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WebDisplay Search Engine Submission Tips

Whether you have a website or not you will benefit!

Let us show you how to increase your visibility on the Internet. If you have a website this will double your chances of being found. If the WebDisplay is your only website then this will give you a search engine presence.

Your WebDisplay comes with a unique URL (web address). This URL can easily be submitted to the major search engines and to any directories that relate to your work. When someone clicks on the URL they are led directly to YOUR WebDisplay.

You just fill in your unique URL and your email address and click submit.  (we sent you your unique URL but if you forgot just fill in your username like this: https://username.byregion.net ... test it before submitting.) This automatically submits your site to many different search engines and "Free For All" (FFA) link pages.

Several of the more important search engines must be done one by one, not automatically. These listings are free but you need to read the instructions carefully. Go to the site, click in until you find the category where you want be listed, and then click "Add URL" which is usually at the top or bottom of the page. Have ready a short paragraph that includes all the major keywords associated with who you are and what you are doing. More information can be found by following these links:



Open Directory

Alta Vista

Another good source of general search engine information is:
Search Engine Watch