The ByRegion MarketPlace is an optional service provided by ByRegion.
This agreement does not apply to any services you provide or to items sold from your own website.

Shipping Terms

You are responsible for shipping items directly to the customer. We will notify you of the type of shipping service requested when payment has been secured by We will not be responsible for items that are damaged or lost in shipping. You will be reimbursed for the shipping charges according to the amount you specify in your WebShop. You agree to ship in a timely manner. If you cannot do so, you are expected to contact the customer and by email.


You are responsible for determining how your items are packaged for shipment. Packaging costs should be included in the purchase price.  Whenever possible, recycled packing materials should be used.

Return policy

Buyers may return purchased items within fourteen (14) days of receipt for any reason, as long as it is returned in good condition. will not be responsible for products returned by the buyer that are damaged in shipping. Buyer pays shipping costs unless an incorrect item has been sent or the item arrives damaged. Please contact us if this return policy does not work for you. We can make exceptions.


The proceeds from all sales are finalized at the end of each month, and will be sent to you before the 15th of the following month. Finalization includes the receipt of the product by the customer. Typically we don't send checks for less than $25 unless requested to do so. 

Your responsibilities

You agree to uphold the Consumer Guarantee. We will consider sensible exceptions to our Guarantee if needed.

Fraudulent Transactions makes an effort to prevent fraudulent credit card transactions. In the event that a fraudulent transaction occurs, we will respond to the loss in the following manner:

  • We will refund the purchase amount to the aggrieved credit card holder.
  • We will charge your account for 75% of the money refunded.

We take many steps to avoid fraud, but ours is on a best efforts basis. You have the right to decline to ship until a check or credit card transaction is 100% guaranteed. In such an instance you are required to inform and the buyer of the delay.