritual growth and accelerated connection to your life path (always 2 sessions)

  • Verbal Psychotherapy, body-centered therapy, and energy therapies (Core Energetics, Brainspotting) for a longer-term relationship of personal growth and exploration (ongoing) Please note: I am not currently offering these sessions.

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Healing for Healers: Although I offer energy healing sessions to clients from all walks of life, I specialize in "healing for healers". Bring your own energy, consciousness, and vibration to a new level of well being!


    Please call with any questions and I would be happy to speak with you.
    Susan Kasloff, M.A. (Counseling)
    NY Core Center (E. 23rd St.) and Meta Center (W. 29th St.)
    NYC, NY 10010
    United States
    Phone 917-749-5691

    Inner Cosmos
    We invite you to experience the magic of energy healing in all areas of your life - a completely new way of solving challenges

    Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial

    An alternative medicine approach to your radiant health.

    Learn KriyaShakti - the science of abundance manifestation, Key to radiant health, true wealth, richer relationship, spiritual growth and a lot more...

    All happens effortlessly as you apply simple energy healing principles when you learn to raise the frequency of your personal magnetism.

    Los Angeles
    Satish Dholakia

    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    United States
    Phone 310-470-8150

    Inner Healing
    Transformational healing that integrates mind, body and spirit. Both Nancy Pope and Jackie Tatelman have 25 years experience in the healing arts. We offer individual sessions, groups and workshops. Choose from: Core Energetics - deep, expressive bodywork psychotherapy; Brennan Healing Science
    Black Mountain
    Nancy Pope Jackie Tatelman
    PO Box 1596
    Black Mountain, NC 28711
    United States
    Phone 828 669-6874

    Intuitive, Palmist, Direct Channel Medium, Spiritual Counselor
    Kae is a gifted international Clairvoyant,Medium,Intuitive Palmist.Kae places your hands in hers to allow a connection to be made that sends mental energy through the nerve endings in the hand to my receptive emotional body.A transfer or energy exchange as it were.I either see clear images, hear words or feel something deeply.I don't edit and say it as it comes to me. Often times I speak in the voice of the person I hear in my head.

    Once this energy transfer is made, the second part commences with you asking specific questions related to Love, Money, Relationships, Career, Business, Family,Life Purpose or anything about your personal journey.I don't need a lot of information but if you want specific answers I need at least an area to start with.Relationship, business,health,family etc.

    I need you to be clear.It helps if you have a list of questions. My style of reading is practical spirituality.

    It's about getting answers and putting them to use.I think it isn't much help if you don't take home something practical that makes sense to you.

    On the other hand I work with people who just want to understand what is going on in their lives.Maybe most of the time, life makes sense, but sometimes it doesn't and it helps to talk with someone.I work best with people who come to me with a sincere wish to explore their options.

    I feel I am divinly guided to do the work I do and it is a priviledge when people trust me with the emotional part of their lives.I take the responsibility seriously and only want to do my best at helping people achieve peace of mind and healing.

    Another aspect of my Intuitive/Psychic Reader/Channeled Guidance/Medium readings is the ability to do remote distance healing where I feel you energetically and pick up images,hear words or get strong emotional feelings as if it were a video playing at great distances.

    Do you have unresolved issues in your life?

    My readings bring healing,insight,resolution and clarity to your situations or questions.

    "You are a precious child of Light and I welcome the chance to share in your Divinity" Namaste,K
    Palm Springs
    Kae Schreiber

    Palm Springs, CA 92264
    United States
    Phone (760)992-9197

    Jacqueline Riker, L.M.T., C.S.T
    Alchemical Integration is the synthesis of 25 years of study and experience in spirutuality, healing and metaphysics. Using CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release work we offer a gentle, hands on technique of facilitating healing of the body/mind/spirit. Additionally, we offer a coaching/healing program called the Art of Becoming. Via telephone sessions, this process empowers you to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance to heal and transmute the lead of consciousness into the gold of Spirit, rekindling the Chalice of your heart. By establishing an intuitive connection, we use therapeutic imagry, guided visualization, bioenergy evaluation and non-local healing in your quest to move into your authentic power and to live Soul-fully.
    Jacqueline Riker

    Sarasota, FL 34231
    United States
    Phone 941-544-6696

    Jan and Wal, Personal Transformation
    This is the highest method of spiritual enlightenment in the world.

    Most sincere seekers of spiritual enlightenment are striving for the next major milestone of human evolution, Spiritual Ascendance, which is evolution beyond the need to reincarnate. Our methods make Spiritual Ascendance quick and easy to attain.

    We also offer the major milestones after Spiritual Ascendance which are Divine Ascendance, and then Being One with the Source of Highest Love, and then Highest Decision Making Dominance. We have achieved a level higher than the highest negativity, something only a few others can currently claim. This means not only highest enlightenment, it also means that we are effectively the highest exorcists in the world, ie we can perform exorcism much faster and safer than any priest.
    Wal and Jan
    1 Jane Court
    Blackwood, S A 5051
    Phone 61 8 82789098

    Janice Nitti-Howell
    Janice Nitti-Howell is a student of metaphysics for 35 years, is a Certified Louise L. Hay Teacher/Trainor, Neurolinguistic Practitioner and Stress Management Consultant. Janice has 15 years experience in teaching, counseling and leading workshops. Some of her workshops are on "Releasing Fear", "Foriveness", "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" and many others.
    Janice Nitti-Howell

    Lavallette, NJ 08735
    United States
    Phone (732)830-8375

    Janny E. Adkins
    Janny is an intuitive spiritual counselor and healer with a strong foundation in holistic nursing. She offers ongoing spirutal support and counseling via telephone as well as hands on healing and energy balancing sessions. She teaches Usui Reiki, and 12 chakra activation technqiues. Janny is also a Certified Healing Touch Practioner She provides workshops and retreats, and facilitates a monthly meeting, The Goddess Group, for women where she offers channeled mediations and support for women. Janny is committed to the support of individuals who desire to follow their spiriutal path and live with a more open heart.
    Cedar Rapids
    Janny Adkins
    1640 Quail Hollow NE 8-A
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
    United States
    Phone 319/832-2528

    Jeaneen Orcutt
    Sells BioGenesis energy tools & performs sessions. Hanna Kroeger student. Intuitive health testing. Spiritual health consulting, paranormal investigations,healer, Custom/personal Ouija board maker/artist.My boards are for lightworkers not game players. They are tools to send spirits to the light and gather information from the higherself or light guides.
    Defuniak Springs
    Jeaneen Orcutt

    Defuniak Springs, FL 32433
    United States
    Phone 850-892-0919
    Fax 18508920919

    Jewel Healing Holistic
    Jewel Healing is Holistic Health Practitioning for individuals and employees wanting to Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate. Modalities include: Swedish Massage, Reiki and Energetic Healing, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, & Health Ministry. Health Ministry may include Stretch and Relaxation, Nutritional Concepts, & Self Enhancement.
    San Jose
    Julie Scott Day
    POB 640621
    San Jose, CA 95164
    United States
    Phone 408-712-1487

    Jill Christopher
    Masters Touch utilizes channeled energy of Spirit Physicians to restore balance to the physical and emotional body.

    Distance healing takes place over 1-3 sessions. By email or phone, we'll discuss your goals for therapy. After that I’ll connect with your higher self directly for all healing work.

    Personal sessions in the Dallas, TX area include 30-45 minutes of interactive counseling, followed by the actual “hands on” healing.

    Past Life Regression and hypnotherapy is also available.

    Jill Christopher
    PO Box 495366
    Garland, TX 75049-5366
    United States
    Phone 972-504-2650
    Fax 214-722-0098

    Jimmy Mack is a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach who utilizes spiritual energy healing, distance energy healing, remote energy healing and is one of the most well-known spiritual healers in the Tampa Bay area. He is a master at using applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing and Dowsing to create profound changes in Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Places, Things, Pets and Situations.
    Jimmy Mack

    Clearwater, FL 33756
    United States

    JoAnn Utley, MA, Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Counselor/Hanna Kroeger Practitioner
    The following services are provided:

    Reiki: Energy healing sessions with Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® and Reconnective Healing energy

    Reiki: Training/Certification & other classes --Click on Events List button at the right of my profile for scheduled classes

    Emotion Belief Clearing/Holistic Counseling. Change negative beliefs & emotions that block health/happiness into positive healthy ones using energy work & counseling

    Energetic assessments of physical & energetic balance based on Hanna Kroeger system

    Home/Business space clearing/blessing: clear inappropriate energies; renew love and power in your life/business.

    Combine holistic healing training to address the whole person

    Creator & Distributor of ALL HEAL Energy Treatment essence. It is interactive and can be used for anything. One sets the intention for use; takes 1 to 5 drops for immediate support for 2 – 3 times a day—more if needed. One can take 10 -15 drops or more for a full energy treatment--must have at least 30 minutes before having to be active or can take it at bedtime. It is wonderful for meditation or before doing energy treatments as well as it moves one into a relaxed quiet brain wave. Great for general relaxation, pain relief, & for increased energy /healing depending on what one needs at the time of taking it.
    JoAnn Utley
    2508 Wallace Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40205
    United States
    Phone 502-777-3865

    Joanne Bracken
    My work is a blend of 20 years of healing training and personal growth work. Through a combination of spiritual counseling, energy work, intuitive insights, direct channeled information, sacred sound, aromatherapy, and past-life therapy, I assist my clients in releasing old fear-based patterns of the past which get recorded in our body's cells through a variety of life experiences (e.g., personal trauma, the belief systems and indoctrinations of our ancestry, current family, and society). I work co-creatively with Angels and Master Guides, acting as a transmitter of high frequencies of Light and Sound for healing and ascension into the Light Body. In addition to individual work, I offer workshops and sacred sound circles.
    Joanne Bracken

    Baltimore, MD 21210
    United States
    Phone 410-323-4491
    Fax 801-752-6080

    John Peterson - Medical Intuitive
    John is the PsyGuy-the Soul Messenger; a Professional Psychic and Medical Intuitive. I connect directly with your Soul through the Aura and Chakra energies. Issues you carry are reflected outwards and I sense the imbalances you carry within. I ask your Soul where it if coming from and let you know the issue that needs to be corrected. The Ego does not interfere with the reading. Phone consultations available.

    'Your SOUL tells me your TRUTHS'
    Inver Grove Heights
    John Peterson

    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
    United States
    Phone 651-334-4060

    John Stern
    Doctor John Stern is a registered yoga teacher, bodyworker, and author. He is a 1992 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. His specialty is yoga therapy. He also offers bodywork sessions combining massage and assisted yoga postures for deep relaxation and healing.

    Dr. Stern has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. He is the author of "A Healer’s Guide to Miracles-Integrating Miracle Principles with Hands-on Healing."

    John Stern

    Austin, TX
    United States
    Phone 512-731-4786

    Journey To The Animals
    Journey To The Animals offers Animal Communication and Animal Healing (LONG DISTANCE HEALING). I communicate with your animal telepathically about anything, both during individual consultations and throughout my healing work. During communications, you, I, and your animal discuss problems, issues, needs, what is important to you and your animal, and find solutions.

    Should healing be an option, I offer shamanic healing, soul retrieval, reiki, energy work, and animal counseling.

    I find that soul retrieval, a holistic cornerstone of shamanic healing, can be useful in cases of emotional upset (anxiety, depression, loss, insecurity); physical problems (difficulty walking, back pain, and recovery from illness); and past traumas: abuse, stress, feeling depleted, life changes, and just plain “not feeling good.”

    Soul retrieval returns soul parts that left an animal due to trauma, stress, shock, or illness. As part of its process, soul retrieval involves determining what your animal needs for healing (the answer may not be a retrieval), removing “intrusions” (non-self energies that filled the voids left by departing soul pieces), and counseling, which helps your animal integrate the returned soul pieces and change the belief/attitude complex that created soul loss in the first place. Counseling also provides support for you and your animal friend. In addition, ritual work helps clear “old stuff” of the past, releases charged emotions, and celebrates the new change.

    Other elements of shamanic healing may also include power animal retrieval, “soul theft” recovery, energy work and other healing techniques guided by spiritual helpers, and psychopomp work (assisting and comforting an animal who has or is transitioning to the “other side”).

    I also offer “emergency services,” for times of trauma, death, or disappearances, when you feel your animal needs immediate help. (I am not always home, but will get to you as soon as possible.)

    Phebe Mace
    P.O. Box 267
    Shaftsbury, VT 05262
    United States
    Phone 802-442-8341

    Judy Braucher, Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master
    Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master, Practicing in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Working for Divine Wholeness with People and Animals,Energy Work, Cellular Memory Release, Distant Healing,Emotional Release, Spiritual Healing ~ Empowerment, Crystal & Chakra Balancing, Color Vibration, Energy Release ~ Space Clearing Homes and Buildings, and Animal Communication for Balancing. Active over 30 years in this field. Contact me at (513) 779-4114
    Judy Braucher
    9537 Twin Valley Ct
    Cincinnati, OH 45241-1185
    United States
    Phone (513) 779-4114
    Fax (513) 779-0434

    Judy Hevenly







    TELEPHONE; 310 820 7280


    Los Angeles
    Judy Hevenly
    11955 Missouri Ave No 10
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    United States
    Phone 310 820 7280
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